8 Useful Subreddits for Designers

1. /r/Design/


Design is a general subreddit for design content, news, and discussions. It’s also a subreddit where you can seek answers to your design-related questions.

2. /r/web_design


The web_design subreddit has a ton of community-curated web and UI design content.

3. /r/graphic_design


If you’re looking for a community based around graphic design and print design, the Graphic Design subreddit is well worth subscribing to.

4. /r/typography


Are you looking for people as obsessed about typography as you are? You’ll find a great bunch of typophiles over at the Typography subreddit.

5. /r/designthought


You will find stories about the process and craft of design in the designthought subreddit.

6. /r/CrappyDesign


Looking for design anti-patterns? Browsing through the content in the CrappyDesign subreddit could give you a better understanding of poor versus good design choices, and some of the design details to watch out for in your own work.

7. /r/DesignPorn


This subreddit is safe for work (SFW) despite its name. The DesignPorn subreddit is great for creative inspiration and participating in discussions centered on noteworthy designs.

8. /r/design_critiques


Design critiques are essential to the growth and improvement of designers. No one gets a design perfect in the first iteration. The Design Critiques subreddit is a possible source of feedback about your designs.

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