10 Inspiring “Contact Us” Pages

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Your company’s website serves many purposes, like explaining your services, highlighting your successes, and building your brand. But most important of all, it helps visitors become customers.

But in many cases, those visitors need to get in touch with you before making a purchase. And for that to happen, you’ll need a compelling “Contact Us” page.

Creating a page that’s simple enough for visitors to finish, but thorough enough to get the information you need can be a challenge. These 10 examples will provide some inspiration for your company’s site.

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1. Momentum Dash

Momentum Dash is a Chrome extension designed to eliminate distraction, so it makes sense that their contact form is very minimalistic.


The form only has three fields, and all of them are necessary. By staying away from extra add-ons, Momentum Dash makes it very likely that a visitor to this page would go through with contacting them.

2. The Middle Finger Project

As you may have guessed from the title, The Middle Finger Project is a blog with a lot of personality. The author has a very distinct voice, and it carries over into her contact form.


A standard, boring set of form fields just wouldn’t fit the blog’s style, and the pre-written dropdowns make it fun to fill out. Combine that with the fact that it still manages to ask for all of the details a reader might need to provide, and you have a winning contact page.

3. Savvy Home

When writing the copy for your contact page, you need to show visitors that you actually want them to get in touch. Lifestyle blog Savvy Home does this in one simple sentence.

savvy home

By telling readers it’s a joy to hear from them, they also tell readers that they’ll take the time to read what they submit. And considering that many Internet users have had the frustrating experience of voicing their concerns and being ignored, that goes a long way.

4. QuickSprout

On the other end of the spectrum from Savvy Home, QuickSprout’s Neil Patel doesn’t necessarily want to hear from all of his readers. In fact, the majority of his contact page is an infographic explaining how much email he gets and why it is logistically impossible for him to respond to all of it.

neil patel infographic

Then, at the very bottom, he includes a contact form – complete with a reminder to be concise.


Of course, this isn’t advisable for the majority of businesses, especially ones involving customer service. But if you’re truly unable to respond to your visitors, letting them know in a lighthearted way could be a nice alternative to pretending that you want to hear from them, then ignoring their emails.

5. Grain and Verse

Even if you want to keep your contact form simple, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean boring. Restaurant Grain and Verse makes theirs fun with some interesting background artwork.

grain and verse

It’s a visually attractive page, and one that’s consistent with their brand. And when it comes down to it, that’s really all a contact page needs to be.

6. Zapier

Automation service Zapier thrives on helping people simplify their work, so their customer service team needs to be top notch. And when you land on their contact page, the first things you see are the faces of the people that can help you.


Then, after selecting a category from their dropdown, you can upload screenshots and videos so that their team can see exactly what your issue is.


Finally, you’ll see an average response time to help gauge when you can expect to hear back. At the time that I took these screenshots, it was 2 hours and 37 minutes – not bad for a worldwide company.

7. Greatist

Health and fitness site Greatist offers several advertising options for businesses, and those who want more information on them can use the following form.


The most eye-catching part of the page is their call to action, “Let’s Reach People Together.” The form itself is also visually interesting and unusual. Although a page about paid advertising options could certainly boring, this one stays engaging while still coming across as professional.

8. The Art of Non-Conformity

Chris Guillebeau describes his blog, The Art of Non-Conformity, as “a home for remarkable people of all kinds.” He shares unconventional strategies and ideas on entrepreneurship on the site, so it’s fitting that he does the same on his contact form.

art of nonconformity

The idea that “you’re only a stranger once” is a clever one, and makes the statement that he enjoys hearing from readers feel more genuine.

9. Hulu

The larger a company is, the less likely it is that they’ll be able to respond to each customer issue individually. As a result, many don’t even offer online contact forms, and they require visitors to call a customer service line.

In order to make things less frustrating, Hulu combines their contact system with helpful articles.


Before getting to the actual contact form, visitors can select different issues from dropdown menus. Then, they’re given options of pages that may solve those issues. If none of them are applicable, they can fill out a contact form – and given that they’ve already answered several questions, the information can be sent directly to the right person.

10. Vox

Some websites only have one target audience – their customers. But for news sites like Vox, their audience includes readers, subscribers, journalists, and advertisers.

In order to help each visitor individually, they first ask them to select one option from a preset dropdown menu.


Once a visitor selects the appropriate option, more form fields pop up that are relevant to that option. This way, they’re able to provide exactly the information that they want to – and Vox is able to deliver it to the appropriate department.

Know of any other great contact pages?

Creating effective contact pages is challenging, but there are plenty of great examples to draw inspiration from.

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