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Web design for cardiology is a virtual representation of what your practice stands for, which is why you want it to make a great first impression. Everything from your home and service pages to blog posts and contact information should show professionalism and care for your patients.

Your site’s ultimate goal is to create an organized, safe space for patients to access resources, schedule appointments, order prescriptions, and receive important updates. In short, it’s an effective way for patients to remain involved in their care outside the office.

In this guide, we’ve fleshed out five major fundamentals of an engaging web design. Receive weekly digital marketing tips and tricks like this by signing up for our email newsletter!

1. Make your design simple

While keeping it simple sounds vague, it packs an important punch. Simplicity is the key to an effective website design that enhances user experience (UX). 

Start by choosing a simple layout for your homepage. Don’t be scared of white space — having every possible space filled looks and feels cluttered, and visitors wouldn’t know where to start reading. Instead, keep it straightforward so your website visitors can easily follow the page as they scroll.

Too many colors is another element that can overwhelm users. Color has psychological effects, and choosing bright ones can turn away a potential patient from a cardiology practice — patients want to feel calm and safe in a health care environment. Choose two to three main colors that are professional and neutral to display this.

You should also keep fonts to a minimum. Pair decorative or script fonts with simple fonts for titles or headings to create an aesthetic design, but be sure to pick an easy-to-read font for paragraph text. If you aren’t sure which font to use, consider using a san-serif font for standard content to ensure readability.

2. Share regular content

Keep current patients informed and draw in new leads by posting content on your website regularly. Establishing a company blog is a great resource for your page, providing a space to share related content as often as you wish. Take advantage of a blog to link content to other relevant sources on the site, improving user engagement and reducing the bounce rate

You can also utilize social media platforms to promote new content and draw in people who are searching for answers to health-related questions. Just as someone can find your site through social media, they can also find your social media through your site. Creating these plugs will generate more interaction within your site, increase the user experience, and boost your brand’s engagement.

When you share on social media and through blog posts regularly, you show potential customers that you’re a leader in the industry. These posts can gain patients’ trust and lead them to see you as an expert in cardiology advice and services.

3. Utilize navigation tools

Navigation tools are effective in creating a natural design flow for a website. Choose from several navigation patterns that make every page on your website accessible through a menu. 

If visitors have to search too hard to find an answer, they’ll give up on your site and search for an easy solution elsewhere. Put yourself in their shoes when designing your navigation — as a patient, how would you go through the menu to find what you need? Would this article go best in a blog tab or a service page?

4. Provide clear contact information

Individuals searching for a cardiologist will likely have a few questions about your practice before scheduling an appointment. To provide open communication with current patients and potential leads, display your contact information clearly on your site.

For example, add a contact page in your navigation menu or place your email address, phone number, and office location in the footer of the page. You can also design a call-to-action button right on your homepage that directly transfers them to your contact page or scheduling software.

Whatever your practice decides to do, be sure it’s consistent and accurate. If you change your email address, phone number, or move locations, update your contact information on all listings across the web.

Additionally, if you’re going to provide easy access for contact, ensure a quick response time. Your practice is likely not the only place someone has reached out to, so providing a quick response can put you at the forefront of their mind.

5. Incorporate SEO

Last but not least, incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into your website. Over 65% of internet users search online for information about a specific health disease or problem. With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, SEO can help make your site the first to pop up.

As you rank higher in search engine results, more people will become aware of your brand, learn about your practice, and contact you for an appointment. 

Start by doing keyword research about your industry — what are some topics most patients are searching? Check out tools like KeywordsFX and Keyword Tool to get started. From there, build custom content using the keywords you found for your blog as we discussed earlier. These beginner steps incorporating SEO can significantly boost the organic traffic on your website.

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