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sales email subject line ideas

80 Examples of Sales Email Subject Lines to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Writing a good sales email subject line seems simple enough at first. But then you open that new draft, and that blank subject box is staring at you, and you’ve lost all of your words. It’s like the creativity just drained out of you. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!

When you’re constantly launching email marketing campaigns, writing fresh, engaging sales email subject lines can start to get a little challenging. That’s why we’ve gathered some eye-catching sales email subject line ideas to spark your creativity.

Keep reading to learn more about how to write good sales email subject lines, and get some subject line ideas from the email marketing pros at WebFX.

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What makes a good email subject line?

Good subject lines for sales emails possess a few different qualities. Specifically, good sales email subject lines:

  • Avoid complexity
  • Include personalized phrasing
  • Convey the right tone
  • Deliver on promises

Keep reading to learn a little more about why all sales email subject lines should have these characteristics.

Avoid complexity

Your subject line acts as the headline for your email. With that in mind, try to keep it short and simple.

Most email providers will cut off subject lines after about 50 characters, so try to keep them under that length. Long, complex subject lines are more likely to get looked over by customers, whereas short and sweet ones can grab people’s attention.

The more you engage in email marketing with your audience, the more you’ll learn about their email habits. Keep an eye on what email subject lines are successful and find that character sweet spot!

Include personalized phrasing

Personalization is the way to your audience’s heart. Think about it: you’d stop your scrolling if you saw your name in a subject line, right? When it’s possible and appropriate, personalize your sales email subject lines to create engaging and enticing subject lines that urge your audience to interact with your emails.

Convey the right tone

Ever heard the advice, “Watch your tone!”? When it comes to writing email subject lines, keeping your tone in mind is very important, because it can easily turn people away. Ensure the tone of your sales email subject line matches that of your audience — for them, it’ll feel more natural and genuine.

Additionally, your sales email subject lines should have a balanced tone that’s not too casual, but not too formal or business-like. Extremely casual subject lines can feel unprofessional (or look like potential spam), while very formal subject lines can give off a cold vibe. 

When in doubt, match the tone of your audience. When you understand your audience, you’ll know how to write sales email subject lines that speak to them.

Deliver on promises

Don’t fall into the trap of writing clickbait-y or misleading subject lines that don’t relate to your email content. Your subject line should reflect what the email content offers. Only write headlines you know your email will deliver on, or else your recipients will feel they’re just being spammed and could lose trust in your brand.

Subject lines for follow-up emails

Pique your recipient’s interest again with a follow-up email that allows you to address their needs or interests again. With follow-up sales email subject lines, remember to be conversational and maintain the recipient’s interest.

Still stuck? Check out these follow-up email subject line ideas:

  1. “I/We forgot to mention…”
  2. “Next steps”
  3. “Great meeting with you, [Name]”
  4. “Here’s that info I/we talked about…”
  5. “And another thing!”
  6. “I/We appreciate your time”
  7. “I’d/We’d love your feedback on [Event/Meeting/Prior Email]”
  8. “Still undecided?”
  9. “Still coming?”
  10. “You’re not alone”
  11. “Where do we begin?”
  12. “Where did I/we leave off?”
  13. “Hey again, from [Name] at [Company]”
  14. “[Referral Name] referred me to you…”
  15. “Let’s catch up, it’s been a while”
  16. “In the meantime…”

Cold sales email subject lines

Cold sales emails can help you initiate a conversation with an email recipient who hasn’t interacted with you yet. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your cold sales email subject lines to grab people’s attention and set the tone for future conversations. 

Find inspiration with these examples of cold email subject lines:

  1. “[Recipient Name] + [Company Name] = the perfect team”
  2. “Why [Company]?”
  3. “Are you ready for this?”
  4. “[Relevant Topic] trends you should know about…”
  5. “You’ve got mail”

uber eats email subject line

  1. “Here’s how [Company] turned [Previous Client]’s [Pain Point] around”
  2. “You’ve never seen [Product/Service] like this”
  3. “Discover what’s possible with [Company or Product/Service]”
  4. “Permission to come aboard?”
  5. “You should check this out”
  6. “X tips for [Pain Point] you should know about”
  7. “You won’t want to miss this”

dormify email subject line

  1. “Hey there, I/we noticed you looking at [Product/Service]”
  2. “Have a minute to chat?”
  3. “We understand how annoying/frustrating/tiresome [Pain Point] can be”
  4. “Knock knock…”
  5. “Our mutual connection, [Name], told us to reach out”
  6. “Let me/us know if we’re coming on too strong…”
  7. “I/we could be wrong, but…”

Meeting request sales email subject lines

If you’re looking to schedule a meeting with a client or prospective client, an email is a perfect way to do so. The subject line can play a big role in influencing how they respond to that request, and is a great way to set the tone for the upcoming meeting.

Check out some straightforward and humorous ways to start the conversation with your email recipients:

  1. “Meeting request”
  2. “Schedule a meeting for [Date]”
  3. “Meeting invite for [Date] at [Time]”
  4. “Are you free to meet/connect?”
  5. “Save the date”
  6. “Eager to meet you”
  7. “U free?”
  8. “Thanks for reaching out — let’s meet!”
  9. “Have time to chat on [Date]?”
  10. “Got any plans on [Date]?
  11. “Let’s catch up”
  12. “We should follow up”
  13. “You. Me. Meeting on [Date]. You in?”
  14. “Can you make it to our meeting on [Date]?”

Question subject lines for sales emails

Sometimes the best way to get an answer is to ask the question. Whether you’ve got something specific to talk about to your email recipients or just want to start a conversation, posing a question in your sales email subject line is a great way to grab their attention and get the ball rolling.

  1. “Hey [Name], got a second for a quick chat?”
  2. “Tired of [Pain Point]?”
  3. “You still there, [Name]?”
  4. “Was it something I/we said?”
  5. “Did you find what you were looking for?”
  6. “How can I/we help?”
  7. “Did you hear the big news at [Company]?”

fitbit email subject line

  1. “Tired of salespeople who don’t give up?”
  2. “You rang?”
  3. “Forget something, [Name]?”
  4. “Can I/we help?”
  5. “Have you given up on [Item Customer Previously Viewed]?”
  6. “Oops, did I/we lose you?”
  7. “Psst. Can I/we ask you a question?”

Sales breakup email subject lines

Breakups are tough, but before it’s officially over, it doesn’t hurt to give it one last shot. Sales breakup emails are a good way to get your foot in the door one last time to confirm whether a partnership is over or not. 

  1. “Before I/we go…”
  2. “Should I stay or should I go?
  3. “It’s not you, it’s me”
  4. “A fond farewell”
  5. “Here are a few free resources before I/we go”
  6. “Goodbye from [Company]”
  7. “Thank you from [Company]”
  8. “It’s time to say goodbye”
  9. “*tap tap* Is this thing on?”

ipsy email subject line

  1. “I guess this is goodbye?”
  2. “My/our last email to you”
  3. “Some parting words”
  4. “One final Hail Mary”
  5. “Breakups are hard”
  6. “We’ll never forget you”
  7. “Our final attempt to reach you”
  8. “Let’s reconnect some other time”

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