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20 Inspiring Examples of Black Website Designs in 2024

Swap colorful hues for dark and moody black website designs and backgrounds. It can accentuate the features of your products and add a touch of modern beauty that will help you become a leading brand in your industry.

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20 all-black websites and backgrounds to inspire your next project

Make a bold statement with these 20 black website designs to enhance and inspire your upcoming projects.

1. Studio AI

black website designs 1 studio ai

The dark charcoal background allows the neon colors and engaging imagery and videos to stand out even more. It uses both white and grey headings that complement the background.

2. Darkroom

black website designs 2 darkroom

This brand is consistent with its ‘dark’ theme. Instead of using a bright white color as its headings, the off-white headings and texts create a softer, subtle tone.

3. Guillaume Azadian

black website designs 3 guillaume azadian

Simple designs are some of the best ways to grab attention to your website. The engaging graphics and sleek text make the page professional and inviting to its users. 

4. ChainGPT

black website designs 4 chaingpt

Blend your black website background with engaging graphics and animation to create a high-tech feel and design. When adding graphics, ensure your web page is responsive to create a satisfying experience.

5. Spotify

black website designs 5 spotify

Spotify is known for its dark theme and black background that allows the featured artists to take the spotlight. The black background also allows the iconic green Spotify logo to stand out.

6. Astral

black website designs 6 astral

3D graphics across an all-black website design allow users to feel as if they have stepped into the future. The engaging site keeps visitors entertained and hooked on its content.

7. Lunar Wheel

black website designs 7 lunar wheel

One of the advantages of creating a website with a black background is the ability to keep users focused on your product. The bold white headings on the black background also increase readability.

8. Active Theory

black website designs 8 active theory

Bold typography, immersive graphics, high-contrast images, and neon colors look great on black background websites. This striking look draws attention to specific features on your page.

9. Uprock

black website designs 9 uprock

Instead of an all-black design, use a live black background that adds another layer of depth to your website. Pair it with simplistic text to create a clean, modern look.

10. Revolt

black website designs 10 revolt

Make a statement using striking typography and quality images that appeal to your target market. This will allow you to create a dark and aesthetically pleasing visual that will attract younger customers.

11. Ninety90

black website designs 11 ninety90

This website is a good example of how black website designs can make your brand look modern and professional. The quality images, engaging graphics, and responsive design create a unique user experience.

12. Level One Fund

black website designs 12 level one fund

Want to give your brand a futuristic and innovative look? Highlight your products and services using bright colors and quality imagery to create an ultra-modern visual experience.

13. AI Gallery

black website designs 13 ai gallery

Attracting the attention of your target market is just one of the goals of your website. This black design creates an immersive user experience using dark and colorful visuals to guide your visitor around the page.

14. Jack Daniels

black website designs 14 jack daniels

Jack Daniels is a great example of how you can use your brand’s packaging to enhance the look of your webpage. The website’s black background with white text matches the brand’s well-known label.

15. Design Canada

black website designs 15 design canada

This website is a great example of how minor details can stand out between bold text and vibrant colors. The fine white lines create clear borders to separate content, enhancing the readability of the content.

16. Memo App

black website designs 16 memo app

Seamless navigation and responsive design are all great features of a winning website. Using a black background further enhances the fun and interactive visuals of this webpage.

17. Voyager

black website designs 17 voyager

This page proves that black website designs are more than just creating a professional modern aesthetic. You can also use it to display important information in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

18. Star Wars Website

black website designs 18 star wars website

Even in 2023, the Star Wars website is a prime example of how a black web design can help you create a classic look. It uses high-quality images, visually pleasing designs, and a responsive page to keep its loyal fanbase coming for more.

19. Bezier

black website designs 19 bezier

Enhance your customer experience and create an immersive look using 3D effects and designs. Use a variety of retro and modern styles to highlight the versatility of your services.

20. Down Artist & Label Services

black website designs 20 down artist label services

Create a contrast between the black design of your website by strategically using white space. This website uses classic black-and-white images to create a consistent yet elegant monochrome look.

Design a captivating website with a sleek black background

Renew your page by adding a black background to your website. A dark theme allows your products to take center stage which will attract loyal users to your brand.

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