Affordable SEO Services: Why Every Business Can Afford SEO

Is search engine optimization (SEO) affordable? It’s a common question for companies looking to partner with a trusted and respected SEO agency. The good news is that yes, affordable SEO services do exist, and can help your business grow in numerous ways.

If you want to invest in affordable SEO, however, you need to know your SEO facts. Myths about SEO are everywhere and can cause your company to partner with the wrong type of SEO agency, like those promoting “cheap” SEO services.

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What is SEO?

Before your company starts researching affordable SEO service providers, it’s critical for your team to have an understanding of what SEO is and what SEO isn’t. That’s why this section covers the top three facts to know about SEO.

1. SEO is different marketing strategies

SEO is an umbrella term that covers a range of strategies that a company uses to improve its visibility online so they can attract more potential customers to their website. Copywriting, web design, blogging, link building, site coding, and more all fall under SEO.

Because SEO is multi-faceted, it can be broken down to fit any organization’s budget. Even a brand-new startup can afford to write occasional blog posts or add keyword-rich title tags. This is SEO in practice, and it’s cost-effective if you’re on a strict budget.

2. SEO is simple

A lot of sources talk about SEO like it’s some kind of legend — it’s a story of success that happens to other people, but it never touches you. Without a magic key, you’ll never get to it! Again, this simply isn’t true.

SEO is easy to implement, and it can work for anyone.

The more you learn about SEO, whether by yourself or when researching a web marketing firm, the more you’ll realize that the processes involved are straightforward. The advantage of SEO services, versus in-house management, is that you receive expert-level expertise without the time investment.

Adding keywords, enhancing title tags, and providing an excellent user experience are almost common sense, and they only cost a little bit of your time. Even if your business doesn’t have the budget for an aggressive SEO plan, you can still optimize your site and benefit from those optimizations.

3. SEO is not keyword stuffing

Adding tons of keywords to a page might have worked for SEO at one point, but not anymore. Today, SEO is all about user experience, and that means search engines want to see that people enjoy what they’re reading on your site — and nobody enjoys reading keyword after keyword.

Today’s SEO involves researching, analyzing, and understanding the keywords that people use to find your business so you can offer them an experience that’s better than your competitors. The more your visitors like your site, the more Google will like you.

Is SEO affordable for businesses today?

The simple answer to this question is yes.

You just have to consider a few factors before you determine the right budget for your needs:

Your SEO campaign can’t break your company’s overall budget

Spending too heavily on SEO can harm young companies, especially if you spend so much that you don’t have time for the campaign to fully mature. You can always add more money to your budget as you grow, but you can’t take what you’ve spent back.

That’s why your business should only invest in affordable SEO services if you don’t want to manage your SEO in-house. If you splurge on services outside your budget, you take a massive risk. Company decision-makers, for example, may withdraw support for SEO or take disciplinary action against your team.

You have to wait for your SEO to start taking hold

Businesses new to SEO often misunderstand how SEO works. No matter how much money you invest in optimizing your website, it will take time for results to show. SEO doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to prepare a long-term budget that covers at least six months of work.

That doesn’t mean your company can spend nothing on SEO services and expect results. If you decide to purchase low-cost SEO services (that cost $100 or less per month), you won’t see the kind of results your team or company decision-makers expect.

If you have a small budget for SEO, manage your strategy in-house.

Your team can start small with keyword research and content creation, for example, before moving onto more challenging tasks like content promotion. If your initial efforts go well, you may generate support from company decision-makers, which could lead to a budget increase and the ability to partner with an agency that specializes in areas with a learning curve, like content promotion.

You have to track the results of your SEO

With SEO, your business can get measurable results. You can see how your optimization efforts, for instance, resulted in a sale, lead, or site traffic. Your company, however, needs to have the tools to track your performance.

Google Analytics is one (free) way to monitor your SEO results.

If you have the budget, though, your team can invest in additional tools for greater insight into the performance of your SEO strategy. You can even partner with an affordable SEO agency that offers marketing technology for this purpose.

Consider the above factors and your team can develop a realistic and affordable budget for SEO.

What do businesses pay for professional SEO services?

Now that you know more about SEO, let’s discuss the cost of organic SEO services:

If you’ve done some research on SEO services, you’ve probably come across lower rates than those discussed in the video above. It’s essential, however, to make a distinction between “cheap” and “affordable” SEO services.

What is the difference between cheap and affordable SEO services?

In the online marketing sector, there are thousands of agencies that offer SEO services. Research a few of these companies, however, and your team will quickly discover a distinct difference between agencies: those that provide affordable SEO services and those that promote cheap SEO services.

Affordable SEO services

Affordable SEO services provide your business with trusted service and measurable results, as well as a reasonable price for your organization. The affordability of an SEO service depends on your company, as well as your marketing budget.

If you’re an enterprise, for example, affordable SEO services may range from $5000 to $8000 per month. In comparison, a small-to-midsize business (SMB) may view an agency that offers monthly service rates of $800 to $1500 as affordable.

No matter what the SEO agency charges, though, they offer trusted, performance-driven services.

Cheap SEO services

Cheap SEO services offer your business low-cost, poor-performing SEO services. While your company can easily purchase these services, you rarely receive a return on your investment. That’s because cheap SEO agencies skimp on the critical components to a successful SEO strategy.

For example, you don’t receive a custom strategy with low-cost SEO services. Instead, these agencies provide your business with a copy-and-paste approach based on a template. For your company, this cost- and time-saving move results in a lackluster strategy that doesn’t deliver results.

In most cases, cheap SEO services cost only a few hundred dollars a month. Many low-cost SEO companies promote a monthly rate of $100 or less. While this amount may seem like a deal, it doesn’t matter when you’re not getting results from your SEO strategy.

Protect your business by investing in affordable SEO services, not low-cost ones.

How to create a realistic (and affordable) budget for SEO

Now that you know about SEO, plus the difference between cheap and affordable SEO services, your team can start the process of creating a realistic budget for SEO. Whether you’re managing your SEO in-house or partnering with an agency, you want to develop an SEO budget.

A budget begins by looking at what you can afford to spend on SEO.

Is your business brand new? Then you might want to start small and manage your campaign in-house with a budget of a few hundred dollars. With this kind of budget, you can often do more internally than by partnering with an SEO agency in that price range, as this amount tends to attract cheap agencies.

If you’re growing, and you want to take the next steps to expansion, maybe you can go with a few thousand. And if you have an established company, why not go for tens of thousands? If you have a bigger budget to work with, it makes sense to partner with an agency and leverage its expertise.

Budget and implement your strategies correctly, and SEO will deliver a return on investment (ROI).

SEO drives business to your company, and it generates reliable sales leads that you can turn into paying customers. Eventually, your SEO should pay for itself — and then some — so what you’re spending is coming back to you several times over.

That kind of ROI doesn’t come overnight, though.

SEO is a long-term, ongoing strategy. You can’t expect your website to appear overnight at the top of search results. It takes time for pages to rank in search results, which is why your business should plan at least a six-month commitment to SEO.

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