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5 Fantastic Marketing RFP Examples (And How to Write Your Request for Proposal)

When you need a digital marketing partner to help your company drive revenue, you’ll want to write a request for proposal (RFP). RFPs enable you to collect information and quotes from various agencies to choose the best one that will help you achieve your goals.

If you need help writing an RFP that helps you gather the information you need to weigh your options, we’ve got a list of six RFP examples just for you.

So just keep reading or download one of our free RFP templates right away!

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6 best RFP examples and templates to help you find the best partner

Check out these six best RFP examples to help you find the best digital marketing partner for your company:

  1. Digital marketing RFP
  2. Web design RFP
  3. Web marketing services RFP
  4. SEO RFP
  5. Social media services RFP

Digital marketing RFP template

Digital marketing RFP example

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Looking to hire a digital marketing agency to help you implement effective marketing strategies that expand your online presence and boost your awareness? This RFP sample is for you!

In this template, you can list which digital marketing strategies you want to invest in, your current marketing goals, and more!

Web design RFP template

Web design RFP example

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Are you searching for an experienced web design agency that can help you build the website of your dreams? We’ve got the perfect web design RFP just for you.

In this template, you can describe the number and types of pages you need to be designed, what you’d like your website to look like, what you would like to achieve with your website, and more.

Web marketing services RFP template

Web marketing RFP example

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Still searching for examples of RFPs to help you find the best web marketing services for your company? We’ve got you covered.

In this free web marketing RFP template, you can detail what you’re looking for in a web marketing partner, which strategies you want to invest in, and more.

SEO RFP template

SEO RFP example

Download Now

Want to outrank your competitors in search results with the help of a professional search engine optimization (SEO) agency? This SEO RFP sample is just for you!

You can use this template to detail your SEO goals, what you would like your SEO agency to help you achieve, and more.

Social media services RFP template

Social media RFP example

Download Now

If you’re searching for a social media agency that can help you expand your online presence on social media platforms, download this free social media RFP.

You can use this free template to detail what you’re looking for in a social media agency, what goals you would like to achieve with your social media campaign, and more.

How to write an RFP in 5 easy steps

So, you’ve got your marketing RFP examples and templates, but how can you make sure you effectively write one to get critical information from potential partners?

Here’s how to write an RFP in five easy steps:

  1. Establish your goals, project, and budget
  2. Introduce your company
  3. Detail the services you’re looking for
  4. Describe your needs
  5. Proofread and send your RFP

1. Establish your goals, project, and budget

Before you start writing your RFP, it’s essential to take the time to first consider your goals, project, and budget.

What do you want to accomplish? For example, do you want to drive more traffic to your website or communicate with your audience on social media?

What budget do you have to spend on marketing services? What digital marketing projects do you want to invest in? For example, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, you might want to invest in SEO services.

Once you’ve established your goals, project, and budget, you can communicate them in your RFP so your potential marketing agency can explain how they can help you achieve your goals and complete your projects.

2. Introduce your company

Next, you’ll want to introduce your company to provide the agency with some background information. For example, you can mention your company’s name, what types of products or services you offer, and your industry.

By giving background information about your business, you can help your potential partners better understand your current market, industry landscape, and challenges. As a result, they can describe how they can help your unique business reach your goals.

3. Detail the services you’re looking for

Now that you’ve introduced your business, it’s time to describe the specific services you’re looking for.

Do you want to design a website that drives more conversions? Would you like to launch a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign that increases sales?

Whatever service you need, whether web design or online advertising services, be sure to include it in your RFP. Then, your potential partner can tell you more about their services so you can better evaluate if they will be a good fit.

4. Describe your needs

You should also be sure to write about your company’s needs in your RFP.

For example, are you looking for a digital marketing partner offering consulting expertise to guide you on which strategies you should implement for maximum revenue?

Or are you searching for do-it-for-me digital marketing services that enable you to implement and manage effective marketing strategies with no effort on your part?

Whatever you need in a marketing partner, be sure to communicate it in your RFP.

5. Proofread and send your RFP

Once you’ve finished writing your RFP, it’s time to proofread it and send it to potential agencies.

Then, you can compare the responses as they roll in. Be sure to take note of the agency’s services, how they propose they can help you achieve your business goals and their quote for your project.

Once you’ve found an agency that seems like the perfect fit for your business, you can let them know you’re ready to get started. Then, all that’s left to do is watch the revenue roll in.

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Put these RFP examples to use

RFPs lay the foundation for your selection process. That’s why it’s essential to write an RFP that clearly communicates your needs and goals to find the best agency that will help your business grow.

Oh, and did we mention that WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency? We’ve helped companies drive over [stat revenue-simplified in revenue over the past few years, and we’d love to help you drive results too!

Download one of our free RFP templates and then request your free proposal from one of our strategists to learn how we can help you grow your business!

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