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LinkedIn Boosted Post

Improve Post Performance with a LinkedIn Boosted Post

LinkedIn is all about connecting with people — literally. To expand your network, you need to build your presence on the platform. You can increase your brand’s visibility by posting insightful and engaging content, but if you want to take it a step further, there is another way to get eyes on your page.

With a LinkedIn boosted post, you can expand your page’s reach and start connecting with an even larger audience.

In this article, we’ll be covering everything about boosted LinkedIn posts, from what they are and how to make one to how they’re different from LinkedIn ads.

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What is a boosted LinkedIn post?

Sometimes your LinkedIn post needs a little extra oomph to get in front of the eyes of your target audience. With LinkedIn’s post boosting feature, you can pay a little bit of money to do just that.

Essentially, a boosted LinkedIn post is an organic post that’s turned into a paid ad. When you boost one of your LinkedIn posts, you enable it to reach farther than LinkedIn’s standard algorithm would allow.

With a boosted LinkedIn post, you can target specific audiences, set a budget, and establish a timeline for how long your post is boosted.

Some things to remember

In order to create a LinkedIn boosted post, you need to have Content Admin or Super Admin access to your page.

Right now, there are some stipulations regarding what posts can be boosted.

As of now, only posts with text and/or a single image, videos, and events can be boosted on LinkedIn.

Additionally, you can’t boost a post twice. If you need to edit a boosted post after it’s already launched, it’ll have to go through the platform’s review process before it can go live again. But don’t worry. You’ll be notified when your boosted post goes live again.

LinkedIn boosted post vs. ad: What’s the difference?

A LinkedIn boosted post is slightly different from LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content ads that you’re probably more familiar with.

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content ads come in the form of images, carousels, and videos. They can appear in your regular feed and look just like typical posts but are labeled “Promoted.” You can customize the header and description of your LinkedIn ad with ease and even add a call-to-action (CTA) button to take users directly to your site.

Boosted LinkedIn Posts also show up in users’ feeds as “Promoted,” but with a tiny difference: there’s no CTA button. Instead, we recommend that you include some kind of link in your posts that you want to boost in the future. This way, users have somewhere to go if they want to interact with your boosted post.

How to boost a LinkedIn Post

With this guide to boosting a post on LinkedIn, you’ll be reaching new audiences in no time.

  1. Navigate to the post you want to boost
  2. Hit “Boost”
  3. Set your post details and objectives
  4. Select an account to bill, then “Boost” your post!

1. Navigate to the post you want to boost

To boost a post, you first need to log in to your page’s LinkedIn account. From your homepage, go to the left side of your screen to view “My Pages.” Select the page you’re going to be boosting a post from. Once you click it, you’ll be routed to your page’s Admin view.

Scroll through your recent posts and choose the one you want to boost.

2. Hit “Boost”

Boost a LinkedIn Post

Once you’ve found the post you want to boost, hit the “Boost” button above that post. From there, you’ll be taken to LinkedIn’s Boost post page, where you can start to iron out the details of your post’s campaign.

3. Set your post details and objectives

LinkedIn boosted post dashboard

On the Boost post page, select your objectives for the campaign. This includes selecting an audience template or choosing what kind of audience you want to target based on:

  • Profile: Select audience characteristics and criteria from job titles, functions, or industries.
  • Interests: Select audience characteristics and criteria based on member groups.
  • LinkedIn Audience template: Select a template based on pre-set audience targeting options.
  • Saved targeting template: Choose an audience you’ve previously defined.

You can also indicate a start and end date for your campaign, as well as a budget.

4. Select an account to bill, then “Boost” your post!

LinkedIn Boosted post billing details

Once you’ve ironed out those details, choose an account to bill to or automatically create a new one if you only have one page you’re managing.

After that, hit “Boost” and get ready to get some fresh eyes on your brand’s page!

Additional ways to increase visibility on LinkedIn

A boosted LinkedIn post isn’t the only way to get eyes on your LinkedIn profile. Take a look at some LinkedIn post best practices to increase your page’s visibility and advertise your business:

  • Sponsored Content ads: These ads appear in your users’ regular LinkedIn feeds as “Promoted” posts and include a CTA button to take audiences to your website. They can come in the form of single images, carousels, and videos.
  • Engage with other users: When you interact with other pages on LinkedIn, users can see your activity. Engage with other users on LinkedIn to increase your visibility to make your business known to people who aren’t following you yet.
  • Post frequently: By posting on your page often, you not only increase your business’s visibility, but you give people a reason to follow your page. Users won’t want to follow an all-but inactive account, so give them a worthwhile account to follow!
  • Post actionable and shareable content: High-quality social media content should urge your followers and connections to interact with your posts. Create LinkedIn content that encourages your network to either interact with your posts through likes, comments, and shares to increase your page’s visibility.

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