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Keep reading to learn more PPC advertising, from its uses to its benefits. Plus, discover how our agency helped its clients earn over 7.8 million leads over the past five years.

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Is your Detroit business looking to increase website traffic, phone calls, and revenue? With pay-per-click advertising, you can reach your target audience and drive those phone calls, quote requests, online checkouts, and in-store visits.

With more than 25 years of experience, WebFX is a top PPC agency in Detroit. Our personalized approach to PPC, plus our commitment to real results is why we’ve generated more than $3 billion in revenue for our clients.

Discover why more than 90 percent of our clients stick with us by calling our award-winning strategists at 313-246-8157. Or, keep reading to learn more about the features and perks of our PPC management services for Miami, California, and everywhere in between.

Local Success

WebFX has partnered with numerous local businesses in Michigan to help them grow with digital marketing. We’ve helped to implement campaigns including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and beyond.


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Our industry-leading PPC services for Detroit

With businesses making an average of $8 for every $1 spent on PPC, it’s one of the most successful and cost-effective online advertising methods. Whether you’re a part of the manufacturingindustrial, or home repair industry, PPC offers value.

What is PPC, though?

PPC is a kind of paid advertising that lets your website appear at the top of search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines that support pay-per-click advertising. You can spot ads by their ad tags, which appear in a white box with a green outline by the URL.

Look at this example for, “detroit gasket and manufacturing company.”

In the above example, you can see the difference between PPC ads and organic search results. The fact that pay-per-click advertisements appear above organic search results is beyond valuable, as more than 45 percent of page clicks go to the top three paid ads.

What makes your ad appear, though?

Keywords. When you create a PPC campaign, you choose what keywords will trigger your ad. The keywords you pick often reflect the intent of your target audience, who likely use those keywords in their searches — that’s why a smart PPC campaign includes keyword and audience research.

For example, a business-to-business (B2B) operation may search for, “Detroit gasket and manufacturing company,” if they’re looking to partner with a manufacturer to create a custom order for a series of gaskets.

By understanding the intent of your audience — to partner with a manufacturer of custom gaskets — you can target the appropriate keywords for your advertisements. That, as well as several other factors, contribute to the massive return on investment (ROI) of PPC.

Perks of hiring a top PPC advertising agency in Detroit

Invest in PPC, plus an experienced Detroit PPC company, and you can expect several benefits.

1. Get real results fast

If you’re familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), you know it’s a long-term investment. For reference, SEO houses a series of strategies for improving your rankings in organic search results.

Both — SEO and PPC — are valuable and excellent partners in the online marketplace.


When it comes to PPC, however, you see results fast. Launch your PPC campaign, and your ads appear on the first page of search results in an instant. That lets you connect with your target audience and convert them, whether by persuading them to request a quote, call, or visit your location.

The unmatched performance of PPC comes from its design. You target it towards consumers that are ready to buy, versus research, a product or service. That’s why consumers that click on an ad are 50 percent more likely to make a purchase than a consumer that clicks on an organic search result.

2. Earn valuable traffic

If you launch a smart, well-researched PPC campaign, you can expect to earn valuable traffic. That means users clicking on your ad match your target persona, whether that’s a mid-sized business looking for custom manufacturing or a senior couple searching for seasonal snow removal.

This feature differentiates digital advertising from print advertising. With print advertising, such as a billboard, a lot of people see your ad. They don’t fall into your target audience, however, which can lead to poor returns.

With digital advertising, however, only your target audience sees your ad. While that may lead to fewer impressions, it also leads to bigger returns. The people who see your PPC ads want your service, which means more phone calls, more quote requests, and more purchases.

3. Optimize ad spend

A pay-per-click advertising feature that companies love is the customization. In comparison to print advertising, digital advertising doesn’t include a flat-rate fee. It operates on an auction system instead, which lets you bid on your ad’s designated keywords.


The best part is that you can modify your bids — even after launching your campaign. That lets you respond to several factors that can influence the success and click-through-rate (CTR) of your ads, such as user behavior.

With this feature, you can optimize your online advertising budget and your results.

4. Maximize return on investment

Another benefit of PPC is the ROI. By offering a better way to target your ideal audience, as well as to manage your advertising budget, PPC maximizes your return. That’s why companies that spend $1 on Google Ads earn $8 back, on average.

When you earn your investment back and then some, you can use those funds to improve your business further. For some businesses, that may mean purchasing new service vehicles to assist your growing consumer base. For others, it may mean investing further in digital marketing strategies, like SEO.

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that improve your bottom line.

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WebFX has driven the following results for clients:

$3 billion

In client revenue

7.8 million

Leads for our clients

5.2 million

Client phone calls

WebFX is a trusted Detroit PPC company

In the Motor City, businesses trust WebFX — and for several good reasons.

1. Transparent pricing

We’re transparent at WebFX. Whether you’re looking for our PPC costs or SEO prices, you can find them on our website — all our service pages include our pricing information. When it comes to our custom quotes, we also make sure they’re transparent by breaking down the price and what’s included for every service we offer.

2. Unparalleled experience

We’re a leader in performance-digital marketing for mid-sized businesses. With more than 20 years of history, we bring unparalleled experience to PPC. Plus, we use that experience to provide you with valuable information, from explaining your custom strategy to answering your questions.

3. Measurable results

We’re focused on providing you with real results — the results you can see in your day-to-day. That may mean an influx of service and quote requests from Monday through Friday, or an immense product demand that clears your inventory.

Michigan PPC services from WebFX

Our Detroit PPC company offers three PPC management packages, including:

  1. Basic
  2. Aggressive
  3. Market Leader

Each focuses on a customized plan that considers your audience, industry, and goals. They also include a dedicated and hands-on account manager that invests the time to learn about your competitors, services, and market to deliver a competitive PPC strategy.

No matter your preferred package, you can trust WebFX will go the distance for your Detroit business.

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