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Promotional banner for a high-resolution pack of cardboard textures and objects, showcasing samples of various cardboard surfaces and edges, with details about the pack's low compression JPEG files at a resolution of 2,896 by 1,944 pixels.

Cardboard Textures and Objects: High Resolution Pack

Cardboard textures and objects can be used in numerous ways to give a design a raw and realistic look. Check out bern unlimited, Blog.SpoonGraphics, Jamie’s Italian, and The Resume Girl to see various uses of cardboard textures and objects in web design. In this article you’ll find 20 free cardboard textures and objects for designers.

Cardboard Textures and Objects You’ll find a variety of very high-resolution textures and pieces that you can use in any manner you choose. They were taken using a Nikon Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera at 2,896 x 1,944 pixel size at a low compression rate (1:4 compression ratio). Note that some photos were cropped to save on file size, but all of them retain the same scale from the unprocessed images (i.e.

they weren’t resized in an image editor). Note: Even though you can use these textures and objects for commercial work without attribution, it would be greatly appreciated if you did! However, you cannot redistribute these textures and object without attribution.

At the bottom of the page you’ll have the option to download all the files. Alternatively, you can browse the whole set in the Six Revisions Cardboard Textures and Objects Flickr set and just grab the ones you like.   01_cardboard_exposed_bottom 01_cardboard_exposed_bottom   02_cardboard_surface_vertical_stripe_01 02_cardboard_surface_vertical_stripe_01   03_cardboard_surface_vertical_stripe_02 03_cardboard_surface_vertical_stripe_02   04_cardboard_exposed_right 04_cardboard_exposed_right   05_cardboard_surface_plain_01 05_cardboard_surface_plain_01   06_cardboard_surface_plain_02 06_cardboard_surface_plain_02   07_cardboard_top_edge_rough 07_cardboard_top_edge_rough   08_cardboard_rough_01 08_cardboard_rough_01   09_cardboard_rough_02 09_cardboard_rough_02   10_cardboard_rough_03 10_cardboard_rough_03   11_cardboard_right_edge_01 11_cardboard_right_edge_01   12_cardboard_right_edge 12_cardboard_right_edge   13_cardboard_piece_01 13_cardboard_piece_01   14_cardboard_piece_02 14_cardboard_piece_02   15_cardboard_piece_03 15_cardboard_piece_03   16_cardboard_object_crumpled_01 16_cardboard_object_crumpled_01   17_cardboard_object_layered_02 17_cardboard_object_layered_02   18_cardboard_left_edge 18_cardboard_left_edge   19_cardboard_corner_01 19_cardboard_corner_01   20_cardboard_ripped_bottom_right 20_cardboard_ripped_bottom_right


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