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6 Tips for Creating Stellar Email Marketing Images

Looking to spice up your email marketing images? You came to the right place.

When you create email marketing campaigns, it’s important to include visual elements that catch subscribers’ attention and reinforce your brand.

Your images affect how users respond to your email content, so it’s important that you use them correctly.

In this post, we’ll tackle six tips to help you use email marketing images effectively in your campaigns. Let’s get started!

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1. Make sure your images reinforce your brand

Your image choices impact how leads interact with and remember your emails. They should be able to look at these images and associate them with your brand. So, using them in your campaign will help your audience become more comfortable with your business and encourage them to choose you over competitors.

It is best to try to incorporate your company colors into your images.

People associate certain colors with a business, so you can help strengthen that association by incorporating them into your images.

You will also want to try to incorporate your logo into your photos. It can be on a product that is in the image or integrated into the page. This boosts your brand recognition and helps people become more familiar with your brand.

When your email marketing images reinforce your brand, you’ll build a strong campaign for your business.

This will help your business earn more conversions down the line.

2. Use original email marketing images

If you want to help your business stand out, use original email marketing images. Unique images not only build your business’s brand but help you stand out from the competition.

When you use original images, you will have more control over your messaging and how you present your brand to your audience. You choose how you want to present your brand, business, products, or services.

Creating custom images will help you connect with leads in your target audience.

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Stock images make it challenging to build that connection. Thousands of businesses use the same stock images as other businesses. This makes it difficult to help your business appear unique if you and your competitors use the same stock images.

Your emails will feel more personal with original images.

People will know that your business took the time to take these pictures.

By using original images, you’ll give your business a unique flair. If you choose to use your own images, ensure that they are high quality and clear. This will help you produce better email marketing campaigns with great images.

3. Limit the number of images you use

When you create emails, it is important that you include a balanced number of images. You don’t want your audience to feel overwhelmed, but you also don’t want them to get bored with your emails.

To figure out the right number of images for your email, you may need to conduct testing. This will allow you to see the number of images that work for your audience.

Once you know the number of images that generates the best click-through rate (CTR), use that number to design your emails.

When you incorporate your email marketing images, be mindful of the amount you use. Find an effective balance of images and text to help create effective messages for your business. Doing this will help ensure your email campaign’s success.

4. Size your images correctly

Have you ever opened an email to find that the image is zoomed in too far and the email is difficult to read? Or the image is so small you can’t tell what it is?

These are common issues that subscribers face when they receive emails from companies. However, sizing your images correctly in your emails will make them look crisp and clean.

You don’t want your images to be too small or too big.

Neither of these images will present a positive experience for your audience. You will need to choose a new image (if your image is too small) or crop your image (if it is too big).

email tip 3

Therefore, it is important that you choose high-quality photos for your email marketing campaigns. You can always crop an image to make it smaller but keep the same quality. It is far more challenging to take a smaller image and make it larger while keeping it from being blurry or pixelated.

After your images are sized and cropped, it is best practice to preview your email.

Previewing your messages before sending them will show you how your email will look to your audience. It’s an opportunity for you to check out your images and see if they fit well in your email.

Sizing your images correctly will help you create a better viewing experience for your email subscribers. When your audience sees your professional email, they will be more interested in your business and what it has to offer.

5. Use email marketing images that correlate with your message

It is important that you choose images that best coincide with your campaign. They should reflect your campaign’s message and reinforce that message to your audience.

Let’s say you owned a clothing store, and you are having a sale on shoes this week. You decide to email your subscribers, enticing them to check out the sale.

What kind of images would you include?

In this case, you’d want to focus on images that highlight shoes.

You wouldn’t want to choose images that highlight your other clothes. If the email is about your shoe sale, you want to use images that reinforce that subject.

This example is a little more cut-and-dried because it is easy to incorporate images of shoes. But what if you were a non-profit asking for donations?

How would you use images in your email to encourage your subscribers to donate to your non-profit?

Regardless of your type of business, it is important that you choose the right images to reinforce your message. Your images should support the action you want your audience to take. They are supplemental parts of your emails that help your audience understand your message and act on it.

6. Avoid using images as your background

Some companies try to take a shortcut and use an image in the background. It may seem like a great idea, but images as backgrounds don’t work for email marketing campaigns. They often get distorted in the process of creating emails.

email tip

Instead of using email marketing images in your background, use a template and place your images in the template.

Your email will look better and it will keep your images from getting distorted.

If you want to see success with your email marketing images, avoid using them as backgrounds for your email. It is best to use them within your email’s content to help add a visual element to your message.

Have any other tips for using images in your emails?

Email marketing images are a great way to enhance your email campaign. Your images will help engage your audience and get them interested in the content of your emails.

Email marketing is a fantastic marketing strategy with tons of benefits, so if you’re ready to get started on your own email marketing campaign, contact WebFX today!

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