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How to Leverage Personalization in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you wondering how to leverage personalization in your email marketing campaigns? We’ve got you covered!   If you’ve invested in email marketing, you’re already taking a great step toward building a relationship with your subscribers. You are already […]

5 Features to Look for when Choosing a Suitable CRM Email Integration Software

So you have a customer relationship management (CRM) software but still have difficulty communicating, following up, and nurturing leads. Have you considered integrating your CRM with your email system?   CRM email integration connects your CRM software with your […]

How to Amplify Your Digital Marketing Assets Through Email Marketing

Wondering how to leverage your digital marketing assets through email marketing? We've got you covered! As many industries become more saturated with aggressive marketing competition, email campaigns must be more consistent, clear, and cohesive to avoid failed brand recognition and […]

Top 5 Email Capture Strategies to Implement in 2023

Email capture is a marketing tactic that allows you to expand your email list by encouraging site visitors to provide their email addresses in return for a freebie, such as a discount, an ebook, or a video. The impending […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing Audits [+ Bonus Checklist]

As you build your marketing strategy, you must continually evaluate and improve your methods to drive the best results. Email marketing is no exception. An email marketing audit can help you revamp your strategy for more conversions and higher engagement. […]

How to Increase Email Open Rate: 5 Tips to Get Started

In this video, Internet Marketer Ashley shares five tips for how to increase email open rate. Transcript:  Did you know that 100% of email users have an email account? Mind-blowing email statistic. In all seriousness, people around […]

11 Email Blast Software for 2023 to Send Emails with Ease

With 89% of marketers using email as their primary marketing strategy, there’s no doubt that this strategy is valuable for helping you promote your business. But to get the most from your email marketing, you need to use tools, like […]

What is Email Bounce Rate? (+5 Easy Ways to Lower It!)

What is email bounce rate? Email bounce rate refers to the number of emails you sent to recipients that could not be successfully delivered to their inboxes. Email campaigns have the potential to earn you the highest return on […]

SMS Vs. Email Marketing: Which Channel Drives the Best Results in 2023?

Did you know that 59% of people say that emails influence their purchasing decisions? Or that the average person spends five hours a day on their mobile phone? With these statistics, you might start looking at SMS vs. email marketing […]

6 Best B2B Email Marketing Examples of 2023

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies business-to-business (B2B) companies can implement today. In fact, you can earn $44 for every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign — that’s an impressive 4400% return on investment (ROI)! […]