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How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score: 6 Effective Tactics

Are you unhappy with your ad performance? Google paid ads can be tricky to optimize, and if they’re not driving the results you want, you may be struggling to find a way to improve your Quality Score in Google Ads. That’s why we’ve compiled several effective tactics for how to improve Google Ads Quality Score.

In this post, we’ll explore how to improve your Google Ads Quality Score, so read on for more information.

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What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

Quality Score is a Google Ads’ metric that assesses the overall quality of your paid ads. It looks at things like how user-friendly the ads are and how likely they are to drive clicks. A high Quality Score indicates a successful ad, making Google more likely to give you a better ad placement.

To be clear, Google doesn’t use Quality Score as a direct factor in how it ranks your ads.

The way your ads appear is determined by Ad Rank, a similar metric. But Quality Score looks at many of the same factors as Ad Rank, making it a valuable metric to maximize.

Read on for a list of Quality Score tips to try!

How to improve your Google Ads Quality Score

If you want to boost your Quality Score, you’ll want to optimize your Google Ads. Focus on doing things that will improve your ads’ overall performance, particularly when it comes to boosting your click-through rate (CTR).

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to improve Google Ads Quality Score.

Here are six Quality Score tips to help you make effective Google Ads improvements for your campaigns!

1. Bid on relevant keywords

Keywords are vital to your paid ad campaigns. When you bid on keywords, you tell Google where you want your ads to appear. But to obtain a high Quality Score, it’s critical to target the right keywords — specifically, relevant ones.

Let’s say you sell backpacks and suitcases, and you want to run an ad for them.

If the ad focuses more on backpacks, you probably shouldn’t bid on a keyword like “heavy-duty suitcases,” because that isn’t very relevant to the content of your ad.

This scenario goes both ways, of course — just as you should choose keywords that are relevant to your ads, you should create ads that are relevant to your keywords.

2. Optimize your ad groups

Ad groups are a feature of Google Ads that makes it easier for you to organize your promotional content. They’re basically groups of ads and keywords that go together.

As an example, let’s say you want to advertise your office chairs. To do that, you could create several different ads for the same product.

You might also want to target several different keywords that include the phrase “office chair.”

By putting all those ads and keywords together in an ad group, you’d set it up so that all the ads in that group would appear for all the keywords, resulting in a variety of ad combinations.

When you do this, though, be sure all your ads and keywords work together. Double-check that every possible ad and keyword combination makes sense within each given ad group.

3. Use negative keywords

While most keywords are meant to show Google which searches your ads should appear in, negative keywords do the opposite — they tell Google where to avoid displaying your ads.

Let’s say you sell printers, so you target “printers for sale” as one of your keywords. Google might target variations on that keyword, including “3D printers for sale.” If you don’t sell 3D printers, you don’t want your ads showing up in that search.

By adding “3D” as a negative keyword, you can avoid wasting your ad resources on irrelevant searches. That will lead to a higher overall CTR since your ads will only be showing up for interested users — and that, in turn, will improve your Quality Score.

4. Write compelling ad copy

Another of the best Quality Score tactics to use is to create ad copy that draws in users. By “ad copy,” we mean the heading and description that appears in search results. Whatever you write, you should aim to drive users to click, as that will ultimately improve your CTR.

For example, if you’re advertising TVs, don’t title your ad “Buy our TVs on our website.” That’s not very compelling.

Instead, write a heading that says something like, “Best flat screen TVs around — shop deals at [your company].” Words like “best” and “deals” will jump out at users and entice clicks.

5. Match your ad copy with your landing pages

As critical as it is to write compelling ad copy, be sure you’re not misleading users with it. If your ad copy indicates one thing and your landing page offers another, users won’t be happy — and neither will Google.

If you want to improve your Quality Score, you need your ad copy and landing pages to match. That means you need to be careful with your wording.

Don’t advertise a “special discount” in your heading if you don’t make any mention of a discount on your landing page.

When your landing pages and ad copy are in sync, users will engage more, and Google will take notice.

6. Simplify your landing pages

Last on our list of Quality Score tactics for improvement is simplifying your landing pages. When users click on your ads, they should be overwhelmed by how much is happening on the page. Don’t put a bunch of buttons on the page or make them read long paragraphs of text.

Instead, keep things simple.

Only provide critical details relevant to your ad copy and direct visitors to a central call to action (CTA). The landing page should make it abundantly clear what you want them to do, with minimal clutter on the page.


home depot garage door landing page


As a result, you’ll end up driving more conversions, which will help boost your Quality Score.

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