What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do? What You Need to Know

A digital marketing agency is a provider of online marketing services that help businesses reach and convert their target audience via channels like search, email, social, and more.

With more than 80% of shoppers researching products online and over one billion people using search engines, such as Google, each month, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to reach consumers.  Many companies turn to digital marketing agencies to help them strategize techniques and manage their campaigns to increase their visibility online and boost their sales.

If you’re wondering how a digital marketing agency can help with your marketing efforts, it’s helpful to understand what a digital marketing agency does and what you can expect when working with one. In this post, we will cover exactly what digital marketing agencies do and how they can help drive results for your business. 

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What is digital marketing?

To understand how a digital marketing agency works, it’s best to first understand the basics of digital marketing. A simple explanation is that digital marketing is the marketing of products and services online.  Digital marketing includes strategies like: 

Digital marketing uses online platforms and technology to effectively market your products and services on the Internet, so you can better reach and convert qualified leads. With digital marketing, you can also easily monitor customer behavior and engagement, so you can track the success of your campaigns and easily identify which strategies are driving results.  If you want access to several marketing strategies and campaigns, a full-service digital marketing agency, like WebFX, is the way to go.

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What does a digital marketing agency do?

 A digital marketing agency will cover your business’s digital marketing needs by implementing and managing innovative strategies to market your products and services online to increase your sales and revenue. From managing your social media accounts to redesigning your website or optimizing your web pages and content for search engines, digital marketing agencies can do it all.

What can a digital marketing agency do for you?

Agencies specialize in knowing the latest marketing trends and utilize the best tools and strategies to help businesses stand out from their competitors.  As a result, many companies trust digital marketing agencies to manage their marketing campaigns and increase their visibility on the web.  Here’s an overview of what digital marketing agencies can do for your company: 

  • Identify, create, and implement valuable marketing strategies: Digital marketing agencies work with clients to create and implement custom marketing strategies that best suit their business and provide the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Track campaign progress and provide comprehensive reports: Digital marketing agencies will track the progress and success of your marketing campaigns and provide you with comprehensive custom reports, so you always stay in the loop. 
  • Evaluate results: Digital marketing agencies will also evaluate the results of marketing strategies and campaigns to identify which strategies are driving the most revenue for your business. 
  • Generate leads and sales: Overall, the main goal of digital marketing agencies is to generate web traffic and leads and increase sales for your business through their innovative marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing agencies often act as an extension of your marketing team. They can manage social media and email accounts, track the success of campaigns and implement effective marketing strategies to generate leads and sales. 

What to expect from a digital marketing agency

If you’re considering hiring a digital marketing agency, you may be wondering what to expect when working with them. Before meeting with an agency, think about your current marketing plans and your vision for the future, so you can relay your goals to their team.  Digital marketing agencies will work with you to get a feel for your business, including your branding image, voice, and values, so they can keep this in mind when developing your marketing campaigns.  Here are a few more things you can expect from a digital marketing agency:  

  • Custom designs and strategies: Good digital marketing agencies will create custom designs and strategies for a full-stack digital marketing campaign that will reflect your brand’s image and voice, ensuring that your marketing strategies will be a good fit for your business. 
  • Open communication: You can expect a digital marketing agency to stay in frequent contact with you while you are working together. They may provide regular reports and progress updates and discuss any new problem areas or new techniques. 
  • An extension of your marketing team: You can also expect that a top digital marketing agency will act as an extension of your marketing team. They can help free up time and allow your team to focus on other marketing tasks. 
  • Your vision is always kept in mind: Digital marketing agencies should also support your business’s vision and goals and keep these in mind when developing your marketing strategies. 

Good digital marketing agencies will take the time to understand your business’s values and vision and work with you to create custom marketing strategies that will boost the success of your business. 

Benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency

So, should you hire a digital marketing agency? If you’re wondering whether working with a digital marketing agency is right for you, here are a few benefits you should consider

1. Save time and money

Working with digital marketing agencies, especially full-service agencies like WebFX, can save you time and money in the long run. Many agencies allow you to bundle multiple services into one package, and can often offer discounts for doing so.  You can also save time by working with one team to manage multiple campaigns and platforms instead of communicating with different agencies and teams. And digital marketing agencies can take a few projects off your hands, so you can spend more time focusing on your most important tasks. 

2. Identify revenue-driving strategies

Sometimes it can be tricky to track which marketing strategies are driving the most leads and sales for your business. Digital marketing agencies can use state-of-the-art marketing tools and software to see exactly where your leads and sales are coming from, so you can focus your efforts on the strategies that are most effective.  Some digital marketing agencies also offer access to their own marketing tools. Our clients at WebFX have access to the IBM Watson-powered software MarketingCloudFX, where they can monitor results across multiple campaigns, track the sources and phone calls, and much more. 

3. Streamline campaign management

By working with a digital marketing agency, you will have access to industry experts who can help you effectively manage your campaigns and develop strategies that will increase your revenue.  And if you have multiple campaigns and platforms, an agency can help you manage each one. With team members specializing in various marketing roles, digital marketing agencies allow you to streamline your campaign management all in one place.  Want to know how to pick the best digital marketing agency? Check out this handy video: 


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