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Learning MooTools: 20 MooTools Tutorials and Examples

Web Design

There are literally over a hundred of JavaScript frameworks out there that make writing complex client-side code significantly easier. If you're in the market for a powerful, relatively lightweight, and customizable JavaScript framework, MooTools is worth checking out. To help […]

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15 Tools to Help You Develop Faster Web Pages

Web Design

Response times, availability, and stability are vital factors to bear in mind when creating and maintaining a web application. If you're concerned about your web pages' speed or want to make sure you're in tip-top shape before starting or launching […]

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Web-based Favicon Generators and Favicon Resources

Web Design

Your website's favicon is a key trademark to its look. It shows up in the navigation bar as well as on browser tabs (for most browsers at least), helping users quickly pick out your website out of the crowd. Creating […]

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Readers Pick: 16 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

Web Design

A while back I wrote "Where to Go to Find Design Inspiration", where I listed some of my favorite places to peruse when I'm looking for design inspiration. At the end, I posed the following question to the readers: "Where […]

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Web Design

Create a Nice, Lightweight JavaScript Tooltip

Editor's note: This tutorial was written by Michael Leigeber, a web designer and .NET developer who runs the Leigeber Web Development Blog - a blog that's setting the blogging community buzzing with his beautiful, lightweight JavaScript solutions. View the JavaScript […]

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25 Excellent Ajax Techniques and Examples

Web Design

Ajax allows for rich-internet applications that mimic the responsiveness and complex user interfaces typically associated with desktop applications. Moving applications to the web browser opens many possibilities, including the ability to save user data, connecting with other users for collaboration […]

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Why Do You Only Have One Website?

Search Engine Optimization

Let's say... Your business, Quality Firearm Cases, has a problem. Demand for your product has plummeted and revenues are falling fast. You're leaning on an unlikely side product to stay afloat: plastic tubes for telescopes. Turns out gun cases and […]

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Fantastic, Free Calendar and Datepicker Scripts

Web Design

Web applications often require a calendar or datepicker functionality. Whether it's a web form that requests the user's date of birth, a content management system that needs to display a calendar of events on a side column, or an application […]

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30 Websites to Follow if You’re into Web Development

Web Design

Here's some of the websites I keep track of to find new techniques, resources, and news about building websites.

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paper clips
Web Design

Using Paper Clips in a Web Design: Examples for Inspiration

A designer's creativity is often showcased in the little details and touches that he or she incorporates in a design. Using common, familiar objects as design elements to accent and ornament a web page is a wonderful way of showcasing […]

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