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Samples of high-resolution wood textures in various grains and colors, presented on a grey wooden background with text stating 'High Resolution Wood Textures by Six Revisions.'

Free High Resolution Wood Textures

High Resolution Wood Textures - leading image. In this texture pack, you will find 7 large-scale, high resolution (1448 x 972 pixels) textures that are available to you for free for any personal or commercial purpose, distributed under the GNU General Public License. The only thing you may not do is to distribute and sell them without prior permission.


Clicking on each image will direct you to their Flickr download page where you can get them in various sizes. Alternatively, please feel free to browse the Six Revisions Wood Textures set on Flickr or download the whole set (link at the bottom of this page).

Wood Texture 01 (file name: sr_wood_texture_01.jpg)

Wood Texture 01

Wood Texture 02 (file name: sr_wood_texture_02.jpg)

Wood Texture 02

Wood Texture 03 (file name: sr_wood_texture_03.jpg)

Wood Texture 03

Wood Texture 04 (file name: sr_wood_texture_04.jpg)

Wood Texture 04

Wood Texture 05 (file name: sr_wood_texture_05.jpg)

Wood Texture 05

Wood Texture 06 (file name: sr_wood_texture_06.jpg)

Wood Texture 06

Wood Texture 07 (file name: sr_wood_texture_07.jpg)

Wood Texture 07

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Download the whole set

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