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11 Paid & Free Sales Trackers for Tracking Your Performance

If you want your business to drive revenue, you need to track your sales to ensure you’re driving the results you desire. With a sales tracker, you can monitor how many sales you make, your revenue, and more!

On this page, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about sales activity tracking, including:

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5 types of online sales tracker spreadsheets you can create

When you’re looking into sales activity tracking, you may want to create your own spreadsheet to help track sales. Here are five types of sales tracking spreadsheets you can create:

  1. Lead tracking spreadsheets: This type of sales tracking template helps you track your sales goals, forecast sales, and more. You’ll track information like the source of your leads, the estimated value, and forecast closure. This spreadsheet setup helps you track critical information about your leads.
  2. Weekly sales tracking spreadsheet: With this spreadsheet setup, you focus on tracking lead activity every week and see if these leads are closer to reaching your goals. Weekly sales tracking spreadsheets help you keep tabs on leads more closely to see if they’re close to converting.
  3. Sales funnel spreadsheets: If you opt to use the sales funnel spreadsheet as your sales tracking template, you’ll focus on viewing your sales activity through leads’ progress in the sales funnel. You can see what actions happen at each stage to improve your marketing and sales tactics.
  4. Sales pipeline spreadsheet: This sales activity tracker sheet works like the sales funnel spreadsheet –– you use your sales pipeline to track what actions prospects take at different stages in the pipeline. It helps you identify how well sales flow through your pipeline and where choke points may occur.
  5. Customer retention spreadsheet: A key part of earning sales for your business is retaining customers, so they become repeat customers. With a customer retention tracking spreadsheet, you can easily keep track of your customers and encourage them to continue buying.

6 sales trackers that do the work for you

After looking at all the sales tracking templates you can use, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about logging all that data on your own. Instead of manually logging data through sales tracking spreadsheets, consider using an online sales tracker.

Here are six sales trackers that make it easy for you to track your data:

Sales tracker #1: Thryv

Cost: Contact for quote

First on our list of sales trackers is Thryv. This software is a great option if you’re a small business looking for all-in-one software that helps you increase your online presence and earn more sales.

Homepage for thryv's website

With Thryv, you’ll get great features like:

  • Appointment scheduling features
  • Storage of customer’s contact information
  • Creation of payment plans
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • And more

Thryv provides small businesses with the features it needs to manage and track customers’ information they need to boost sales.

Sales tracker #2: MarketingCloudFX

Cost: View Pricing

If you’re looking for a sales activity tracker that’s more than a sales tracking spreadsheet, MarketingCloudFX is the solution for you. This all-in-one proprietary marketing software provides you with everything you need to track sales data, gain insight, and drive more revenue for your business.

A WebFX employee on a call at their desk with a blue bubble saying insights from our experts

With MarketingCloudFX, you’ll get great features like:

All these features help you do more with your sales data so you can maximize revenue for your business.

Sales tracker #3: SalesNOW

Cost: $20 per user per month

If you’re looking for a sales activity tracker that provides you with everything you need, check out SalesNOW. This platform is a great option for tracking sales data, so you can increase revenue for your business.

Homepage for SalesNOW

With SalesNOW, you can:

  • Manage client relationships
  • Track client details
  • Track and manage sales leads
  • Create custom data fields
  • And more

This sales activity tracker is a great solution if you want to track and manage your sales leads.

Sales tracker #4: Salesdash

Cost: $20-$80 per user per month

If you’re looking for an effective tool that’s better than using sales tracking templates, Salesdash is a great option. This software is built to help business-to-business (B2B) businesses manage their clients and sales data.

Homepage for SalesDash

With this tool, you can:

  • Follow up with clients
  • See where prospects are in the sales journey
  • Customize sales data reporting
  • Send personalized emails to earn sales
  • And more

This sales tracking software is a great option for helping you turn more clients into revenue for your business.

Sales tracker #5: Keap

Cost: $129+ per month

Another great sales activity tracking tool is Keap. Keap enables you to gather more leads and convert them into clients that grow your business.

Homepage for Keap software

You’ll get numerous great features with Keap, including:

  • Email automation
  • Lead capturing
  • Personalized automation triggers
  • Message templates
  • And more

Keap can help you keep track of your prospects so you can automatically deliver personalized messages that turn them into sales for your business.

Sales tracker #6: Spiro

Cost: Contact for quote

The last tool we’ll cover on this list of online sales trackers is Spiro. Spiro is a great tracking tool that helps you gain full visibility of prospects and improve your sales.

Homepage for Spiro's software

You’ll get everything you need to earn more sales and revenue, including:

This sales tracker will help you gather data that’s most valuable to your business so you can boost revenue and grow your company.

MarketingCloudFX is the sales tracker you need to boost revenue

Having an automated online sales tracker is a game-changing move that will help you collect data efficiently and use that data to power your marketing and sales. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you do it all, MarketingCloudFX is the solution for you.

Our proprietary marketing software helps you do everything from nurturing leads to automating data collection to making data-backed marketing moves.

Want to learn more about MarketingCloudFX? Contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist today!

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