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Screenshot of a colorful website with a navigation bar, a search bar, and a domain ''. The main content features a heading 'Banana surprise!' above an embedded video player showing a cartoon man looking at a banana. A sidebar lists sections with links and descriptions, and a stylized cityscape with a purple dinosaur character is in the background. The beginning of a blog post is visible at the bottom.

30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs

Blue is one of the most used colors in web design, therefore it’s hard to stand out from the sea of competition out there. This collection showcases some of the best, unique, creative designs that utilize shades of blue as a primary color and theme. Without further ado – to feed your inspiration – here’s 30 top-notch blue web designs.

1. darkmotion

darkmotion - screen shot.

2. Frisk design

Frisk design - screen shot.

3. Icebrrg

Icebrrg - screen shot.

4. StrawPoll

StrawPoll - screen shot.


THE ALAMO BASEMENT - screen shot.

6. Birdie

Birdie - screen shot.

7. Vimeo

Vimeo - screen shot.

8. iDimev

iDimev - screen shot.

9. Ek & Gren

Ek & Gren - screen shot.

10. Fishy

Fishy - screen shot.

11. Jesse Stephens

Jesse Stephens - screen shot.

12. ZenSender

ZenSender - screen shot.

13. Brooke Chase Associates

Brooke Chase Associates - screen shot.

14. answerJam

answerJam - screen shot.

15. MochiAds

MochiAds - screen shot.

16. Pixel House

Pixel House - screen shot.

17. iceberg

iceberg - screen shot.

18. WooThemes

WooThemes - screen shot.

19. 280 Slides

280 Slides - screen shot.


Billy Hughes at War Billy Hughes at War - screen shot.

21. Les Arts O Soleil

Les Arts O Soleil - screen shot.

22. Uncover

Uncover - screen shot.

23. Branded07

Branded07 - screen shot.

24. HelpWith

HelpWith - screenshot.

25. Mollom

Mollom - screen shot.


PLUMSMEDIA - screen shot.

27. Comiqs

Comiqs - screen shot.

28. - screen shot.

29. Kyan

Kyan - screen shot.

30. DivVoted

DivVoted - screen shot.

Your Thoughts?

Why is blue so darn popular in web design? Does it invoke certain emotions/mindsets in users? Share your beautifully blue thoughts in the comments!

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