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102+ Instagram Hashtags to Give Your Insta Posts a #GlowUp

Did you know that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get 13% more engagement? Hashtags are an excellent way for you to enhance your Instagram posts and connect with your target audience.

On this page, we’ll cover why you should use Instagram hashtags and provide you with over 100 Instagram hashtags you can use on your next post. Keep reading to learn more!

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Why use Instagram hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are an asset to your Insta posts. Here are three reasons you’ll want to use hashtags on your next Instagram post:

1. Hashtags boost engagement with your content

As I mentioned at the beginning, posts that use a hashtag see a boost in engagement. Hashtags are a great way to build Instagram engagement because they can serve as conversation starters and get people commenting on your posts or asking questions.

For example, if you post a picture of your spilled coffee at the office and use the tag #mondaymood, people will find the humor and relatability in it. They may comment and say, “I feel that” or “I couldn’t agree more.”

Hashtags help you create engagement on your posts and start conversations with your audience.

2. Hashtags help people discover your content

One key reason you’ll want to use hashtags for Instagram is that they help people discover your content. If you use hashtags on your posts, they’ll appear in the feed for that hashtag.

If you search #mondaymood, you can see content related to the hashtag.

Pictures that show up when someone searches #mondaymood

Overall, using hashtags is an excellent way for you to help your content get discovered on Instagram’s platform.

3. Hashtags add context to your content

Have you ever spent a lot of time coming up with a witty caption, only to realize that people might not know what’s in your photo? Hashtags can help with that problem.

You can still use a witty caption but follow it up by integrating hashtags that provide context to your photo. It’s an excellent way to create a better experience for your audience.

Best Instagram hashtags: 107 Instagram hashtags you’ll want to use

Ready to check out some of the best Instagram hashtags? Here’s a breakdown of the different types of hashtags we’ll cover:

Let’s dive in!

Top 5 hashtags for Instagram

Some more popular Instagram hashtags get a lot of attention from users on the platform. Here are the top five Instagram hashtags that appear in the most content:

1. #love

People used this hashtag in over 2.1 billion posts.

2. #instagood

People used this hashtag in over 1.5 billion posts.

3. #fashion

People used this hashtag in over 1 billion posts

4. #photooftheday

People used this hashtag in over 1 billion posts.

5. #art

People used this hashtag in over 916 million posts.

Hashtags for days of the week

Many people post content on specific days to boost engagement with their content. Here’s a list of trending Instagram hashtags you can use on your posts:

6. #MondayMood

People who use this hashtag generally highlight something that happened to them that is not so great. Something like a spilled coffee, a flat tire, or a sleeping dog can all be considered “moods” for a Monday.

7. #TransformationTuesday

This popular Instagram hashtag shows how things have changed with a person, place, or thing. You can use this hashtag to show a transformation within your workplace or with one of your staff members.

8. #WisdomWednesday

One of the trending Instagram hashtags posters like to use is #WisdomWednesday. You can use this hashtag on your post if you decide to share some helpful advice with your followers.

Wisdom Wednesday Instagram post with an inspirational quote

9. #HumpDay

With over 14 million posts using #HumpDay, it’s a popular Instagram hashtag. You can use this hashtag on any of your Wednesday posts, as it serves as a signal of getting over the hump of the week (Wednesday).

10. #ThrowbackThursday or #tbt

One of the top Instagram hashtags you’ll see on the platform is #throwbackthursday or #tbt. Many people use this hashtag to post a picture from the past and share it as a throwback.

11. #FlashbackFriday

This hashtag is like #tbt. People use this hashtag to post pictures from the past as a flashback.

12. #FridayFeeling

Friday is a great day for many people because it signifies the weekend is coming. If you post exciting content on a Friday, you can use #FridayFeeling on your post.

13. #SmallBusinessSaturday

One of the top Instagram hashtags for businesses is #SmallBusinessSaturday. This hashtag is a great way to invite people to support and visit your business.

Instagram post from a small business

14. #SundayFunday

With over 59 million posts using the #SundayFunday tag, it’s one of the trending hashtags to use on the last day of the week. If your employees are out doing something fun, like a company retreat, you can use the hashtag to show them what you’re up to doing.

Best Instagram hashtags for holidays

Want to post something festive for the holidays? There are popular Instagram hashtags you can use to accompany your content.

Here are some popular holiday and yearly event hashtags, broken down by month:


  1. #NewYearsDay
  2. #NewYears
  3. #MLKDay


  1. #Groundhogday
  2. #SuperBowlSunday
  3. #ValentinesDay
  4. #PresidentsDay


  1. #MardiGras
  2. #FatTuesday
  3. #AshWednesday
  4. #InternationalWomensDay or #IWD
  5. #StPatricksDay
  6. #StPattysDay


  1. #AprilFoolsDay
  2. #Ramadan
  3. #PalmSunday
  4. #GoodFriday
  5. #Passover
  6. #HappyEaster
  7. #EasterSunday
  8. #EarthDay
  9. #ArborDay


  1. #NationalTeachersDay
  2. #StarWarsDay
  3. #MayThe4thBeWithYou
  4. #CincoDeMayo
  5. #MothersDay
  6. #MemorialDay

Star Wars post on May The 4th Be With You


  1. #DDay
  2. #FlagDay
  3. #FathersDay
  4. #Juneteenth


  1. #IndepdenceDay
  2. #FourthofJuly
  3. #4thofJuly
  4. #HappyFourth


  1. #BacktoSchool


  1. #LaborDay
  2. #911RemembranceDay
  3. #Sept11
  4. #GrandparentsDay
  5. #NativeAmericanDay
  6. #RoshHashanah


  1. #YomKippur
  2. #ColumbusDay
  3. #IndigenousPeopleDay
  4. #BossDay
  5. #Halloween
  6. #Spookyseason or #Spookyszn

Halloween post using Spooky Season hashtag


  1. #ElectionDay
  2. #VeteransDay
  3. #ThanksgivingDay
  4. #GiveThanks
  5. #BlackFriday
  6. #CyberMonday


  1. #PearlHarborDay
  2. #Chanukah
  3. #Hannukah
  4. #MerryChristmas
  5. #MerryXmas
  6. #HappyKwanzaa
  7. #Kwanzaa
  8. #NYE
  9. #NewYearsEve

Best Instagram hashtags for fun

Want some of the best Instagram hashtags for when you post fun or humorous content? Here are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for those types of posts:

  1. #fun
  2. #funny
  3. #funnyvideos
  4. #funtimes
  5. #haha
  6. #lol
  7. #memes
  8. #meme
  9. #joke
  10. #jokeoftheday
  11. #jokesfordays
  12. #cool
  13. #coolstuff

It’s essential to keep tabs on popular Instagram hashtags to ensure you’re using relevant and trendy hashtags for your business. Here are some top Instagram hashtags trending on the platform:

  1. #IYKYK (If you know, you know)
  2. #AMA (Ask me anything)
  3. #FTW (For the win)
  4. #ICYMI (In case you missed it)
  5. #NGL (Not gonna lie)
  6. #TFW (That feeling when)
  7. #BTS (Behind the scenes)
  8. #FF (Follower Friday)
  9. #FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  10. #HIFW (How I feel when)
  11. 102 #IRL (In real life
  12. #MFW (My face when)
  13. #TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)
  14. #fire (When something is awesome)
  15. #lit (Another way of saying something is awesome)
  16. #yass (An enthusiastic way of saying you love something)

Need help finding the right Instagram hashtags for your posts?

In this blog post, I barely scratched the surface of the plethora of top Instagram hashtags you can use on the platform. There are thousands of trending Instagram hashtags for every industry, every type of post, and more.

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