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Facebook Post Information Card

Facebook is the world's most popular social network with more than 1.7 billion users. That means roughly one out of every seven people in the world has a Facebook account.

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With such a colossal user base, Facebook has something for everyone — no matter what it is. The sun never sets on Facebook users, and there's always someone awake to use it.

But that may not be true for your customer demographic. If you're a local company that serves a small town, then the sun does set on your target market.

That's why it's important to know when companies generally have the most success on Facebook — 1:00 p.m. for shares and 3 p.m. for clicks to their websites.

On top of that, you always want to maximize the number of shares and likes you get on every post. That means you have to provide excellent content on social media that'll keep users engaged and clicking to your page.

The only issue is figuring out what kind of content achieves that goal.

For the most part, images, links, compelling text, and comment participation give you a well-rounded social media portfolio.

Images give users engaging, interesting content that'll catch their attention. Links send those same users to your website. Compelling text adds information that an image can't convey, and comment participation shows that you're an active Facebook presence.

You can track your success easily, too. Facebook Analytics is a free tool you can get for any business page to monitor your Facebook presence.

In addition, Google Analytics is a great way to monitor your website in general. You can use the Acquisition tab and Channels selection to see how many of your users come to your site from Facebook.

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