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6 Social Media Campaign Examples You’ll Want to Copy

6 Social Media Campaign Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Did you know that 70% of Americans use social media? Or that 50% of people follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services?

Social media platforms are an excellent place for you to market your business to interested prospects, help them get to know your brand, and nurture them into customers. To be successful on social media, you need to create engaging campaigns for your audience.

On this page, we’ll provide you with social media campaign examples from some of the top companies across the U.S., including:

  1. Dove
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Spotify
  4. KitchenAid
  5. Adweek
  6. Skittles

Keep reading to get inspired by these successful social media campaigns!

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6 social media campaign examples that will inspire you

Ready to dive into our list of the best social media campaigns? Check out these campaigns from across different types of social media to get inspiration now!

1. Dove –– #NoDigitalDistortion

First on our list of social media campaign examples comes from Dove. Dove created their campaign movement, #NoDigitalDistortion, to encourage girls to embrace their natural beauty and size.

Body positivity post on Instagram in partnership with Dove

Dove uses the #NoDigitalDistortion on their campaign posts to invite their audience to join the movement and encourage them to post content using the hashtag.

Why Dove is a great social media campaign example

Dove’s #NoDigitalDistortion is one of the best social media campaigns because it appeals directly to most of their audience: Women. With today’s society continually pushing the “perfect” image of a woman, Dove decided to focus on natural beauty and the diversity of women.

As a result, their campaign speaks to their audience and helps them build positive feelings around their brand.

When you create your social media campaigns, think about what matters to your audience and how you can resonate and connect with them. It will help you create more effective social media campaigns.

2. Wendy’s –– #NationalRoastDay

Next on our list of successful social media campaigns is Wendy’s #NationalRoastDay. Wendy’s Twitter account is known for its sassy comments and funny interactions with followers. One campaign has captured the attention of their audience –– #NationalRoastDay.

Wendy's posting a tweet on Twitter about National Roast Day

On this day, Wendy’s invites people to write “Roast me” below their post and spends the day roasting people who comment.

Wendy's tweeting roasts

This campaign garnered so much attention that even bands like Underoath and organizations like Esports joined in on the fun.

Underoath tweeting as Wendy's to roast them

Why Wendy’s is a great social media campaign example

Wendy’s #NationalRoastDay is one of the most successful social media campaigns because it fits their brand. Wendy’s creates sassy and fun tweets throughout the year because it’s what their audience likes. Their #NationalRoastDay campaign fits right in with their brand.

When creating your social media campaigns, think about what type of campaigns are on-brand for your business. You want to create campaigns that fit your brand’s personality, so you deliver an authentic experience for your audience.

3. Spotify –– #SpotifyWrapped

Next on our list of the best social media campaigns comes from Spotify. Every year, Spotify runs their #SpotifyWrapped campaign, where they invite their audience to share their playlists of songs they listened to throughout the year.

Spotify tweeting about Spotify Wrapped

Users from across the country share their music playlists with friends and family to show them what songs they listened to the most, what artists they liked best, and more.

Why Spotify is a great social media campaign example

This social media campaign example is a great way to show how you can use user-generated content (UGC) to propel your campaigns. Spotify provides users with the opportunity to share their unique Spotify Wrapped playlist on their social media.

As a result, they can reach more people who aren’t using their service yet.

When you craft your social media campaigns, consider how you can use user-generated content to propel your business’s message. This content can serve as an excellent medium for helping you provide a genuine experience of your brand and earn more qualified prospects as a result.

4. KitchenAid –– #PretendCookingShow

Next on our list of social media campaign examples comes from KitchenAid. KitchenAid partnered with Jennifer Garner to create the #PretendCookingShow campaign. Jennifer Garner is known for making quirky, realistic at-home cooking videos, and KitchenAid jumped on creating a partnership with her.

With this campaign, KitchenAid features Garner making different recipes using the KitchenAid mixer. The video follows all her antics as she tries to cook different recipes.

KitchenAid Instagram post with Jennifer Garner

Why KitchenAid is a great social media campaign example

KitchenAid and one of the best examples of successful social media campaigns because they partnered with an influencer that fits their niche. Garner was already making cooking videos that people enjoyed watching. It was a no-brainer to have her serve as a product ambassador for them.

Garner was also already a fan of the KitchenAid mixer and used it in previous videos she created. As a result, KitchenAid chose an ambassador who loves their brand already and creates content relevant to their product.

If you opt to partner with social media influencers for your campaigns, look for people who are already a fan of your brand or have similar interests related to your brand. It will help you connect with an influencer that can more authentically present and post about your brand!

5. Adweek –– #MarchAdness

Next on our list of social campaign examples comes from Adweek. Their campaign, #MarchAdness, coincides with March Madness and creates a battle between brands.

AdWeek tweeting their March Adness contest

With this campaign, Adweek gets their followers to vote on which brands have better advertising campaigns. These brands go head-to-head and match up through the different brackets, until it’s down to the last two brands.

Poll about the AdWeek March Adness

Once the votes are in, Adweek establishes a winner of the tournament.

Why Adweek is a great social media campaign example

Adweek has one of the best social campaign examples because they focus on engaging their audience. Creating these matchups and using polls to get the results creates interactive content that encourages the audience to participate.

When you create social media content for your business, think about how you can make it engaging and interactive for your audience. Whether you share videos or create polls, you want to help your content stand out to boost engagement.

6. Skittles –– #VoteSkittles

Last on our list of the best social campaign examples comes from Skittles. Twitter Marketing created a competition to crown the company with the best tweets (#BestOfTweets). Skittles was in the competition and, using their #VoteSkittles tag, encouraged people to vote for them to win each battle.

They took a fun and unique approach to encouraging people to vote for them.

In their matchup against Xbox, Skittles pulled out all the stops to try and win the contest. They tweeted to Xbox rivals like PlayStation and Nintendo to get them on board.

Skittle tweeting trying to beat XBox in a Twitter contest

Skittles even posted a funny photo of them messaging Microsoft Support (the owners of Xbox), asking them for help getting more votes.

Skittles posting an image of them talking to Microsoft support asking for more votes

Skittles also tried to get the hashtag “#VoteSkittles” trending by “threatening” to create a Skittles and M&M candy collaboration.

Skittles posting a prank photo of their candy mixed with M&Ms

Overall, Skittles created numerous funny and interesting posts to get their followers to engage with their content and vote for them in the contest.

Why Skittles is a great social media campaign example

Skittles has one of the best social media campaigns because they brought a humorous touch to their content. They decided to have fun with their audience by making jokes and creating absurd products.

When you create social media content, think about how you can have fun with your audience to get them to engage with your content. You don’t always have to make jokes or funny posts to be fun –– something as simple as asking an interesting question can garner fun answers and conversation.

Did these social media campaign examples inspire you?

If you’re feeling inspired by this list of successful social media campaigns, it’s time to start creating your own! But if you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry –– WebFX can help.

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