20 Excellent Examples of Using Animals in Web Design

Well-drawn animal illustrations can make for a fantastic design element for websites and web applications. Here, we present a variety of beautiful web designs that feature use animals – we hope you enjoy them!

1. Old Loft

Old Loft

2. Zootool


3. Ched Online

Ched Online

4. Mamieboo Gallery

Mamieboo Gallery

5. Blogbuster


6. Big Omaha

Big Omaha

7. Owltastic


8. MixTurtle


9. Ethan Gardener

Ethan Gardener

10. Adore Le Pug

Adore Le Pug

11. Cow & Monkey

Cow & Monkey

12. Dharma Frog

Dharma Frog

13. Elune Art

Elune Art

14. Litago Ku-Kunst

Litago Ku-Kunst

15. Be A Magpie

Be A Magpie

16. Read Whale

Read Whale

17. Small White Bear

Small White Bear

18. PSD Gator

PSD Gator

19. Boagworld


20. Silverback


Got Moo-re?

If you know of other websites and web apps that feature animals as a design element, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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