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Test Your Fonts in the Browser

Test Your Fonts in the Browser

Many of your free options for font-previewing require you to install software on your computer. And you’d be lucky if you can even install them: You might not even have an operating system that can run the app.

If you need a simple app that will help you test, preview, and choose fonts to use in your design projects, head over to Type Zebra — a free online tool for previewing your local fonts in your Web browser.

Type Zebra is fast: Loading your fonts and previewing them is quite a quick and painless affair.

Animation of font testing in the browser.

Besides the fonts on your computer, Type Zebra will also allow you to test fonts that are available on Google Fonts and Edge Fonts.

Because it’s browser-based, the downside with Type Zebra is that it requires an Internet connection.

If you’re looking for other options, another Web-based font testing tool to check out is If you’re in search of top-notch free fonts to add to your collection, check these out:

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