Sales Enablement Consulting: Do I Need a Sales Enablement Consultant?

Is your business struggling to meet its sales goals?

If so, you may need to invest in sales enablement consulting to help your sales team get back on track.

Sales enablement services can help you revamp your sales team’s processes and sales enablement strategy, as well as build their skills to drive more leads and sales for your business.

On this page, we’ll discuss what a sales consultant will do for your company, when to hire a sales enablement consultant, and how to find the right consultant for your business.

Keep reading to learn more about sales enablement consulting. Or, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist to learn more about sales enablement consulting and software solutions.

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What does a sales enablement consultant do?

what does a sales enablement consultant do graphic

A sales enablement consultant evaluates your current sales process and identifies gaps in your sales plan to provide an action plan for how your business can adopt sales enablement and improve its overall sales strategy.

Sales enablement consultants have an abundance of knowledge on how to better drive sales for your business. They can make recommendations for training and tools, which are both essential components in helping your sales reps do their job successfully.

Why don’t more companies hire sales enablement consultants?

Many companies are hesitant to hire a sales enablement consultant.

Businesses tend to believe that they can evaluate their team and make changes on their own as necessary. While that may be true in some instances, a sales consultant has experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t work.

A sales enablement consultant can bring an outside perspective to your campaign. They help your company see issues you don’t.

Why should I hire a sales enablement consultant?

why you should hire a sales enablement consultant

You may not know what your business needs.

Many companies can identify their issues, but they can’t always come up with viable solutions. With sales enablement services, your consultant can tell you what you need, saving your company the time and money that comes with experimenting with different tactics.

Sales enablement takes a different approach to improve your sales strategy. It focuses on training your employees right, building their skills, and finding ways to share information better. Providing the right tools and resources for your team, in turn, creates a better sales strategy.

How long does a sales enablement consultancy last?

A sales enablement consultancy isn’t a one-time meeting.

The reality is your sales process continually changes and evolves as the market, technology, and consumer behaviors change. You must regularly evaluate your sales strategy with a sales enablement consultant to ensure your plan is still enough for your business.

By partnering with a sales enablement consultant (or using sales enablement tools), you’ll create a more effective sales plan for your business. A consultant will help you get on the fast-track to driving more valuable leads and increasing sales for your business.

Four reasons businesses invest in sales enablement services

As you research more about sales enablement solutions, you may wonder if you need it.

Let’s look at four reasons you should invest in sales enablement services for your business.

four reasons businesses invest in sales enablement services

1. Your sales tools or software is ineffective

If you don’t have the right tools, it’s difficult to drive positive results for your company.

Your tools should help your team make more sales. If your tools are outdated or ineffective, an enablement consultant can help you find the right tools. They’ll guide you toward better software that will help you manage leads and make sales.

Tools like MarketingCloudFX will help you manage your leads and turn them into conversions for your business. This all-in-one platform helps you get to know your leads, send them compelling content, and monitor how they interact with your marketing efforts.

2. You can’t keep up with competitors

Do you find yourself losing clients to other competitors?

If your competition outperforms your business consistently, it may be time for sales enablement consulting.

If you want always to be one step ahead of your competitors, you’ll need to evolve your sales strategy to change with your unique market.

A sales enablement consultant can help you reevaluate your current sales team. They help your sales team by promoting training, ongoing learning, information sharing, and using tools.

This analysis enables them to improve your sales team’s performance and understand how to make more sales. It helps them learn how to do tasks, like conduct competitor research, to help drive conversions.

3. You’re losing sales

The most significant sign that your sales process needs a revamp is the loss of sales. If you find your sales are decreasing or your deal sizes are smaller, it’s time to rethink your sales process.

When sales decline for a product, some companies immediately assume that the product is no longer viable or that users lost interest in the product.

It’s not always what you’re selling, but how you’re selling it.

If you aren’t connecting with your audience and your market has become saturated, you’re going to see a decrease in sales.

It may be a simple situation where your sales team may not know the value of your products, or they’re not sure how to show your audience the value of your offerings.

When your sales team can’t communicate value, your target market won’t see it either. Consequentially, they won’t be able to see how your business or what it offers, is unique.

A sales enablement consultant can help you clarify your message to ensure your sales team is sharing the value of your product correctly.

4. You don’t have a defined sales plan

When you fail to tell your sales team how to sell your products, you can’t expect them to convince consumers to buy your products. If you don’t have a sales plan, you’re preventing your company from maximizing its profits.

Many companies make the mistake of making a generic sales plan that doesn’t focus on the details. A proper sales plan should focus on all aspects of the sale, like the buyer’s journey, consumer pain points, and the value in your product.

When you have a defined sales plan, your sales team has a better idea of how to approach each consumer and how to sell your products effectively.

A sales enablement consultant will help you implement the tools and strategies you need to have a successful sales plan. This strategy will help you target leads more effectively, and those leads to convert.

5. You have high employee turnover

If you find that you have low retainment on your sales team, it may be a sign that your sales culture needs an overhaul.

Bad hires are costly to your business.

They cost your company time, money, and productivity. Not to mention, constant hiring of new sales employees means you’re always training new people and trying to get them settled into their role.

It can take months for a salesperson to start becoming an effective team member, too.

Until they’re more familiar with your products and understand the sales process better, they may not make as many sales. If you’re continually hiring sales reps that don’t stick around, it’s time to invest in sales enablement consulting.

To find and hire top-performing salespersons, you must discover people who have a passion for selling the products that you offer.

A sales consultant can help you evaluate your hiring process through data. They can look at this process to understand why people are leaving or why the right people aren’t applying.

Additionally, they can also look at your sales culture to identify gaps.

For example, your team may feel like they don’t have the right tools or guidance for selling — causing them to leave your organization.

By investing in sales enablement services, your consultant will help you evaluate your current sales culture to improve it and keep your team happy.

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How do I find the right sales enablement consultant?

how to find the right sales enablement consultant

If you’re ready to invest in sales enablement consulting, start by finding the right consultant.

Here are three ways to find the right consultant:

1. Look for consultants with software

When you’re vetting different sales consultants, look for ones that have sales enablement software. Sales enablement software makes it easy for you to improve your sales process.

A good sales enablement consultant will have recommendations for the best types of software you can use to improve sales. The best consultants will have their own software program that will help you re-evaluate and improve your current sales process.

Sales enablement software benefits your business because it helps automate some of the processes involved with improving your sales.

Some of these tools will offer training for your team or help automate mundane processes, like sending mass emails, to help your team stay focused on selling.

For example, MarketingCloudFX is a sales enablement software solution for businesses.

This software offers numerous features that will help your company improve your sales process:

  • LeadManagerFX: This tool tracks how leads interact on your site. You can see how they find your website, the number of pages they visit, and which campaigns drive conversions.
  • CompanyTrackerFX: If you run a business-to-business (B2B) business, CompanyTrackerFX is a great way to help you see which companies check out your website. This tool allows you to see which businesses visit you online and how they spend their time on your site.
  • CallTrackerFX: With CallTrackerFX, you can track phone call sources and see data on those calls. You know which pages motivate leads to call your business, which allows you to create a strong lead generation and sales strategy.

With software like MarketingCloudFX, you can help improve your sales team’s performance and create a more effective campaign for your business.

2. Look for consultants that have a portfolio

When you’re searching for the right sales enablement consultant, you want to choose one that drove results for previous clients. The best way to look at the results they drive is through their portfolio.

When you look at a consultant’s portfolio, see if they have experience working with your industry. If they do have experience in your industry, you can look at the clients they serviced previously and see how they were able to drive results for them.

If they don’t have experience with your industry, you can still look at other clients in their portfolio. It will help you understand how the consultant helped these clients succeed and improve their sales process.

Just because a consultant hasn’t worked with your industry doesn’t mean they couldn’t be an excellent fit for your business. It’s best to talk with the consultant over the phone or in-person to find out!

3. Check for client testimonials

Client testimonials are an excellent resource for vetting sales consultants.

Testimonials are experiences that a previous customer had with an agency and can help you understand how a company operates and see if they are a good fit for your business.

To get the best sales enablement consultant, you’ll want one with an abundance of client testimonials. If dozens of people are happy with a consultant’s services, you know they are bound to drive positive results for your business.

Look at what people say and what they enjoy about partnering with that consultant. It will help provide you with valuable insight into the consultant and how they can help your business improve and grow.

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Invest in sales enablement consulting today

Sales enablement consulting will help your sales team start working more efficiently and effectively for your company. You’ll improve your sales and create a process better suited for your business.

At WebFX, our sales enablement software, MarketingCloudFX, will help you automate processes for your sales team.

Our team of experts will help you drive more sales for your business. In the past five years, we’ve driven over $3,021,182,299 and 7,839,684 leads for our clients. You can count on us to drive valuable results for your company.

If you’re ready to start using sales enablement consulting, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about using MarketingCloudFX for sales enablement at your business.