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How To Use the Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot for Your Business

As technology develops, more companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to help power their business and products. Microsoft is no exception ­­–– they’re using AI to power their search engine Bing.

The Microsoft Bing AI chatbot leverages AI technology to understand user queries to provide more helpful information. And now, the Microsoft AI chatbot is available to everyone.

If you’re interested in diving into the Bing AI chatbot world, we’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this new technology, including:

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How does the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot work?

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot is one of the newest pieces of AI technology on the market. Previously, it was only accessible by joining a waitlist –– now it’s open to anyone with a Microsoft account.

Since it’s available to the public, you may be eager to access and try the new AI chatbot. But how does it work?

The Bing AI chatbot is a part of Microsoft’s Edge browser, so you must have the browser to access it. You can also access this technology through the Bing, Microsoft Edge, or Skype mobile apps. Once you’ve logged into your account through any of those channels, you can use the chatbot.

When you go onto Bing, you’ll see a button at the top that says “Chat.” That’s where you can access the chatbot.

Microsoft Bing's website featuring an arrow pointing to the "chat" feature at the top of the browser

Microsoft Bing AI works similarly to ChatGPT. You provide the chatbot with a query or a prompt, and it gathers data and responds based on what you asked.

One unique feature of the Bing AI chatbot is that it enables you to choose the conversation style for its responses. You’ll see three options:

  • More creative: This option means Bing will generate a unique and playful response.
  • More precise: Choosing this option means your response will be accurate and factual.
  • More balanced: This option will provide a precise and creative response, striking a balance between the two.

Bing AI's conversations types listed in button boxes

Once you choose your conversation style and deliver your prompt, you’ll get a human-like response powered by AI technology.

How to use Bing AI: 3 ways to leverage the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the Microsoft AI chatbot works, you may wonder how to use this new technology.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Bing AI chatbot can help you generate ideas for marketing materials, including social media captions and blog post ideas.
  • You can use the Bing AI chatbot to gather research for content to help you get a more succinct overview of a topic.
  • The Bing AI chatbot can help you find solutions for problems your business faces.

What can you do with this Bing chat feature?

1. Use the Bing AI chatbot to help generate ideas

One way to take advantage of the Microsoft AI chatbot is to use it to generate new content ideas. You can give the Bing AI chatbot prompts to help you generate a starting point for content ideas, whether it’s social media captions, blog post ideas, or something else!

Let’s say you own a sunglasses store and want to share an Instagram post of someone wearing your sunglasses, but you’re stuck on trying to create a caption. You could use the Bing AI chatbot to help you create a caption.

Here you can see the difference between asking this question for a balanced response vs. a creative response. When you ask this query using the balanced response, you get a list of ideas for your caption that are somewhat creative but also use resources online to help generate ideas:

Bing generating a list of Instagram captions with the prompted suggestion of writing a caption for someone wearing stylish sunglasses

When switching to the “more creative” mode, you get an AI-generated caption. You can then ask Bing to try something else if you don’t like it and then generate a new caption idea:

Conversation with Bing AI asking them to generate creative captions for someone wearing sunglasses

Captions aren’t the only thing you can generate. If you need help writing an introduction for a professional content piece, for example, you could change the mode and have Bing AI generate ideas for you. Use this tool to help you get inspired when creating new content for your business.

2. Gather research through conversation

If you want to know how to use Bing AI, try conducting research through conversation. Whether you’re creating content or what to get information about something trending in your industry, using the Bing AI chatbot is a great way to get that information summarized for you in one place.

For example, let’s say you want to know what’s trending in fashion, so you can write a blog post about it. By quickly asking the Bing AI chatbot, you get a list of current trends in fashion.

Asking Bing for information on what's trending in fashion

Asking this quick question gives you an entire rundown of trends that you can use to frame your blog post.

It’s an excellent way to do research quickly, so you can get all the information you need to complete your task.

3. Troubleshoot issues

Another great use for the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot is to troubleshoot issues. Businesses of all kinds run into complications, and Bing AI can be an easy way to figure out how to fix your business’s problems.

For example, let’s say you own a restaurant, and you’ve started noticing that some of your tables are wobbly, but you don’t know how to fix them. You could use the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot to help you find a solution: 

wobbly table bing ai

It gives you a curated response with multiple solutions for how to fix your table.

Microsoft’s AI chatbot can be a great solution when you need answers regarding things that are out of your area of expertise. While some things, like fixing a leaking pipe or fixing a website that keeps crashing, might require hiring a professional, conversing with ChatGPT can help you see what the solution is and determine if it’s something you can fix yourself.

Overall, the Bing AI chatbot can be a great resource for getting information quickly to fix all kinds of problems.

How does the Microsoft Bing AI chatbot compare to ChatGPT?

When talking about AI chat technology, ChatGPT is the name buzzing around in circles. So now that you’ve learned about how to use Bing AI and its offers, you may wonder how it compares to a competitor like ChatGPT.

There are some advantages Microsoft’s product brings to the table that outperforms ChatGPT.

With the Bing AI chatbot, you have control over the type of query response you get. If you’re looking for a creative spark, you can tailor your chatbot to respond as such. Or, if you need a professional prompt written, you can change the settings to get a polished response.

This advantage enables you to produce responses that are more aligned with the goal of your prompt or query.

Additionally, Microsoft Bing AI also produces queries that cite the sources it pulls from. For example, if you ask, “How can you tell if a watermelon is ripe,” you’ll see footnote numbers appearing next to some of the information:

Arrows pointing to footnotes from a Bing AI response

These footnotes correspond to websites at the bottom of the chat box. So not only do you know the source of the information, but you can also visit those websites to get more information if you need it.

Sources listed for Bing AI responses

Lastly, the Microsoft AI chatbot offers one feature ChatGPT doesn’t have visual results. Bing AI can generate photos and videos to accompany your search query. With the search query for “how can you tell if a watermelon is ripe,” for example, you also get a video that provides the information you need:

Watermelon query to Bing generating a video of a watermelon

This feature makes the Microsoft AI chatbot more well-rounded, as it provides answers using multiple formats.

While the Bing AI chatbot offers numerous benefits over ChatGPT, there is one glaring issue: access. To use the Microsoft AI chatbot, you must be on one of Microsoft’s platforms where the chat feature is accessible.

If you want to use it on a desktop, for example, you must access it through the Microsoft Edge browser. With ChatGPT, however, you can access it from any browser. That makes it more accessible than Microsoft Edge.

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Need help mastering artificial intelligence for your business?

The Microsoft Bing AI chatbot is just one of the many applications of AI technology that will continue to develop in the future. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, so you must take advantage of the benefits to help your business continue to grow in the 21st century.

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