Best Companies to Work for in PA

You have a lot of factors to consider when weighing your options for employers.

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You’ll start with the basics, like identifying the companies who have open positions that match your skills and education. Then, you’ll compare the responsibilities, compensation, and benefits that come along with them.

But beyond the individual job openings, it’s also important to consider the companies hiring for them. Each company has its own culture and values – and they’ll have a significant impact on your life every day.

That’s why many job seekers today base their decisions on available positions and the companies that offer the best work environments.

So if you’re looking for employment, it’s important to identify the best companies to work for in your area. On this page, we’ll go over a few of the factors that make a company a great place to work – and why we believe that WebFX is the best in PA.

What defines a great place to work?

best places to work in pa

Ranking the best places to work is challenging because it’s often based on highly subjective criteria and individual work preferences.

There are a few basic factors, like compensation and benefits, that are easy to compare between companies. But beyond those, it’s difficult to create an accurate measurement of how “great” a place is to work.

That’s where third-party ranking systems become useful. In Pennsylvania, the Best Places to Work in PA program identifies the best employers in the state by compiling data on each one, then combining it with employee feedback.

Including employee feedback means that their rankings aren’t just based on official, company-submitted information – they represent how satisfied each company’s employees are with their jobs.

The questions cover topics including company culture, career development opportunities, and physical work environments with the goal of getting a complete picture of what it’s really like to work at each company.

Of course, these rankings aren’t what make a company a great place to work – but they’re a helpful way of identifying the best in your area.

Another valuable source of information on company work environments is Glassdoor. They publish anonymous reviews on what it’s like to work at different companies from current and past employees.

If you’re wondering who the best employers are in your area, just select your city and sort by rating. Each review includes a rating from 1-5, and the averages of these reviews can give you an idea of how satisfied each company’s employees are.

What makes WebFX one of the best companies to work for in PA?

WebFX was ranked the #1 Best Place to Work in PA in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 — a pretty stellar accomplishment, if you ask us! This is one of our proudest accomplishments because it’s something that each member of our team played a direct role in achieving.

We also currently have a rating of 4.7 on Glassdoor, which is one of the highest in the area.

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So why did we earn this distinction?

It would be easy enough to attribute it to all of our company perks, like our bikes & kayaks, coffee bar, and all of the events planned by our Happiness Manager. And while these certainly don’t hurt, we think it has a lot more to do with our commitment to creating a positive work environment.

Positivity is one of our core company values, and we believe that it’s the fuel behind our success. It’s why our team is engaged and productive and why we enjoy coming to work each day.

We replace complaints with solutions, use challenges to our benefit, and make sure there’s plenty of fun in our work lives. It’s an intentional decision to focus on the positive, and it makes all the difference in how we interact with each other, our clients, and our projects.

Want to learn more about working at WebFX?

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our employment page to learn more about our open positions and employment opportunities.