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Infographics are good, but motion graphics are better. Let us bring your content marketing to life with custom-made motion graphics that draw attention like no other. Pricing for our motion graphic design starts at $5,000/month and is 100% transparent - you always know exactly where your money goes. Scroll down for more details or fill out the form for an exact quote!

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Motion Graphic Design

Is your infographic interesting, but lacking a little something in the presentation? Are you looking to create a motion graphic that will stand apart from the rest? Let WebFX transform your idea into an engaging video with animation, sound effects, and music.

As a leading motion graphic design company, our business and corporate motion graphics are top-notch. We offer competitive pricing, creative design, and a full promotional package that will get your video infographic noticed, watched, and spread around the world.

Video Infographics & Motion Graphics Pricing

Basic Promotion
Market Leader Promotion
Features Basic Promotion Market Leader Promotion
Motion Graphic strategy development
Topic Research and Generation
Customized Topic Proposal with Data to Back it Up
Data analysis and Research
Initial Motion Graphic Prototype
Audience Research  
Motion Graphic design revisions 3 edits 3 edits
Final Motion Graphic Delivery
Delivery of source files
Video optimization
YouTube profile optimization
Publishing on video sharing sites
Dedicated project manager
Dedicated Production Review Software for easy collaboration
..... Real Time Design Feedback"
..... Track version iterations to restore changes
Blog Post Writing
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Media Promotion Outreach (No Submission sites. Only Media Heavyweights to niche blogs.)   Minimum of 10 hours spent
Social Media Promotion Budget $150 $150
Final Traffic and Social Interaction Campaign Report
Investment $4,800 $6,000

Our Motion Graphics Pricing is Competitive

Our competitive motion graphic prices can't be beat. You'll be delighted when you see the custom-made motion graphic that is created for your company, and you'll know that the investment you made was worthwhile.

We take pride in knowing how to create and make corporate motion graphics that turn your message and concepts into a sharp and sophisticated motion graphic. Your message is only as good as your ability to share it, so let WebFX get your message out there in a fun, creative and meaningful way. Unlike other motion graphic companies, our pricing includes everything from research and design to promotion and link building. When you invest in a motion graphic from WebFX, you're getting the whole package—not just bits and pieces.

What is a Motion Graphic?

Motion graphics projects are animated forms of art, text, photos and video clips. They are very similar to infographics, but involve video and animation to create motion.

The goal of motion graphics is to breathe life into infographics by adding movement and sound, while promoting a company's brand and message. The use of a time frame allows our experienced motion graphics designers to convey a lot more than what an image can. A motion graphic allows the viewer to go on visual a journey using a narrative, instead of simply scrolling through data on a screen.

Motion graphics spread outside the most commonly used methods of frame-by-frame footage and animation. Motion is used to add interest, grab attention, or bring life to what may otherwise be uninteresting and hard to understand content. With WebFX's competitive motion graphic rates, you can't go wrong. Choose our dedicated motion graphics designers to provide you with a top of the line video that everyone you know will want to watch and share.

WebFX Has Experienced Motion Graphics Designers

To create the best motion graphic, you need creative, reliable motion graphics designers backed by an experienced, dedicated Internet marketing team. The motion graphics design and Internet marketing teams at WebFX do in-depth research of your brand, industry, and the topics important to you before creating your corporate motion graphic or business infographic.

We're proud to call ourselves a leading motion graphics design company because we know what it takes to create an attractive, popular video infographic. Our team has years of experience in design, and we take the time to research and understand your brand and concept before committing anything to video. And if you have any changes to the first version, we'll be happy to accommodate them in our revisions.

Examples of Motion Graphics Designed by WebFX

App Store Wars


This motion graphic is an animated version of an infographic we produced for our blog. We animated the elements of the infographic and added music.

Anatomy of a Drug Cartel


This motion graphic, which was designed from scratch for one of our clients, utilizes animated elements, data, and a voiceover to convey information in a concise, understandable, and interesting fashion. It allows the viewer to gain general awareness of the topic (how drug cartels operate).

Sustaynable Vacationing


We converted an infographic designed for another one of our clients into a motion graphic for their business. This video touts the benefits of taking a "staycation" instead of traveling and spending money on airfare and hotel rooms. The information is presented at a leisurely pace to ensure everything can be read without the viewer feeling rushed.

Some of our client Successes

case study Increased
Traffic by
Ocean City NJ paddle boat
case study Increased
Rate by
image of heavy equipment
case study Increased
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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

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Choose WebFX as Your Motion Graphics Company

There are a lot of complex ideas, concepts, and issues that can't be simply understood through a single image. With motion graphics, you are able to bring your business and story to life with visuals and sounds. The use of visual effects and motion graphics allows data to meet design and merge into an incredible presentation.

Unlike other motion graphics companies, the motion graphics designers at WebFX dedicate their time to learning about your brand and the message you would like to promote. Motion graphics can be used for a company website, promotional event, conference meeting, or just to share on YouTube. No matter how you choose to use your motion graphic, the vido we design will excel at promoting your brand and message while providing you the opportunity to acquire quality backlinks you wouldn't have been able to get through other means.

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