9 Sites for Wireframing Inspiration

9 Sites for Wireframing Inspiration

If you need wireframing ideas and inspiration, look no further than the following sites.

1. Wireframe Showcase

Wireframe Showcase

Wireframe Showcase features wireframing projects contributed to the site by designers. You’ll see a variety of wireframes on this site, from quick-and-dirty pencil sketches to full-blown software-generated wireframes.

2. I ? wireframes

I ? wireframes

Since 2009, this Tumblr blog has been featuring inspiring design wireframes.

You can only imagine how much content — 5 years worth, and hundreds of posts — is yours to be seen on this site. If you love Flickr, check out the I ? wireframes Flickr pool too.

3. The Iskeletor

The Iskeletor

This site features user-contributed design wireframes (the site refers to them as “Skeletons”).

4. Dedesign the Web

Dedesign the Web

Rather than being a wireframes gallery, Dedesign the Web is a trivia game where you guess what the site is by looking at its wireframe. It’s fascinating how sites can make such a big impression on us that we’re able to tell them apart from other sites just by seeing their wireframes.

5. MOObileFrames


If you’re looking for wireframing inspiration for your mobile UI design projects, this is the site for you. MOObileFrames showcases a few excellent mobile app wireframes.

6. Wireframes Magazine

Wireframes Magazine

Wireframes Magazine is an inspiring blog about the art and science of prototyping user interfaces. You’ll find tools, resources and examples related to wireframing on this site.

7. web.without.words


web.without.words deconstructs a site by covering up the site’s text so that we become focused on its layout and interface design, just like when we’re wireframing.

8. Mockups To Go

Mockups To Go

Mockups To Go is a gallery of community-contributed user interface wireframes. You’ll find wireframes for things like login screens and e-commerce product pages on this site, which you can then choose to import and use in the Balsamiq Mockups software (if you have access to it).

9. UI Wireframes Portfolio Samples

UI Wireframes Portfolio Samples

UI Wireframes is a design agency that specializes in providing wireframing design services. Their online portfolio features a lot of their own wireframing examples.

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