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5 Tips for Tagging YouTube Videos

Videos are an increasingly popular way to market businesses online. Many businesses have leveraged the growth of YouTube by creating video content to reach their audience. But how can you ensure that your videos appear in YouTube search results?

YouTube video tags will help them appear in the right search results and allow more people to find them. In this post, we’ll provide five tips to help you create better tags for your YouTube videos. Let’s get started!

What are YouTube video tags?

YouTube video tags help people find videos when they search on YouTube.

When looking for videos, your audience will type keywords into the search bar. Videos that are tagged with those keywords appear in the search results. These are tags with keywords that are related to your video.

You want to use relevant keywords for these videos because it helps you attract more qualified leads. It will help your video appear in relevant search results, too. When you post a video to YouTube, you can use multiple tags to help attract relevant leads to your video.

It’s a great way to ensure that you reach people who use different keywords to find videos like yours.

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5 tips to help you create impactful YouTube tags

YouTube video tags are a great way for your business to obtain more valuable leads. You’ll attract people that are more interested in your videos by using YouTube video tags. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your tags!

1. Conduct keyword research

If you want to find the right keywords for your video tags, you need to conduct keyword research. Keyword research helps you find various keyword possibilities for your videos. It’s a great tool that helps your business find keywords you may not have thought of on your own.

You want to rank for related keywords to ensure that more valuable leads will find your page. Your audience won’t necessarily use one keyword. It’s good to have a variety of related keywords for your YouTube video tags to ensure that you capture leads that use different, but related keywords.

The best way to find keywords for your YouTube videos is through keyword research tools. These tools will help you see a list of potential keywords you can use for your videos. You want to try to at least use a handful of other keywords that are related to your original keyword.

Normally when you conduct keyword research, you want to focus on long-tail keywords because they provide better leads for your business. Long-tail keywords are keywords that contain three or more words, as opposed to short-tail keywords that only contain one or two. When you run a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, you normally focus on long-tail keywords to generate better results.

YouTube tags are an exception to this rule. When you tag your YouTube videos, you want to use both short-tail and long-tail keywords. Both keywords give better context to your video.

By conducting keyword research, you will have better tags for your video. They will help your YouTube videos appear in more relevant search results.

2. Research competitors

When you want to figure out the right tags for your YouTube videos, one option is to look at your competitors. Check out their videos and see what tags they use. It’s a great opportunity for you to see what your competitors are doing.

This will help you see what keywords they are using that you aren’t using. It helps your business generate ideas for more keywords. If you know your competitors are using certain keywords, you can integrate those keywords into your tags to help your business compete against them.

By checking out the competition’s tags, you’ll get a better idea of the keywords you are missing. You will be able to integrate these keywords into your own YouTube video tags to help your videos rank better.

3. Use plural and singular forms of keywords

When you use keywords in your tags, it’s important that you use both singular and plural forms of keywords. Users conduct searches using different types of keywords. Some may use singular forms while others use plural forms, so it is important that you have tags for both.

Let’s say someone was looking for a video about how to change a flat tire. If you have a video on this subject, you’d want to integrate a tag like “change a flat tire.” In this case, you’d also want to include the tag “change flat tires” to ensure that you appear in results for both keywords. You wouldn’t want to miss out on appearing in search results because you only had the plural or singular form.

By integrating both forms, you will help more leads find your YouTube videos.

4. Use keyword variations

Your audience will use different phrases to find the right YouTube video. Aside from the singular and plural forms, your audience will change the order of keywords to find the best results. It is important that you include variations of keywords in your tags to ensure you appear in those results.

Let’s go back to how to change a flat tire example. One person may search “how to change a flat tire” while another person may search “flat tire how to change.” These two searches have the same goal in mind, but they use different phrases to try to find the right video. In this case, you would want to include a tag for both phrases.

It ensures that people who search one phrase or the other will still find your YouTube video. This is something important to remember when you conduct keyword research. When you find keywords that you want to use in your YouTube video tags, think about how someone may alter that keyword.

You can use some of these alterations as additional keywords for your video. You can also use YouTube’s search bar to help you figure out variations of your keyword. What are users typing in with your keyword to find a video like yours?

It gives you a good idea of how users go about finding the right video. When you use YouTube’s search bar, you can integrate some of these keywords into your tags to help your video appear in those results. This will help your video appear in front of users who are searching with those popular key terms.

5. Make sure your tags support your title and description

If you want to make the biggest impact with your YouTube videos, you need to ensure that your YouTube video tags correlate with the subject of your video. So, you posted a video titled “How to Change a Flat Tire.” Your description details the various steps to change a tire and how your video will help users accomplish this task. Now, the most important question: What kind of tags would you use to correlate with your title and description?

If you’re thinking about broad keywords, you may use keywords like “tire,” “car,” “flat tire,” and other related keywords. For long-tail keywords, you may focus on “how to change a flat tire,” or “flat tire how to change.” This would create a cohesive video campaign and ensure that your videos appear in the right search results on YouTube. Some companies make the mistake of using popular tags that aren’t related to their videos.

You want to avoid doing this because YouTube will ban your channel if they see you are using tags for ranking purposes rather than descriptive purposes. Even if you use popular keywords that are unrelated, you aren’t attracting people who are interested in your business. You are attracting people who are interested in that keyword, rather than people interested in your business.

It is best to use tags that relate to your video to drive in the most valuable leads for your business.

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Start tagging YouTube videos today!

Tagging will help your YouTube videos rank in relevant search results. You’ll reach more valuable leads — people who are more interested in your content.

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