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When your small business is up against such brand power, you need to leverage all the fast-acting marketing avenues you can. Fortunately, advertising your brand and connecting with potential leads is easier than ever, especially if you enlist the help of an award-winning marketing team who knows its way around advertising for landscapers.

Here’s what you need to know about social media marketing for landscaping, including why it’s worth the time and a closer look at how the industry’s top companies use the platforms to generate buzz and secure return business.

Can social media really help you get more clients for your landscaping business?

Landscaping is a unique industry in terms of advertising. Clients may not necessarily consider landscaping as a “must-have” service, depending on your market, your typical client’s average income and spending habits, and whether you target residential or commercial properties.

Does this mean investing time and money into marketing your business is a wasted effort? Far from it. Instead, you can use what you know about your industry and local market to create highly targeted advertising campaigns that emphasize lead nurturing over brand awareness and lead generation.

Most of your business likely comes from repeat clients for scheduled maintenance work, like the biweekly lawn care at the local park and seasonal property prep and tree trimming in the nearby residential neighborhood. 

Your clients need someone they can depend on to deliver consistent results on a set schedule, and the best way to keep your business at the forefront of their minds is by building a relationship with them, which is why advertising and engaging landscaping on social media just makes sense.

Social media for landscaping — which platforms are worth it?

Deciding which platform is the best social media to advertise your business depends on a few factors, like who your target demographic is, where they spend their time online, and where your competitors are currently active.

As two of Lawn & Landscape’s top revenue-generating landscaping companies, Pennsylvania’s BrightView and Ohio’s The Davey Tree Expert’s approach to digital marketing gives us a good idea of how to promote a landscaping business on social media.


A business page on Facebook gives you access to the platform’s diverse audience, which spans age groups, annual earnings, and locations. The Appointments feature even eliminates the need for extra clicks by giving your followers a fast, easy way to schedule an appointment or service call.

The platform supports most types of media, including images and videos, livestreams, paid ads, text posts, and event pages. BrightView uses its company Facebook page to share video montages of recent project photos, with calls to action encouraging viewers to check out their portfolio for more. They also share educational blog posts from their website, highlight their employees, and advertise promotional events.

Davey’s approach focuses more on showcasing the company’s community involvement at local events, as well as providing tips and tricks in video format. Their content is down-to-earth and relatable for its audience — for example, their Halloween-themed post was their guide for removing toilet paper from trees.

Depending on your brand and audience, you could use Facebook to post engaging polls, lists of regionally specific landscaping tips, surveys, behind-the-scenes employee interviews or project sneak peeks, and post well-framed shots of finished jobs.


Twitter is less about long-form content and more about shaving posts down to a bite-sized format — for example, BrightView’s Twitter profile has the same content as its Facebook but drilled down to attention-grabbing headlines with links to read more.

Succeeding on Twitter also requires a pre-planned hashtag strategy that leans into whatever keywords are currently trending in your business and area. Your account should be a balance of original content and sharing and engaging with others, including answering potential clients’ questions publicly. 

While you can repurpose content from other platforms, consider taking a leaf from Davey Tree’s business Twitter. Instead of parroting what they’ve already shared on Facebook, they use Twitter’s short form to give viewers a look at the people behind the brand by posting behind-the-scenes video footage of projects and sharing in-progress pictures instead of only completed ones. 


If your business is passionate about teaching property owners how to successfully care for their land, trees, and lawns, YouTube is the ideal platform for educational content. Videos can be as short or long as you want, and professional video editing can take your videos to the next level.

BrightView occasionally posts timelapse videos of projects, as well as sales-oriented videos detailing specific services and management-led FAQ sessions. 

Davey Tree uses its YouTube platform to add more personality and “face’’ to the brand name by making employees the stars of the production as they share industry and national weather updates, like when to prepare your property for an upcoming hurricane threat or what week to expect fall foliage to peak.

The best ways to advertise landscaping businesses on social media

The best part of social media for landscapers is how every platform centers around and supports two-way engagement. Unlike some marketing methods, like display ads and billboards, social media lets you speak directly to leads and customers to create a foundation that encourages loyal clients.

Consider these tips to make the most of your business’s social media strategies:

  • Be consistent: It’s not enough to create a social media account and post when something interesting happens. Social media is, well, social. Set aside time each day or week to create and share content, interact with followers, and check in on competitors.
  • Tell a story: While some level of self-promotion is necessary, you’ll see much better results from your social media campaigns if you focus on telling your brand’s story and helping your followers see how you can simplify their lives or solve their specific landscaping problems.
  • Be original: Create original content, including photos and graphics, instead of using stock pictures or downloading pre-made content from other websites. Now is your chance to call attention to what makes your company so special, whether that’s your niche expertise, passionate employees, or decades-long experience. The more valuable the content, the more likely your followers will share it.
  • Invest wisely: Starting a social media account and sharing content is free, but each platform has several paid advertisement options to consider when you’re ready to expand your reach, find new leads, or advertise a specific service or upcoming special.

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

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WebFX knows a thing or two about social media for landscaping businesses

OK, we’re being modest — we know a lot about advertising businesses like yours on social media. You don’t create and publish more than 165,000 original social posts for clients across industries without picking up a few tricks.

Your market, goals, and business are unique, and you need a digital marketing team that can help you with every part of your online advertising, from competitor and market research to custom lead nurturing social campaigns and account management. 

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