Animated Mini-Worlds of Fun and Whimsy

Animated Mini-Worlds of Fun and Whimsy

“It seems to make people smile!” says Guillaume Kurkdjian, a 21 year-old artist from Nantes, France. Guillaume’s weekly animation project, Bisous les Copains, consists of a series of short, looped animated GIF’s that offer a glimpse into the young artist’s mind. And yes, we completely agree.

His work sure put a smile on our faces.   hotdog2 As he describes, “I created Bisous les Copains just for fun, to share what I find in my head, and because I love homogeneous and constant projects like this.” His idea for Bisous les Copains came from this Flying Island GIF. (Below) ilevolante Bisous les Copains is definitely fun.

Guillaume plays with various themes and subjects and creates them through a whimsical, somewhat tongue-in-cheek perspective. One of his GIF’s is even inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and could be one of our favorite GIF’s of all time. monolith2 Indeed, Guillaume has tapped into something very special.

Bisous les Copains is a perfect blend of whimsy, great ideas, and amazing aesthetics and we hope Guillaume keeps surprising us all with more of his amazing mini-worlds for more weeks to come! More of Guillaume’s Bisous les Copains can be seen below. ussr1 rocher1 poursuite3 nuitok norway1 neige2 manor1 maisonhaute2 launch1 lac2 (1) ileautresor igloo2 helico2 (1) chateausable2 chateaufort feudecamp fenetres grange2   Visit Guillaume’s website at and show him some love in the comments section below.

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