Font Collection: 10 Free Bold Sans Serif Fonts

1. Bebas Neue

Created by Japan-based type/font foundry Flat it type foundry (a part of the Dharma Type group), Bebas Neue is a clear and modern font. Bebas Neue

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2. League Gothic

Made by the open source type movement group The League of Moveable Type, this font is a remake of Alternate Gothic No.1 by Morris Fuller Benton. League Gothic

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3. Mentone Semi Bold

Mentone, inspired by celebrated fonts like Myriad and Frutiger, is a multi-purpose font released under Jan Schmoeger’s foundry, Paragraph. Mentone Semi Bold

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4. Designation

Craftily produced by the “mad scientists” at Haiku Monkey, Designation is an open source font that’s sleek and has an air of modernity. Designation

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5. Resonance Bold

Resonance Bold has remarkable curves inspired by the 70’s era. Designed by Jim Ford and based on type designs by Phil Martin, the font is fun and light-spirited. Resonance Bold

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6. Patagonia

Designed by Canadian type designer Jaley Fiege, Patagonia is a 19th-century-inspired display face that works well when used in smaller-sized headline copy. Patagonia

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7. Oblik Bold

Oblik is a large, modern and sophisticated font by Tour de Force Font Foundry. Striking curves denote the unique characteristic of this sans serif font. Oblik Bold

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8. Aerohop

Aerohop is a sans serif font also produced by Alec Julien’s font foundry, Haiku Monkey. This font is contemporary, powerful, and works well in headline copy. Aerohop

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9. Capricorn OSF Black Ltd

Update: This font is no longer free. Capricorn is a compact and strong font designed by California-based German designer Jens Gehlhaar. The font works well in magazine headlines.

Capricorn OSF Black Ltd

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10. Orbitron

Crafted by graphic designer Matt McInerney for The League of Moveable Type, this sci-fi inspired font is an excellent alternative to Eurostile or Bank Gothic. Orbitron

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