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Banner with the title 'INTERFACE DESIGNS' above three examples of graphical user interfaces: a blue circular dashboard, a green and yellow sound mixer, and a pink and black car dashboard.

Sleek Interface Designs from DeviantART

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We encounter user interfaces everywhere in our daily lives. When I look at interfaces, they always inspire me and I hope that they will inspire you too. Here are 40 creative interface designs from DeviantART for your inspiration.

1. AdvancedUI: Status Screen

AdvancedUI: Status ScreenBy ~z-design

2. Psyunit

Psyunit By ~Pureav

3. Car GUI

Car GUIBy ~upiir

4. Red Alert Interface

Red Alert InterfaceBy ~metalkid

5. DarkMatter: Subspace Remote

DarkMatter: Subspace RemoteBy ~skinsfactory

6. Quarian

QuarianBy ~SmarTramS

7. Blade alpha

Blade alpha By ~vlda

8. transformer music player

transformer music playerBy ~kidaubis

9. Minimalistic – Winamp skin

Minimalistic - Winamp skinBy ~Noergaard

10. Signal

SignalBy ~Pureav

11. Sylenth1

Sylenth1By ~s0nkite

12. GUI design – guitar combo amp

GUI design - guitar combo ampBy ~upiir

13. Holy Quran MP3 Player Skin

Holy Quran MP3 Player SkiBy ~riyaz7cp

14. POD.249

POD.249By ~ZelnickDesigns

15. what could have been

what could have beenBy ~kriptoner

16. Insignia

InsigniaBy ~Pureav

17. J.A.G.O – Grunge Interface

J.A.G.O - Grunge InterfaceBy ~screwcork

18. Soyuz Pocket Player

Soyuz Pocket PlayerBy ~kgbstyle

19. KrazyPlayer v1.4

KrazyPlayer v1.4By ~krazytim

20. V O X Windowblind

V O X WindowblindBy ~vStyler

21. Second Battle Bay Step w PSD

Second Battle Bay Step w PSDBy ~ZelnickDesigns

22. GUIFX Practice Touchscreen UI

GUIFX Practice Touchscreen UIBy ~Pureav

23. Rage Player

Rage PlayerBy ~Jonzy

24. Tangled Metal

Tangled MetalBy ~Niarbon

25. Mobile Interfaces

Mobile InterfacesBy ~actionthisday

26. leo+ player

leo+ playerBy ~leon-gao

27. mp3 player

mp3 playerBy ~DarthAcey

28. Dancida

DancidaBy ~s0nkite

29. VescoFX Provoker

VescoFX ProvokerBy ~s0nkite

30. W-Xindox

W-XindoxBy ~Shek0101

31. Mass Effect Pause

Mass Effect PauseBy ~shadowh3

32. Vtion mobile business express

Vtion mobile business expressBy ~seanking

33. SMC Interface preview

SMC Interface previewBy ~Shek0101



35. The Shield Xion Skin

The Shield Xion SkinBy ~ZelnickDesigns

36. interactive 3d touch screen

interactive 3d touch screenBy ~stereolize-design

37. trying to inspire Z

trying to inspire ZBy ~verndewd

38. interface – netperformance

interface - netperformanceBy ~000joker000

39. armor-AMP

armor-AMPBy ~faris18787

40. Wusikstation 2&3

Wusikstation 2&3By ~grymmjack

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