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The phrase 'Art on Fire' in white script font over a background of flames.

Art on Fire: Stunning Pieces of Art Featuring Flames

Art on Fire: Stunning Pieces of Art Featuring Flames Humans have always been fascinated by flames and fire for hundreds of years. Fire can help us stay warm and allows us to cook – but it also has very destructive powers. Maybe this contrasting duality is one of the reasons why we are so fascinated with fire and flames: it’s beautiful and scary at the same time.

Here are a few inspiring works of art featuring fire or flames. Burning Burning Philosophy Philosophy A Fly In The Dark A Fly In The Dark Fire Fire In flames In flames Anima: Fire fairy Anima: Fire fairy Burning Desire Burning Desire Burning Fly Burning Fly Queen Of Flames Queen Of Flames Fire flower.. Fire flower.. Hands Into the Fire Hands Into the Fire Fire Spirit Fire Spirit Broken Flame Broken Flame Evoke the fire within Evoke the fire within Unraveling Fire II boy Unraveling Fire II boy Putting out the fire Putting out the fire Fire my life Fire my life Fire Fire

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