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6 Tips for Building Social Media Brand Awareness

Social media plays a fundamental role in helping you build brand awareness with your audience. With over 74% of people following brands on social media, these platforms serve as an excellent way for people to connect with you and get to know your brand. So, how do you build social media brand awareness?

In this post, we’ll provide six tips to promote brand awareness on social media, including:

  1. Display your brand’s unique personality
  2. Ensure your branding is consistent across platforms
  3. Use hashtags
  4. Reply to comments
  5. Share branded content
  6. Post content often


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1. Display your brand’s unique personality

If you want to build brand awareness through social media, start by displaying your brand’s unique personality through your profiles. People don’t want to interact with businesses that take a stiff, corporate social media approach. Your audience wants to see your brand’s unique personality in your social media posts to better understand your brand.

To determine your brand’s personality, think about how you want people to see your brand.

Do you want them to see you as relaxed and casual? Are you aiming to take a more sophisticated and serious approach?

You’ll also want to consider your audience when it comes to establishing your brand’s online personality. You want to ensure that your target audience resonates with your brand’s personality and can connect with your content.

For example, Target takes a fun and casual approach to their social media. In the photo below, they shared a photo someone else took of a mannequin in their store falling apart and captioned it “last Monday in 2020 feels like:”

Social media online personality (Target)

You can find these casual and fun posts throughout their social media profiles.

Target Twitter personality (tweets)

You can see their brand’s unique personality shining through their posts, making people more likely to engage with Target’s social content and get to know their brand. When you determine your brand’s personality and implement it into all your social media posts, you’ll promote brand awareness on social media more effectively and create a memorable experience for your audience.

2. Ensure your branding is consistent across platforms

If you want to know how to increase brand awareness through social media, start by ensuring your brand is consistent across social media platforms. When you use multiple social platforms to connect with your audience, you want to make sure they get the same branded experience regardless of the network they use to find you.

Take this example from Microsoft. If you discover them on Facebook, you’ll see their logo and a cover photo that mimics their logo.

Microsoft social media banner on Facebook

If a different person discovered them on Twitter, they’d get the same branded experience with their profile photo and cover photo.

Microsoft social media banner on Twitter

You want to have a consistent look and feel, like Microsoft, to help build brand awareness for your business.

Delivering a consistent branded experience helps build better brand recognition and makes it easier for people to recognize your business.

When you optimize your profiles, you’ll want to ensure you use your logo as your profile photo. It will help people build an association between your business’s name and your logo. The logo should look the same across your platforms to make it easy to identify your company.

As for your cover photos, they don’t need to be the same on every social profile, but they should actively reflect your brand.

You can use your products, team, or custom graphics as your cover photo.  The content of your cover photo can change with the seasons. For example, if there’s an upcoming holiday, you may use a cover photo relevant to the holiday. For example, Walmart created a branded image wishing their customers a happy new year.

Walmart custom Twitter banner for New Years

In addition to your profile photo and cover photo, you’ll also want to match any images or videos you post on your social profile with your brand’s unique style.

Dunkin, for example, maintains its business’s unique pink and orange color palette throughout its content.

GIF demonstrating Dunkin Donuts consistent color scheme in all social media posts

Delivering a consistent brand experience will help you increase your social media brand awareness and help more people become familiar with your business.

3. Use hashtags

If you want to promote brand awareness on social media, start using hashtags. Hashtags are tags that people include on their posts to help those posts appear in a curated feed of related content.

Target using #TargetPets in its social media post

Hashtags offer two considerable benefits to your business:

  • Hashtags help people understand what your brand is about and what you offer
  • Hashtags help your content appear in front of people interested in your products or services

When it comes to choosing hashtags, you can use branded and descriptive hashtags. Branded hashtags are ones that include your brand’s name, slogan, or something only related to your brand. Descriptive hashtags are generic hashtags that describe your business.

In this example from The Udder Bar, you can see they use both branded and descriptive hashtags.

Using both branded and descriptive hashtags

So, if you want to help people get familiar with your business, use related hashtags on your social media posts. Make sure that you make your hashtags simple and easy to read. It will make them more memorable for your audience.

4. Reply to comments

Next on our list of social media brand awareness tips is to reply to comments on your social posts. When you post content on your social profiles, people are bound to comment on it. If you want to help build brand recognition for your business, take time to reply to the comments.

Replying to comments helps your company in two ways:

  1. Replying to comments helps people see more of your brand’s personality
  2. Replying to comments helps you build relationships with your prospects

Target does a great job building brand recognition by replying to comments on their posts.

Target responding to user comments on social media

Target responding to user comments on their posts

They consistently reflect their brand’s personality in the comments. Additionally, they build relationships with people who follow them on social media by taking time to engage with those people in the comments. So, if you want to help people get to know your brand more, spend time interacting with your audience to keep your brand in front of them.

5. Share branded content

If you want to know how to increase brand awareness through social media, start by sharing branded content. Branded content is an excellent way to show off your brand and tell people more about your business.

When you create content, focus on highlighting your brand, but don’t make every post a sales pitch. Your audience doesn’t want to see you continually asking them to buy your product or use your service — it may annoy them and cause them to unfollow you.

Instead, you want to integrate your brand into your posts casually.

A great place to look for inspiration for this social media brand awareness tactic is Dunkin’. Take this post from Dunkin as an example:

Dunkin Donuts sharing branded content on social media

They ask their audience to choose their “character,” and the two options are hot or iced. The post features an image of a Dunkin’ hot and iced beverage.

This content doesn’t outwardly advertise their products, but it does get people thinking about them. This branded content is excellent because it puts Dunkin’s brand and products in front of people, but it’s not so aggressive that it comes off as too salesy. They also post coffee-focused content on their feed to get people thinking about coffee, which serves as an excellent way to build brand recognition.

Dunkin Donuts using social media posts to get users to think about their products

When you craft your social media content, think of ways to implement your brand into your posts to help your audience know your brand and business better.

6. Post content often

When you try to build brand awareness through social media, a key component to your success is posting content often. People who follow your business on social media also follow dozens of other companies, friends, and family. Your content can get lost in their feed, which can prevent you from building brand recognition.

To promote brand awareness on social media more effectively, post content often.

How often you post will depend on your audience and platform. For example, if you posted a dozen tweets on Twitter in one day, no one would bat an eye because of the platform’s nature. If you tried to do the same on Facebook, though, you might get some complaints about your posts clogging up users’ feeds.

You may need to experiment to see the right number of posts for your business.

Once you figure it out, you can start posting content frequently to ensure your audience sees your content and engages with your brand to understand you better. To help you be more efficient in building social media brand awareness, use a social management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. These tools enable you to schedule social media posts in advance, which saves you time and provides you with the benefit of posting content often.

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