Is SEO Worth It?

You may be a business owner or marketing manager who has been hearing about the latest and greatest marketing trends online, including search engine optimization (SEO). However, with such a saturated Internet environment these days, the question may still stand in your head: "is SEO worth it anymore?"

Well, yes, it is! No one can argue the value of ranking in Google. However, the issue at large is whether or not SEO is worth paying for in the end. Like any smart business professional, you need to weigh your options.

It's our hope that after reading this article, you'll feel the same way that we do: that SEO is a viable revenue-generating option for your company that should not be overlooked. So is SEO worth it? Read on to find out why.

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Can you find your website?

Do a quick search in Google for your most popular products or services that your company offers right now.

Where is your website? Are you having trouble finding it? This is not a good sign.

If you can't find your website in the search results, then how do you expect potential customers to find it? Studies show that 91.5% of searchers don't make it past page one of the search results. Over 30% of them click on the very first result!

By not showing up in Google's search results, you are literally handing business away to other websites, including your competitors. SEO can remedy this and get you back in the game.

Having said that, you most likely need a more convincing case than "we're giving money away" to show your boss. Perhaps some quick case studies will help?

SEO case studies

We have helped many different businesses rank higher in Google. You can check out our portfolio or view our results to see more of the work we've done for clients.

Here are a few cases that highlight the fact that SEO is truly worth the money.

Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet is a mosquito trap manufacturer that sells a large portion of their products on their website. By using SEO, we were able to get their website ranking in the top 5 results for the keyword "mosquito."

As a result of our SEO services, they also ranked #1 for "mosquito traps," driving them lots of valuable traffic that was targeted specifically to the products they offered.


This restaurant came to us looking for services. With our SEO help, the restaurant's overall site traffic increased by 53% year over year.

Not only did SEO increase organic search rankings, but it increased total reservations by 92.5% in just 30 days!

Noble's Pond

Noble's Pond is a local community for seniors ages 55 and up. We began SEO services to increase the visibility of their site in search engines. Improving this website's SEO boosted its traffic by 751%.

Also, this significant increase in website traffic occurred in a span of just three months. Talk about results!

What can SEO be worth to you and your company?

The above results are great, but these numbers may not apply to your business. Let's see if we can get some hard numbers to show what SEO can be worth to you and your business.

The best way to start answering the question "what is SEO worth to me?" is to determine how much each customer is worth to you. Are you an online tshirt shop selling $10 tees? Or are you a multinational industrial manufacturing company selling millions of dollars in equipment to each client? The value of SEO will be significantly different depending on the average order value per customer.

If you offer services, or even subscription based products, it will be helpful to know the lifetime value of a customer rather than average order values. These are customers that keep coming back for more after that initial purchase.

Some of our client Successes

case study Increased
Traffic by
Ocean City NJ paddle boat
case study Increased
Rate by
image of heavy equipment
case study Increased
Generated by
“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

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Calculating the value of SEO

For the sake of round numbers and our example, let's say you make $100 per order on average and you generate about 1,000 visitors per day to your online store.

It will also be crucial to know what percentage of your visitors convert, or end up buying your products or services. We'll assume a 2% conversion rate for our example online business.

Based on these numbers, we have a starting amount of $60,000 in revenue each month without SEO services. How?

1,000 visitors/day * 30 days * .02 conversion rate * $100 = $60,000 per month

If basic SEO strategies get your website ranking from page five to page one, then you can safely assume a huge bump in traffic. However, just to be safe, let's say this increases your daily traffic by 50%.

1,500 visitors/day * 30 days * .02 conversion rate * $100 = $90,000 per month

You've just increased your monthly revenue by $30,000 a month... or $360,000 a year!

Considering that SEO services from WebFX start at around $400 a month, this doesn't sound so bad! SEO is worth the money considering the results we've seen with our clients in the past.

To calculate the value of SEO for yourself, you can substitute your own values in the formula above. You'll need your average number of visitors per day, your website's conversion rate, and the average order value. From this, you should be able to quickly determine what even a small increase in traffic, as a result of SEO services, can do for your revenue.

Can successful businesses stop doing SEO?

SEO Longterm Use for Businesses

You may be tempted to abandon your SEO efforts after your company achieves online success. But no matter how profitable your business becomes, never stop optimizing your website. Even the most successful companies in the world use some level of SEO.

SEO is always changing, and you can't stand by and watch. Search engines take into account the freshness of your content, as well as how recently other sites have linked to your content. So if you don't maintain your SEO efforts, your site will eventually lose relevancy and its top spot in search results.

In order to preserve high rankings, you need to continue your SEO efforts. Otherwise, your competitors will outrank you, driving qualified traffic away from your business.

SEO is still worth the investment

A 7400% ROI may not always happen as the result of SEO services, but you certainly get the idea. The return on investment is so much greater with SEO that initial investments and monthly service costs can be a drop in the bucket compared to the increased revenue generated.

Traditional marketing efforts cost much more than SEO to set up, monitor, and maintain. Traditional marketing doesn't guarantee that people will be flocking to your doors to make a purchase, either. It's not targeted, and it's not always bound to reach the right audience.

SEO is different. People already in your marketing funnel are looking for a place to spend their money. You just have to cross their path via a Google search.

If you aren't doing SEO, you might as well start cutting checks for all your competitors. You can put Google to work for you with SEO services from a company like WebFX. Is SEO worth it? Let us show you why it is.

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What are you waiting for? Now that you know that SEO is really worth it, it's time to act!

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