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10 Creative Coming Soon Landing Page Examples and How to Create Your Own

A coming soon page is a teaser for what’s to come on your website and is designed to pique your audience’s interest to find out more. It builds anticipation of what’s ahead and keeps readers curious, especially if your related content already draws much attention.

We’ll explore a few coming soon page examples and how to create your own page in WordPress that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Reasons for a coming soon landing page

Depending on your website content, there are different reasons for putting up a coming soon page. What you display is as important as why.

Sometimes, it’s done as a marketing strategy to get readers to subscribe to your mailing list or for a better ranking on SERPs with the efficient use of keywords. You might see an increase in visitors shortly before you launch a new product or service solely because of the anticipation the coming soon page builds.

Things to include in your coming soon web page

Consider a few elements you should include to make your page stand out. They are:

  • Catchy words and phrases like puns that will grab your readers’ attention.
  • Bright and colorful imagery to draw readers to your page.
  • Multimedia content like gifs and short video clips for engaging content.
  • A call-to-action (CTA) that requires the reader to subscribe to an email newsletter for updates, or to be notified of the go-live date and time.
  • Links to other internal pages.
  • Links to social media pages for extra exposure.
  • Gather feedback and suggestions on your existing content.
  • Incorporate responsive design for all device types to view your page smoothly.
  • A countdown timer creates hype since it’s a physical indication of how much time is left.
  • The page must be consistent with the rest of your brand imagery for readers to easily associate it.

The 10 best examples to copy for your killer coming soon page

Here are a few coming soon page examples that will help inspire you if you need to create one for your website. They incorporate all or most of the design elements listed above for maximum efficiency.

1. Beet Nut

coming soon page examples 1 beet nut

This coming soon landing page is cleverly designed to attract readers who may be interested in joining the company. The images are clear and indicate that the company is food-related but one drawback is that it doesn’t have more information to confirm exactly what they do.

It uses catchy phrases but the CTA is small and the wording beneath it is barely legible. While it is a good example, you could improve on it by emphasizing what your company does and ensuring a bigger CTA.

2. Arché Travel Agency

coming soon page examples 2 arche travel agency

The colors used by this Agency represent where they are from, by highlighting the Mediterranean Sea drawn from Greek inspiration.

The wording is straight to the point, emphasizing the business by repeating words like “Mediterraneo”. The image is inserted inside the smaller frame for an eye-catching picture-in-picture effect. The CTA is easy to read and follow by clicking ‘Subscribe’.

3. Revista Ocapop

coming soon page examples 3 revista ocapop

What’s great about this coming soon web page is that it’s bountiful in color but also well-balanced with white. It even includes a countdown timer for the launch of this exciting new magazine (roughly translated from the Portuguese text above the timer status bar).

It provides the exact days, hours, minutes and seconds until launch. Numerous social media platform links and a CTA require your name and email address to subscribe to their newsletter.

The brand imagery is maintained throughout, however, the word ‘ocapop’ is slightly harder to read because of the font.

4. Coffee Shop Freelancers

coming soon page examples 4 coffee shop freelancers

Here are a few reasons why this is a good coming soon landing page example:

  • The image represents what the message is about; a young professional freelancer at work in a non-corporate environment.
  • The message is longer but explains exactly what the reader can expect when they launch.
  • The CTA requires you to subscribe to the mailing list in exchange for a discount, which makes the wait worthwhile and rewarding.

5. Phloem Vegan Marketplace

coming soon page examples 5 phloem vegan marketplace

Phloem explains what the reader can anticipate, focusing on the vegan-based nature of the business. It details when and what to expect and provides a neat CTA to subscribe for first access to their website when it launches.

The neutral background fits nicely with a natural, vegan theme.

6. Dizaind

coming soon page examples 6 dizaind

Readers who are into fashion will easily relate to this simple coming soon landing page. The background is light, highlighting the model against the background.

The wording is uncomplicated, using words like “simply nice.” It speaks to anyone and everyone without any pretense. The CTA aligns with this as you must enter your email address to be notified of its launch.

7. Gator Treks


coming soon page examples 7 gator treks

This image creates an allure of mystery and travel, which is what the company represents. The wording is distinct and catchy with the use of ellipsis as it refers to a dual meaning that Florida natives will understand.

The word “Invite” makes readers feel like they are signing up for something exclusive while promising not to spam them with unnecessary emails.

8. WiseJack Cooking

coming soon page examples 8 wisejack cooking

This site incorporates an embedded video to make it engaging and relatable to its male reader target audience who want to learn to cook simple recipes quickly. The words in the video image reassure men that the recipes have been made by a chef and tested by ordinary men so they can replicate them.

The wording speaks directly to the visitor and uses wit and funny comparisons that make the text funny and enjoyable to read. A clear CTA to sign up concludes the coming soon page.

9. Clever Dever Wherever


coming soon page examples 9 clever dever wherever

The catchiest part of this coming soon landing page is the image it portrays. It ties in nicely with the travel blog theme the blogger is marketing.

It explains when readers can expect the blog to launch and the CTA invites them to be among the first to be notified when it goes live. Additionally, it includes social media links to her other content and disclaims that your information won’t be shared, as reassurance.

10. WorkWeek

coming soon page examples 10 workweek

Workweek has cleverly placed its coming soon page further down on its homepage as a moving image. It is represented as a billboard and has little wording, making it interesting to the reader as you would want to find out more about the advertised new creator and industry.

It is in line with their brand tone and image which is minimalistic and simple. The CTA is for readers who want to join to apply as a creator to fill the advertised coming soon page vacancy.

How to create a coming soon page in WordPress

Having a few examples of coming soon landing pages will allow you to get creative when designing your own page in WordPress. Here’s how you’ll go about creating one.

Create a WordPress account

If you don’t already have one, sign up to create a free WordPress account using your Gmail or Apple account logins.

If you have an existing account, log in and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Settings under Manage in the left sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to Privacy.
  3. Select the Coming Soon button.
  4. Save your settings.

This will ensure your site is hidden from visitors who’ll see a Coming Soon page until you are ready to launch.

When you’re ready to make it public, follow the same steps but save it under the Public button instead of Coming Soon.

Design your coming soon landing page with WebFX

The coming soon landing page is underrated but offers significant value for any company that needs to put one up.

With the correct use of elements like catchy words and visuals, responsive design, an email capture form, brand consistency and a clear CTA, you can expect increased traffic to your site upon launch.

WebFX has everything to get your landing page the recognition you need to help drive revenue for your PPC campaigns and other projects.

We are ready to get started. Call us at 888-601-5359 or get a custom quote today.

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