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Exploded view of a modular stackable hard drive system with multiple units designed to stack on a flat base.

Amazing Computer Concept Designs You Wish Were Real

Concept designs are great and frustrating at the same time. They’re wonderful because they give us a glimpse of the future and push the industry towards innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking, but agitating because we know we can’t have them right now. It can’t hurt to look at them though so that at least we can put money in the bank to save up for them when/if they go in production.

Asus Bookshelf PC

The Asus Bookshelf PC modularizes computers by breaking them down into interchangeable parts, making upgrading (and downgrading) a walk in the park.

Asus Bookshelf PC Asus Bookshelf PC

MADE in China

John Leung’s MADE in China is a Next-Gen PC Design Competition winner with looks inspired by traditional Asian objects. MADE in China

Prime Gaming Laptop

Kyle Cherry’s Prime Gaming Laptop concept solves the issue of monitor and body size constraints of laptops and the portability inconveniences of desktop gaming rigs. Prime Gaming Laptop Prime Gaming Laptop Prime Gaming Laptop

Portable PC Theater

Korean Industrial/Product Designer Jinwoo Han created a concept for a Portable PC Theater with a built-in projection screen for mobile entertainment environments.

Portable PC Theater Portable PC Theater Portable PC Theater

Paper Laptop

With discarded computer parts being an environmental concern because they fill up landfills, Je Sung Park’s Paper Laptops are crafted from recyclable paper. Paper Laptop Paper Laptop

ARM tablet

The ARM tablet by Sébastien Maleville is a tablet PC that has a desktop mode that allows you to separate the body into a monitor and keyboard. ARM tablet ARM tablet ARM tablet


The HP LiM (Less is More) by Jeffrey S.

Engelhardt will feature a single-body form factor and a transparent monitor screen (for “badass” points). HP LiM HP LiM


The B-membrane, which without context looks like a UFO, is a single-body computer concept that has a built-in projection screen as its monitor. Asus Bookshelf PC Asus Bookshelf PC


The Canvas concept by Kyle Cherry is targeted towards the modern designers and artists.

It has built-in input devices for digital art creation. Canvas Canvas Canvas

Philco PC

While most computer concept designs look towards the future, Dave Schultze goes the opposite direction with a vintage-inspired computer concept called the Philco PC. Philco PC Philco PC


The Horizon desktop computer concept by Japanese designer Mac Funamizu has an OLED monitor so that it can expand and contract.

Horizon Horizon

MacBook Touch

The MacBook Touch is a computer concept that combines the iPhone/iPod Touch touchscreen interface with Apple’s popular MacBook laptops. MacBook Touch

Pocket Yoga

The Lenovo Pocket Yoga is a small PC that—as the name suggests—fits comfortably in your back pocket (or front pockets if you have big pants on). Pocket Yoga Pocket Yoga Pocket Yoga


The Zafiro concept is a transparent glass screen computer concept that uses hand and body gestures for its user interface; very Minority Report’que.

Zafiro Zafiro


Nuno Teixeira’s MAINGEAR desktop concept is for a professional/gaming high-end performance desktop that has a bridge-like body for improved cooling. MAINGEAR MAINGEAR

HP Tablet and Docking Concept

A realistic product design, the HP Tablet and Docking Concept shows off a convenient way of docking your tablet PC for when you’re in your workspace. HP Tablet and Docking Concept HP Tablet and Docking Concept


Cuppa has one purpose: to keep you connected to social networks while on the move.

It has an RFID reader, ambient displays on the keyboard, and a revised keyboard layout. Cuppa Cuppa

Bookshelf PC

Sunho Son and Scott Shim created a conceptual Bookshelf PC that shelves your multimedia entertainment center; it’s modular, compact, and pure eye candy. Bookshelf PC Bookshelf PC

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