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8 Best Customer Service Software Options for Your Company

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business. So, why would you give it any less attention than you’d give your marketing or sales? Just like you probably use digital tools to help you earn customers, you should also get a customer service platform to help you retain those customers.

But what type of tool is best for your company to get? There are plenty of customer service tool options out there. Thankfully, we’re here to help you narrow down the list. We’ve compiled a handful of the best customer service software options below for you to choose from.

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8 best customer service software options for your business

There are plenty of customer service platform options out there, but only a handful stand out from the rest. Here are eight of the best customer service tools:

  1. Zendesk
  2. Freshdesk
  3. LiveAgent
  4. Zoho Desk
  5. Help Scout
  6. HubSpot Service Hub
  7. Salesforce Service Cloud
  8. Gorgias

Read on to learn more about each one!

1. Zendesk

Price: $19+ per user per month

customer service zendesk

Zendesk is a customer-facing helpdesk software. What does that mean? Essentially, Zendesk is a tool that your customers can use to submit support tickets to you when they experience issues with your products or services. It can also integrate with other tools and generate customer service data reports.

Zendesk’s emphasis is on helping you centralize your customer communications into one platform. For that reason, it pairs well with other centralized tools, like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Zendesk offers a few different plans that you can choose from, depending on what’s in your budget and which features you want.

2. Freshdesk

Price: $15+ per month (free version available)

customer service freshdesk

Another of the best customer service tools out there is Freshdesk. Freshdesk offers a couple of different versions of the tool. One is a baseline helpdesk tool, similar to Zendesk. The other is an omnichannel customer support tool that can integrate with a variety of different marketing channels.

If you opt for the omnichannel version, you’ll get access to an AI feature that helps you respond to your customers. However, the helpdesk version is perfectly useful in its own right. You can even go for the free plan if you have fewer than 10 customer support reps.

3. LiveAgent

Price: $15+ per month (free version available)

customer service liveagent

LiveAgent is a tool designed to help you unify your customer communications. Email, social media, phone calls — they’re all brought together in this tool. You can view information about each customer support interaction right there in a single dashboard.

LiveAgent also offers a unique feature — gamification. Your customer support reps can compete to earn rewards in the tool, incentivizing them to provide higher-quality customer service to a higher number of customers.

Like Freshdesk, LiveAgent offers a free plan, though you can upgrade to a paid plan for more features.

4. Zoho Desk

Price: $14+ per user per month

customer service zoho desk

Zoho offers several different tools, and one of those tools is a helpdesk platform, Zoho Desk. This tool offers some of the same features as other helpdesk tools, like a basic ticketing feature. But it also includes features like:

  • Shared inbox
  • Customer chat
  • Team time tracking
  • AI self-service options

These features help set Zoho apart from the crowd. Bear in mind, though, that not all of these features are available in the cheapest plan. To access some of them, you’ll have to spring for a more expensive plan.

5. Help Scout

Price: $20+ per user per month

customer service help scout

Help Scout might be the best customer service software option for you if you’re interested in a platform with a lot of features. Help Scout offers features like:

  • Customer profiles and personalization
  • Advanced customer service reporting
  • Saved replies you can use to address common issues
  • Team-facing support options

These features make Help Scout a valuable tool for any business, although — as with other tools — it’s worth noting that some of these features are only available with higher-priced plans.

6. HubSpot Service Hub

Price: $45+ per month (free version available)

customer service hubspot service hub

HubSpot is mostly known for their CRM, but they also offer marketing and customer service tools. One of those tools is HubSpot Service Hub. One of the best things about this platform is that the basic version is totally free.

Of course, you can get a paid version to access more features, but you don’t necessarily have to. The free version alone contains features like:

  • Shared inbox
  • Email templates
  • Ticketing system
  • Chatbots

If you already use HubSpot as your CRM, this tool is a great addition to your tech stack. Unsurprisingly, the two tools integrate well with each other.

7. Salesforce Service Cloud

Price: $25+ per user per month

customer service salesforce service cloud

Just like HubSpot, Salesforce is a company best known for its CRM that also offers a customer service tool. Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to centralize your customer support communications in one tool, from email to phone calls.

One of the highlights of Salesforce Service Cloud is its ability to integrate smoothly with many different platforms. In particular, it boasts a clean integration with Slack, meaning you can manage customer communications through Slack rather than always having to go straight to Salesforce itself.

Depending on which plan you opt for, you may have access to additional features like AI assistance.

8. Gorgias

Price: $50+ per user per month

customer service gorgias

The last of the best customer service tools on this list is Gorgias. Gorgias is different from the other tools listed here because it aims to connect your sales and your customer service.

How does this work? Basically, Gorgias integrates with platforms like Shopify to pull customer data and learn about your customers from their past interactions with your company, including their purchase history. That info is then used to personalize your customer support and make it more effective for each customer.

Gorgias also offers omnichannel customer communication options, allowing you to easily reach customers and address their concerns through a number of channels, all right from Gorgias.

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