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Two plates with minimalist food presentation on a dual-tone background. The left plate has a piece of grilled meat and dill, while the right plate has a grilled lemon slice, cherry tomato, dill, green chili, and spices.

50 Restaurant Websites for Web Design Inspiration

A great restaurant website can help secure people’s attention—and their dinner plans.

With millions of restaurant locations to choose from, how do you ensure yours stands out? You create an eye-catching website that draws people in. Designing a worthwhile website for a restaurant requires more than vibrant colors and pictures of food.

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89% of diners

Research a restaurant online before making a reservation

When a website is designed successfully it is easy for customers to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and includes key details such as location, menu, hours, and any other key pieces of information. If a person has never been to your restaurant before, then your website is their first impression.

That’s why it’s so important for your website to highlight all the great qualities about what you offer. We’ve put together a list of the best restaurant websites so you know where to start with yours. The purpose of your restaurant website design should not only be to increase awareness of your restaurant, but to also give potential customers a sense of what they would experience.

If you need help creating a website perfect for your restaurant you can contact us today to talk to a design expert! You can also check out our website design tips for restaurants for additional guidance. Below you’ll see lots of beautiful restaurant website designs for ideas and inspiration!

50 restaurant websites that demand attention

1. Central

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What We Like:

  1. Focus on the food
  2. Minimalist design
  3. Includes photos of interior space

2. Quay

8e663c24937e6cf68cb830f45982de4d 1024x484
What We Like:

  1. Easy-to-use side navigation
  2. Detailed content about the chef
  3. Big, bold photos throughout design

3. Brody’s BBQ
1789a921a0a97fcc9c79c01337fdef56 1024x709

What We Like:

  1. Large-format videos
  2. Prominent social media links
  3. Clear navigation

4. Fig & Olive

8e47c25631456dc8a17f0d5491436354 1024x648

What We Like:

  1. Big, bright photos
  2. Scene-setting inspirational photos
  3. Prominent social media links

5. Baobab

f0c89cfea0e681ad163f5246caae7a13 1024x559
What We Like:

  1. Fun & playful typography
  2. Variety of images (food & team members)
  3. Simple, approachable design

6. Off The Hook

e790a5fda7828199b6d465f308801023 1024x557
What We Like:

  1. Food photos at different angles
  2. Clear and concise copy
  3. Easy to read and navigate

7. Colonia Verde

0d90ef0265d985fd64ac5ebdb61765dc 1024x528
What We Like:

  1. Fun, fresh color scheme
  2. Bright photos
  3. Bold font selections

8. Junction Moama

Image of a restaurant website: Junction Moama

What We Like:

  1. Creative use of video
  2. Visual navigation
  3. Luxury-feeling typefaces

9. The Eddy NYC

Image of a restaurant website: The Eddy NYC

What We Like:

  1. Prominent press section
  2. Unique hours layout
  3. Unique photo crops to add intrigue

10. The Appalachian

3d630ac1dd46fc98c1d0f7f171c97a07 1024x672

What We Like:

  1. Simple, luxurious color scheme
  2. Detailed about page
  3. Macro food photography

11. Arbor Restaurant

Image of a restaurant website: Arbor Restaurant

What We Like:

  1. Bright food colors
  2. Stunning macro food shots
  3. Enticing interior photos

12. Whitmans

Image of a restaurant website: Whitmans

What We Like:

  1. Special welcome gift
  2. Photos of food, interior and exterior
  3. Video of customer experience

13. Albi

0556 13 restaurant website albi 1 1024x374

What We Like:

  1. Immersive full-screen photo backgrounds
  2. Creative use of animal and landscape photos
  3. Detailed team profle

14. Xiquet

0556 14 restaurant website xiquet 1024x383

What We Like:

  1. Appetizing close-up food shots
  2. Press section full of reviews
  3. Clear interior photos

15. The Monocle Café

Monocle Cafe

What We Like:

  1. Vibrant and dynamic food and interior photos
  2. Innovative and interactive hours display
  3. Easy to navigate

16. Drury Buildings

56 18 restaurant website drury new 1024x739

What We Like:

  1. Attention-grabbing display fonts
  2. Clear, concise and easy-to-read copy
  3. Different angled restaurant photos

17. Bathtub Gin

0556 17 restaurant website bathtub gin 1024x752What We Like:

  1. Colorful interior photos
  2. Lively and energetic typography
  3. Unique hero graphic

18. Bay Street Biergarten

0556 21 restaurant website baystreet new 1024x750

What We Like:

  1. Vibrant and dynamic food collages
  2. Video with food, drinks, and customers
  3. Fun looking typography

19. Lemonade

0556 22 restaurant website lemonade new 1024x375

What We Like:

  1. Rich and vibrant color scheme
  2. Lively and energetic typography
  3. Organized menu section

20. 53 Restaurant

0556 20 restaurant website 53 restaurant 1024x365What We Like:

  1. Unique menu buttons
  2. Elegant color scheme
  3. Different angles of interior design


Image of a restaurant website: OLÉ SOIREE

What We Like:

  1. Sliding hero image
  2. Fresh and vibrant color scheme
  3. Engaging use of GIF for food presentation

22. Big Apple Hot Dogs

Image of a restaurant website: Big Apple Hot Dogs

What We Like:

  1. Fun & playful graphics
  2. Straightforward navigation
  3. Mouth-watering food photography

23. Restaurant Can Jubany

Image of a restaurant website: Restaurant Can Jubany

What We Like:

  1. Big, bright photos as background
  2. Engaging about us page description
  3. Creataive photos of dish with ingredients

24. giraffe

0556 24 restaurant website giraffe new 1024x374

What We Like:

  1. Clean looking photos throughout design
  2. Simple and easy navigation
  3. Clear social media icons

25. Ai Fiori

0556 25 restaurant website a fiori 1024x374

What We Like:

  1. Big food photos used as background
  2. Outstanding press section
  3. Includes photos of table setting

26. Cafe Sydney

Image of a restaurant website: Cafe Sydney

What We Like:

  1. Simple and elegant color scheme
  2. Immersive virtual interior tour
  3. Unique page layout

27. Brae

0556 27 restaurant website brae new 1024x751

What We Like:

  1. Dynamic background
  2. Unique hours layout
  3. Minimalist yet engaging layout

28. Shizuku Ramen – Contemporary Japanese Restaurant

Image of a restaurant website: Shizuku Ramen

What We Like:

  1. Simple, classic color scheme
  2. Creative use of gif showing food preparation
  3. Minimalist navigation

29. Dante

0556 29 restaurant website dante 1024x749

What We Like:

  1. Hand drawn graphics
  2. Big, bright photos of the restaurant
  3. Story-driven content on the about us page

30. Steirereck

0556 30 restaurant website steirereck 1024x373

What We Like:

  1. Sliding hero image effect
  2. Unique photography
  3. Emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients

31. CARAVAN Restaurant, Bar & Roastery

0556 31 restaurant website caravan 1024x374

What We Like:

  1. Modern-looking color combination
  2. Variety of clear photos throughout design
  3. Attention grabing scrolling text

32. Lure Fishbar

0556 32 restaurant website lure fishbar 1024x750

What We Like:

  1. Intuitive menu navigation
  2. Professional color scheme
  3. Food and interior photos

33. Duke’s Brew & Que

0556 33 restaurant website quique dacosta

What We Like:

  1. Cinematic food preparation videos
  2. Warm and inviting color palette
  3. Team photos on homepage

34. Jacks Bar

0556 34 restaurant website jacks 1024x591

What We Like:

  1. Scrollable cocktail menu
  2. Easy navigation design
  3. Emphasizing customer experience in photos

35. The Paper Mill

0556 35 restaurant website papermill

What We Like:

  1. Fixed background photos
  2. Bright color scheme
  3. Customer review section on homepage

36. The Kings Arms

0556 36 restaurant website kingsarms

What We Like:

  1. Emphasized social media icons
  2. Bold and clear font choices
  3. Simple and easy to navigate

37. Kol0556 37 restaurant website kol 1024x750

What We Like:

  1. Warm and pleasant color scheme
  2. Creative social media icons
  3. Prominent stories and events section

38. The Bancroft

Image of a restaurant website: The Bancroft

What We Like:

  1. Mouth-watering food images
  2. Updated blog section
  3. Simple navigation design

39. Joe’s Garage

0556 39 restaurant website joesgarage 1024x743

What We Like:

  1. Sample customer experience video
  2. Artistic and unconventional graphics
  3. Interactive map to locate stores

40. Saga

0556 40 restaurant website saga 1024x725

What We Like:

  1. Non-traditional page layouts
  2. Detailed team member profiles
  3. History incorporated to the page design

41. Coffee Supreme

0556 41 restaurant website supreme 1024x501

What We Like:

  1. Comprehensive about us page
  2. Focusing on raw ingredients
  3. Updated blog posts

42. Sadelles

0556 42 restaurant website sadelles 1024x690

What We Like:

  1. Photos of different restaurant locations
  2. Noteworthy press section
  3. Macro food photography

43. Belcanto

0556 43 restaurant website belcanto 1024x743

What We Like:

  1. Clear high-quality photos throughout design
  2. Warm, relaxing color scheme
  3. Emphasis on team member profiles

44. Schloss Schauenstein

0556 44 restaurant website schauenstein 1024x743

What We Like:

  1. Unique and creative video style
  2. Bold and modern font choices
  3. Beautiful fixed background photos

45. Easy Bistro and Bar

0556 45 restaurant website easybistro 1024x742

What We Like:

  1. Professional and clean design
  2. Naturally incorporated photos
  3. Clear easy-to-read copy

46. Rosebud

0556 46 restaurant website rosebud 1024x745

What We Like:

  1. Bright inviting color scheme
  2. Slide-in hero images
  3. Appealing welcome message for visitors

47. The OrdinaryImage of a restaurant website: The Ordinary

What We Like:

  1. Classic vintage design
  2. Minimalistic color scheme
  3. Beautiful photo gallery

48. Florilège

0556 48 restaurant website aoyama 1024x735

What We Like:

  1. Artistic and dreamy food photography
  2. Non-traditional page layouts
  3. Immersive backgrounds throughout design

49. Frantzen

0556 49 restaurant website frantzen 1024x722

What We Like:

  1. Ingredient and dish macro photography
  2. Bright colorful photos throughout design
  3. Immersive virtual interior tour

50. Kjolle0556 50 restaurant website kjolle 1024x735

What We Like:

  1. Transitioning images through scrolling
  2. Colorful background photos throughout design
  3. Easy and simple navigation

Your restaurant website is your introduction to potential diners, so you need to make a good first impression. Potential customers are more likely to dine at your restaurant if your website makes them feel engaged and informed.

We hope these 50 best restaurant websites were enough to give you a spark of creativity and motivation for your own website. Four in five restaurant operators agree that restaurant technology helps increase sales, makes their restaurant more productive, and gives their restaurant a competitive edge! Do you need help creating a website for your restaurant or updating your current restaurant web design?

Contact us today to speak with one of our design experts! With over 1,100 client testimonials and over $10 billion sales driven for our customers, we have the knowledge necessary to make your website successful.

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