LinkedIn Advertising Services: How to Advertise on LinkedIn and Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

Since its start in 2003, LinkedIn has grown from a small resume hub into a powerful platform with an active audience base of more than half a billion users. LinkedIn stands out from its fellow social media giants that boast similar numbers as the space to target and effectively reach professionals all over the world.

With more than 50 percent of its user base possessing a college degree, you should consider implementing LinkedIn advertising services if you’re looking to target users by profession, skills, industry, or professional interests to maximize the power of this professional platform.

How do we create LinkedIn advertising campaigns?

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Our LinkedIn advertising agency stays up-to-date with algorithm changes and LinkedIn news, so we can provide your business with the best marketing results possible. Our expertise on LinkedIn’s ad campaign manager and our ability to strategically select amongst the platform’s wide variety of ad formatting and targeting capabilities enables us to generate the ideal outcomes for your business.

Our team closely monitors the ad campaign performance and makes adjustments throughout its run to achieve the results that support your overall goals. Following the conclusion of each campaign, we analyze results and insights and utilize them to optimize the campaign.

We understand the importance of using budgets efficiently, so you can expect clear communication from our end from start to finish. Rest assured that every step of the process we will always ensure we are using your resources proficiently and successfully to help achieve the objectives you desire most.

Benefits of using LinkedIn advertising

Advertising on LinkedIn is different from every other social network. LinkedIn is a professional social network where users share their experience, job title, skills, interests, and education – all to an advertiser’s benefit if your audience targeting matching these options.

Benefits of LinkedIn adverting include:

  1. Specific targeting: LinkedIn allows you to narrow in on the demographic or select group of individuals you want to reach. Filter through your audience by job title, industry, gender, age, degree, location and more.
  2. Active professional user base: With more than 500 million business professionals on this platform, you’ll maintain an active presence with an extensive amount of professional users who may be interested in learning more about your business.
  3. Increase awareness: Through various advertisement forms, you’ll have the opportunity to create better brand awareness and visibility for potential employees, consumers, and business partners.
  4. Promote partnerships and events: LinkedIn is a site known for its professional users, which makes it the perfect place to recruit prospective employees or network with others in your field through event and conference promotion. Use LinkedIn when you’re looking to grow your company and expand your realm of influence through your targeting efforts.

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How can I reach my audience with LinkedIn advertising?

On LinkedIn, users provide a myriad of information on their profiles that make it easier for you to segment your marketing strategy. Choosing an audience may be crucial to your marketing efforts, especially when you want to instill a sense of personalization in your campaign.

Fortunately, LinkedIn’s ad solutions make it accessible for your business to target its intended audience across this channel accurately. You’ll have the ability to reach individuals with different characteristics, which include:

  1. Demographics: Age, gender, geographic location, and more
  2. Company info: The name of an individual’s workplace, their industry, and the size of the company where they work
  3. Job: Their job title, what their job consists of, their seniority level — also includes their field of study and the extent of their education/number of degrees
  4. Matched audiences: Users who are chosen based on LinkedIn’s data and your own first-party data like website traffic or email lists

WebFX will help you determine the best ad targeting and test different ad formats to identify the advertisements that will resonate best with your specific audiences.

LinkedIn offers three main categories of advertising formats: sponsored content, text ads, or sponsored InMail. Here’s a look at how these three ad formats vary for LinkedIn lead generation.

1. Sponsored content

This form of advertising will appear in a LinkedIn member’s feed amongst posts and content from other businesses and their LinkedIn connections. Many companies opt for sponsored content on LinkedIn for the following reasons:

  1. Increasing traffic to a website
  2. Increasing leads using LinkedIn’s native lead form features
  3. Increasing video views

2. Text ads

These ads appear on the side, bottom, or top of a LinkedIn member’s feed. The benefits of text ads include:

  1. Available in multiple ratios and sizes
  2. Capturing your audience’s attention quickly and directly
  3. Directing users to your website with a strong call to action (CTA)

3. Sponsored InMail

Send personalized messages straight to your prospective clients through LinkedIn messenger. This tool is ideal for:

  1. Adding a personalized touch to your message with custom fields
  2. Reaching your audience with relevant content directly in their messaging inbox

We foster and form long-term partnerships so that your business has long-term results.

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How do I measure LinkedIn advertising campaign results?

Measuring the performance of your marketing campaign is crucial to understanding its success and where changes are needed to optimize its performance for long-term results.

At WebFX, we analyze the progress of your social media campaign using data from LinkedIn Campaign Manager InsightsGoogle Analytics, and MarketingCloudFX, which is our proprietary reporting software.

Utilizing all three sources for data allows our team to measure performing on LinkedIn, but also analyze the data from traffic that leaves the LinkedIn platform and visits your site or becomes a lead for your business.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights

With LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights, we analyze data to improve targeting and ad creative.

When analyzing data on LinkedIn, our team considering key performance indicators including impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, cost per click, lead form opens, InMail opens, and more. These metrics speak to the relevancy of our ads to our targeting.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics plays a key role in any social media strategy where increasing the amount of traffic to your business’s website is a primary goal.

When analyzing data after users leave the platform and visit your site, we evaluate traffic and conversion data such as the amount of time spent on your page, sessions driven from LinkedIn advertising, form completions on your site.

Taking advantage of Google Analytics’ extensive data is crucial because you’ll need to evaluate the key factors required to maximize your business’s performance.


Did you know WebFX uses our own proprietary software when tracking your campaign’s progress, too? Our software serves as an excellent complement to Linked Campaign Manager Insights and Google Analytics by offering you access to innovative features that will evaluate and track information on your website.

Several of the vital features offered by our software include:

  1. LeadManagerFXWith this feature, we can collect and systematize all the essential information concerning your leads, such as what referral source and campaign drove the lead. We are able to see that we drove a lead from our efforts, but more importantly, we can dive deeper into identifying the quality of leads driven from our campaigns.
  2. CompanyTrackerFX: Evaluate the companies and industries represented by the users who visit your site from different referral sources. This feature is most valuable for companies looking to expand their relationships with other businesses.

Should I use a LinkedIn advertising agency?

Pairing up with an advertising agency to help you put your LinkedIn advertising campaign into action may be a wise choice, especially if you’re not familiar with this platform. Several of the benefits offered by a LinkedIn marketing agency include:

  1. Assistance from professionals with ongoing training and knowledge of new features
  2. Assurance that your campaign will follow LinkedIn’s policies and best practices
  3. Transparent pricing and deliverables so you know exactly how much you pay for specific services
  4. Transparent reporting on your data and performance to make informed decisions
  5. Superior communication that opens the pathway for discussion concerning your campaign’s effectiveness

Reaching out to a certified firm who can offer you top-tier LinkedIn advertising services can help you drive the impact of your marketing efforts on this platform.

At WebFX, we’ll provide you with the LinkedIn advertising creation and strategic approach that you need. Our team of driven and qualified marketing experts will help create the optimal marketing strategy for your business. With our partnership, you’ll receive the reports, data, and progress updates you need.

But don’t just take our word for it — hear what our clients have to say about their experience with our team. You’ll find that our marketers are the ideal fit for your business because they’re willing to offer the LinkedIn advertisement management services that are best suited for you with transparent communication.

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