High-Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

High-Resolution Grungy Paper Textures - leading image. With textured and organic designs a current design trend, I thought it useful to provide some high-resolution grungy paper textures. This texture pack was inspired by comments from a previous Six Revisions texture pack. In this texture pack, you will find 6 large-scale, high-resolution (2592 x 3872 pixels) textures that are available to you for free for any personal or commercial purpose.

The only thing you may not do is to distribute and sell them without prior permission.


Clicking on an image will direct you to their Flickr download page where you can get them in various sizes. Alternatively, you can browse the Six Revisions Grungy Paper Textures Flickr set that I’ve set up for you.

Grungy Paper 01 (grungy_paper_01.jpg)

Grungy Paper 01

Grungy Paper 02 (grungy_paper_02.jpg)

Grungy Paper 02

Grungy Paper 03 (grungy_paper_03.jpg)

Grungy Paper 03

Grungy Paper 04 (grungy_paper_04.jpg)

Grungy Paper 04

Grungy Paper 05 (grungy_paper_05.jpg)

Grungy Paper 05

Grungy Paper 06 (grungy_paper_06.jpg)

Grungy Paper 06


Download the entire texture pack as a ZIP file.

  • grungy_paper_textures.zip (13.0 MB, contains 6 JPG files)


If you have suggestions with regards to freebies that you’d like to see, drop a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

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