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Tech Stack Pricing: How Much Does a Tech Stack Cost?

How much does a tech stack cost? Businesses spend anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars each year on tech stacks. Various factors — like the type and number of tech stack tools you use — will greatly impact cost.

When used correctly, a technology stack, or tech stack, is invaluable for automating, streamlining, and personalizing your marketing. But how much do businesses like yours pay for their tech stacks? 

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What is a tech stack?

A tech stack is a collection of tools and software businesses use to manage projects, perform services, or create products. Your tech stack will likely include both frontend and backend technologies that work together to power your marketing operations. 

Some examples of tech stack tools include: 

Most companies use between five and 10 tech stack tools, but that range can vary depending on your specific applications. 

Why do you need a tech stack?

A tech stack is necessary for any complex, large-scale digital projects or services. You’ll have a hard time building a website or running an effective marketing campaign if you don’t use any tools to get the job done.

With the right tech stack, you can easily access all the tools you need to streamline the process, from building websites to automating routine tasks. Also, the thing about a good tech stack is that all the tools work together. You can avoid having duplicate tools that do the same thing or tools that don’t integrate well together.

How much does a tech stack cost?

A tech stack can cost anywhere from a few hundred to over $100,000 per year, depending on the type and number of tools in your tech stack, as well as their functionalities.

Below, we’ll give a few pricing examples for each type of tech stack tool to help give you a better sense of what to expect.


Here’s a look at pricing for three of the best CRMs on the market:

CRM Pricing starts at Free version available?
Nutshell $16 per user per month No
HubSpot $45 per month Yes
Salesforce $25 per user per month No



Here are three of the most useful CDPs out there, along with their pricing:

CDP Pricing starts at Free version available?
Segment $120 per month Yes
Oracle $2000 per month No
Totango $249 per month No


Data enrichment tools

Here’s the pricing for three of the best data enrichment tools:

Data enrichment tool Pricing starts at Free version available?
Datanyze $55 per month No
RingLead $12,000 per user per year Yes $33 per month No


Email software

Here are the prices available for three of the top email software options:

Email software Pricing starts at Free version available?
Mailchimp $13 per month Yes
Drip $39 per month No
GetResponse $15.58 per month Yes


Marketing automation tools

Here are three of the best marketing automation tools, as well as the pricing for each:

Marketing automation tool Pricing starts at Free version available?
MarketingCloudFX Included with WebFX services No
Marketo $1195 per month No $75 per month Yes


How to determine the cost of a tech stack

As we just established, we can’t really identify any specific tech stack pricing when we’re talking about tech stacks as a whole. But by figuring out the specific criteria your business is looking for, you can narrow it down enough to estimate a tech stack price for your company.

Here are three steps to figuring out your potential tech stack pricing!

1. Find out what types of tools you need

The first step to estimating your tech stack price is figuring out which types of tools you want to include in your stack, like:

Depending on which type of stack you’re trying to build, do some research on the tools usually included in that stack.

Make sure you plan for the bare essentials, but also take time to consider more optional or niche tools that you could include. You might find it helpful to mark some tools as “essential” and others as “convenient, but not necessary” if you’re initially unsure of what’s in your budget. 

2. Identify some options for each tool

Once you’ve worked out which types of tools to include in your tech stack, start doing some research on the best options for each of those types. For example, if you’re looking for a marketing automation tool for your martech stack, you can list some of the best martech tools out there.

It’s okay to start with a lot of options for each tool, but make sure you eventually narrow the list down a bit so you’re not overwhelmed. By the end of this step, you should have 2–4 options in mind for each tool you want to include in your stack.

Bear in mind that many tools offer free demos so you can try out all the different options for yourself to help narrow down the list!

3. Calculate the cost

The final step is to actually estimate your tech stack cost. You can add up all the prices for the cheapest options on your list of tools to find the lowest price you might pay, and you can do the same thing with the most expensive options to find the highest price. That gives you a price range for your tech stack.

From there, it’s a matter of choosing one option for each type of tool, factoring in price along with other factors like reviews and your company’s specific needs. When you’ve definitively picked out all the exact tools you want in your stack, you can easily calculate the final price.

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