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The web design of your orthodontics practice is one of the most important things about your business. When many people look for an orthodontist, the first thing they’ll do is visit a search engine like Google to find one that fits their criteria.

This means that your website has potential to be the first interaction that future patients have with your practice – and you want it to be a good one.

To ensure that potential patients feel comfortable committing to your orthodontics practice, you should be sure to have a web design that impresses.

On this page, we’ll talk about why web design is important for orthodontists, and some of the key elements that will help your website stand above your competition.

Why do orthodontic practices need great web design?

As we mentioned earlier, your website is often the first interaction that a user will have with your practice. This means that in order to make a good first impression of your practice, you need to have a website that is clean, organized, and unique.

If a potential patient enters your site just to find walls of text with no images, a non-existent navigation bar, or cluttered elements, chances are they’ll exit your site to find one that presents their practice professionally.

You can prevent your practice from losing patients by taking the time to create a web design that promotes your practice cleanly and professionally.

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Elements of professional orthodontic web design

Your web design is an extension of your practice – so it should have unique elements based on what your practice offers and what makes it distinctive.

Here are a few of the most important elements to a great web design for your orthodontic practice.


1. Color palette and font

Color and font are two of the biggest parts of web design, and they can make your patients feel a certain way.

If you specialize in orthodontics for smaller children, you should consider using a childlike palette with bright shades instead of darker, sophisticated shades, and a more whimsical font.

If you’re looking to create a strictly professional website, you should choose colors that are appropriate for all age groups, and a web-safe font that is professional and easy to read.

2. Navigation

Navigation is an element that can make or break your web design. Without solid navigation, users won’t be able to easily find what they need, and there’s a chance that they’ll navigate away from your site.

You should create a navigation bar that presents the major areas of your site in tabs that users will understand.

For example, you should have a tab for your location, contacting you, services, your orthodontists, and what to expect when you visit your practice.

Each of the tabs on your navigation bar can break into more detailed tabs that give a clearer view of your website.

For example, your “services” tab should break out into a more detailed menu that outlines all of the services you offer. Your “orthodontists” tab could include a list of each of your doctors, and upon clicking, users would be taken to a page that has a biography of each.

3. Inclusion of engaging elements

If you want users to feel comfortable on your website, you should include more than just text. You should be sure to include elements that site visitors can engage with, such as images, videos, and graphics.

You could share images of your office, images of your orthodontists, or before and after photos of some of your past patients (with their permission, of course!).

You could even share a video walk-through of your office, which may help to ease the minds of younger patients who are visiting an orthodontist for the first time. Animated videos are a great way to show the way a procedure works, which can also help to calm younger patients.

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Graphics are another element that is extremely beneficial to include on your website to boost engagement and keep users on the page.

You could publish infographics for example, that provide a fun way to learn about some aspect of your services.

You could create an infographic that depicts a flow chart of how your first visit will go, or illustrations of how braces work to straighten your teeth.

4. Page speed and user experience

One of the most important parts of web design is the speed at which your website loads. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, there’s a chance that they’ll bounce from your site.

In today’s technologically advanced world, users want the answers to their questions within seconds – so if your pages load slowly, they’ll go to another site to find the answers faster.

One of the ways that Google determines how to rank your website in search results is based on user experience and page speed.

Google wants to present the best possible results to all of their users, but also create the best experience for them – and waiting around for a page to load does not create the best experience.

Overall user experience includes page speed, but it also includes elements like navigation, color scheme, and quality of content.

Your website should feel as though a secretary from your practice is talking to users – and high-quality web design can help create that experience.

5. Calls-to-action

Another important part of web design is the calls to action, or CTAs. CTAs refer to the buttons or forms that entice users to take action.

For example, after your infographic that explains how teeth are straightened with braces, you could implement a CTA button that users could click to find out more about the teeth-straightening services you offer.

You could also provide contact forms at numerous locations on your site to allow users to provide contact information, which gives you permission to get in touch with them in the future.

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How do I create a great web design for my orthodontist practice?

There are ways to create a great web design on your own. But you have to have the knowledge, time, and expertise to create stunning color schemes, cutting-edge design, and visually interesting graphics that will grab users’ attention.

You should start by making a list of everything you want on your website. Are particular images or graphic elements most important to you? Or are you most interested in creating interactive elements that keep users on your page?

After you create a list, you can get to work, and if you’re not quite ready to start on your own, you can begin your search for a web design agency that fits your needs.

The agency you choose should offer everything you’re looking for in a web design, they should fit within your budget, and you should enjoy working with them.

Ready to bring your web design to life?

If you’ve decided to hire an agency for your web design needs, WebFX is here to help.

We have a team of award-winning designers that will work to bring your vision to life. We’ll create prototypes around your goals and ideas, and you’ll always have the final say in what design goes live.

We’ll also test every element of your web design to make sure that it’s attracting as many patients as possible.

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