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SEO for Alibaba: 5 Tips for Doing Alibaba SEO

Selling on Alibaba is a great way to help you reach more people looking for your products. But if you find your products aren’t ranking well in search or aren’t selling as much as you’d like, you may need to look at your SEO services. SEO for Alibaba is critical to helping you sell more products.

But where do you start with Alibaba SEO? On this page, we’ll provide you with five tips for getting started, including:

  1. Conduct Keyword Research
  2. Get Familiar With Keyword Optimization
  3. Optimize Your Product Title
  4. Give A Detailed Product Description
  5. Use High-Quality Images

Keep reading to learn more about how to optimize for the Alibaba search engine!

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Alibaba SEO tip #1: Conduct keyword research

To get started with SEO for Alibaba, you must conduct keyword research. When people search for products on Alibaba, they use keywords to help them find what they want.

So, if you’re going to improve your Alibaba SEO, start by searching for relevant keywords. You can find relevant keywords in multiple ways:

Using a keyword research tool

You can use a Google keyword research tool, like KeywordsFX, to help you find terms related to your product. For example, if you sell fabric storage baskets, you can pop that term into a keyword research tool and see what other keywords come up.

  keyword list for products   You can gather a list of terms and determine which terms work best for your product listings.

Look at top product listings

If you want to find additional keywords outside using a keyword research tool, you can try looking at the top-ranking listings for your type of products. This process is more time-consuming, as you must comb through every product listing, but it can give you an idea of what keywords your competition uses. For example, if you’re selling fabric storage baskets, you may look at the top-ranking product listings to see what other keywords they use.

You can look in the product description to see if they use any relevant keywords that you can add to your list.   Keywords in a product description on Alibaba

Check out Popular Search Keywords

Another option for finding keywords to help you rank better in the Alibaba search engine is to use the Popular Search Keywords feature. When you add keywords to your product listings, this feature will appear as you type in the box.

You can use this list of keyword suggestions to help generate ideas for product keywords.

Look at auto keyword fill

The last place you can look for keywords for Alibaba SEO is on Alibaba’s main website. When you start to type a term into the bar, you can see keywords based on previously searched-for products.   List of suggested keywords from Alibaba's search bar   This method can help you discover keywords for your products that people use. Important note about product keywords: Keep in mind, you can only have three keywords for each product listing.

So, if you generate a long list of keywords, you’ll need to narrow them down to the three most important keywords for your products.

Alibaba SEO tip #2: Get familiar with Keyword Optimization

If you want to do SEO for Alibaba right, you need to get familiar with Keyword Optimization. You can access this tool by going into your Alibaba account and following this path:

Products > Listing Optimization Tools > Keyword Optimization

With this tool, you can see the search frequency of your keywords to see how often people search them. Additionally, you can see four different scenarios for your keywords:

  • High views and low clicks
  • High views and high clicks
  • Low views and high clicks
  • Low views and low clicks

Generally, you want to focus on keywords that perform well in “high views and high clicks” and “low views and high clicks.” These two categories indicate that your keywords are relevant to the searcher’s needs, and, as a result, they click on your listing more often. By monitoring your keywords, you can determine which ones help you perform best in search results. You can also nix any underperforming keywords and try new ones to help drive better results for your product listings.

Alibaba SEO tip #3: Optimize your product title

Next on our list of SEO tips for Alibaba is to optimize your product title.

Your product title is one of the first things shoppers see with your listing. If you want to help your product listings perform better in search results, take time to develop high-quality product titles. When you create your product title, you want it to be descriptive and informative for your audience.

  Product title for fabric bins on Alibaba   Describe what you’re selling and the features of it. Being specific will help people get a better idea of what product you’re offering. As you create your product title, avoid stuffing it with keywords.

Instead, only use one of your keywords, and use it once, to show it’s relevant to the search. The rest of your product title should focus on essential details of your product, like the materials, size, and usage of the item.

Alibaba SEO tip #4: Give a detailed product description

If you want to do Alibaba SEO right, you need to have a detailed product description. If you generate clicks from having a killer, descriptive product title, you don’t want to drop the ball once leads click on your listing.

You must provide them with more details about what you offer, so they can ultimately decide if your product fits their needs best. You can opt to do an all-text description or use images and text. In this example, you can see the seller highlights the significant features of their product in bolded letters and provides a description behind it.

  Product description for a fabric bin on Alibaba   In another example for a similar product, the seller opted to take a visual approach to provide their product details.   Product description that contains an image of a fabric bin   When you create an informative and helpful product description, you keep more searchers engaged and drive them to convert.

Alibaba SEO tip #5: Use high-quality images

The last thing you’ll want to do for Alibaba SEO is to use high-quality images. In addition to your product title and keyword usage, your product image impacts whether people engage with your listing and choose to buy what you offer.

You need to use high-quality product images to entice prospects to click on your listing. If you have grainy, stretched, or cluttered product photos, your audience won’t look at your product listings, and you won’t perform well on the Alibaba search engine. The best photos to use will focus solely on your product and have a white background, like the examples below.

A white background makes it easier for shoppers to focus on the product and determine if it’s a good fit for their needs.   Product photos for fabric containers   By using high-quality images, you’ll help your product listings perform better in search and drive more qualified leads as a result.

Get started with SEO for Alibaba today

With these SEO tips for Alibaba, your business will be fast on its way to driving more qualified traffic and sales through this platform. If you need help optimizing your listings on Alibaba, WebFX can lend you a hand.

We have a team of over 500 marketing experts that know how to do Alibaba SEO and improve your listing performance. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, you can feel confident we’ll help you drive more leads and sales from your listings. Additionally, with our ecommerce marketing services, we can help you market your products better beyond Alibaba!

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