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Backlink Checker: Get Your Free Backlink Report in 60 Seconds

Backlinks are critical to helping your site rank in search results, but how do you find out who’s linking to your site? With WebFX’s SEO Checker, you’ll get insight into your link profile and so much more! Keep reading to learn more about our backlink checker and get some tips on how you can earn more credible links for your business!

Check your backlinks now with our backlink checker tool

Want to learn the quality of your links and how your score stacks up?

Check out our Backlink Checker!

Our Free Backlink Checker

When you use our free backlink checker, here’s what you’ll get

Your backlink score

When you use our tool to check links, you’ll get a backlink score. This score is based on an analysis of your link profile and looks at the quality and quantity of them.

Your report will show your score, the impact your links have on your score, and how easy or challenging it is to improve your score and profile.

backlink score So, what does this mean?

The quality of your links is fundamental to your score. You want to get backlinks from reputable authorities in your industry to help increase your business’s authority.

When you have more high-quality links, you will have a better score.

The quantity of your links also plays a fundamental role in determining your score as well. You want to have multiple, reputable links to your site to increase your authority and score. Having 30 reputable links will make a more significant impact than 5 reputable links.

When looking at your backlink score, remember that the quality is more critical than the quantity. So, if you see you have a low score but know you have, say, 100 backlinks, you need to revise the quality of those links to see if they’re helping your site. If your score isn’t where you want it, don’t worry!

We offer insightful tips to help you improve your score and get more high-quality links. backlink tips Want to jump straight into tips for improvement? Get more tips in the next section!

4 tips for improving your backlink score

If you’ve checked your link score and don’t like what you see, don’t worry!

You can always improve your backlink profile. Here are four tips to help you start improving today!

1. Create high-quality content

To help you earn more links for your business, focus on creating high-quality content. Content creation is fundamental to building a better backlink profile. When you put out high-quality and informative pieces, you increase the likelihood that someone will find it helpful and link to it.

So, how do you start creating high-quality content? First, focus on topics that are relevant to your industry. What are some things that people in your target audience want to know?

What are people searching about your industry? You want to focus on topics within your industry to ensure that industry authorities will want to link to your content. Once you generate topics, you can search them on the web to see what other content people created about the subject.

It will help you create content that’s informative and meets the user’s search intent. When you create your content, focus on filling it with information your audience needs and can use. Don’t fill it with fluff or shortchange your readers.

Provide them with in-depth information that helps answer their questions and leaves them feeling informed. More industry authorities will see the value in your information and be more likely to link to it by focusing on high-quality content.

2. Focus on quality vs. quantity

We touched on this a bit earlier, but it’s fundamental that you focus on your backlinks’ quality rather than the quantity. When you monitor your links, you can see your score and identify what types of backlinks your site is earning. The goal is to have a variety of high-quality links to your site, but to start doing that, you need to focus on getting high-quality links.

When you’re trying to earn backlinks, focus on reaching out to authorities in your industry. It’s often helpful to create a list of the top authorities in your industry that you can reach out to — but avoid creating a list of the most prominent authorities in your industry, as you’ll struggle to get links. For example, let’s say you own a nature preserve.

A top tier backlinker for your business might be someone like National Geographic, but if you only focus on getting links from them, you will struggle. Instead, you can look at some more possible backlink opportunities, like wildlife bloggers or well-known wildlife experts. By creating a list of link opportunities, you can help your business focus on reaching out to those industry authorities to help you build your profile.

3. Look for broken links on industry authority site

After looking at your site through a website backlink checker, you might want to find opportunities to earn more links. An excellent opportunity to earn more backlinks is to look for broken links on industry authority sites. Broken links are harmful to SEO and users alike.

Users experience frustration when they click on a link, but it doesn’t take them anywhere. It can drive people away, which sends a negative signal to Google. So, if you comb industry authority sites and find broken links, you can use this as an opportunity to reach out to those industry authorities and let them know about the broken link.

You can then suggest they link to a page on your website as a replacement. When you use this method, don’t be too aggressive and forward by only providing a link to your site. You can create a small list of 3-4 relevant sites to show them you’re helpful, while also trying to earn a backlink to your site.

Taking this less aggressive approach makes you more likely to earn links. The industry authority will appreciate you letting them know of the broken link and will, in return, be more likely to link to your site.

4. Don’t buy links

When you use a free backlink checker, you may find you don’t have as many links as you’d like. You may be looking for a quick solution and realize that you can buy links to build your backlink profile. While this may seem like a great option, you should avoid purchasing links.

Buying links means you can get many links from sites that are spammy or not very authoritative. They can end up hurting your link profile more than helping it. Not to mention, Google can tell when links are spammy or purchased.

So, even though you may think you can get it past Google, but the algorithm will detect it, and it will hurt your site’s ranking in search results.

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Get your backlink score with our free backlink checker!

Want to see your site’s current score? Use our free backlink checker to get your report in a minute!

If you need help making improvements to your link score, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our SEO services!

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