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When you spend all day working with animals, it can sometimes be easy to forget that your real clients are the people that own them. And while many animals can be won over with petting or ball-throwing, their owners require more persuasion to endear them to your veterinary clinic.

Fortunately, while humans may not derive much pleasure from playing fetch, one thing we do tend to spend a lot of time on is social media. On top of using it to keep up with friends, 74% of people use it to help them make purchase decisions.

For that reason, it’s essential for your clinic to have a social media marketing plan. Doing so will help you create brand awareness and draw in new leads.

But how do you make your social media marketing work for you?

Below, we’ll cover six tips on optimizing social media for veterinarians. Read on to learn more. Then, to get even more help with your social media campaign, consider partnering with WebFX — the digital marketing agency that’s been in the industry for over 28 years!

1. Share blog posts

Content marketing is one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies out there, so why not bring some of it into your social media campaign? If you publish blog posts on your clinic’s website, social media is a great way to share them with your audience.

This works two ways. On one hand, blog posts provide followers with interesting content that keeps them interested in your social profiles. At the same time, advertising those blog posts on social media can send more people to your website.

If you’re lucky, you may even draw enough attention to your blog that you start earning more backlinks from people who find it on social media.

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2. Create compelling visuals

Textual content can be a great way to draw people to your website, but on social media, people can often have short attention spans. For those people, it takes something more compelling than a string of paragraphs to grab their interest.

Therein lies the value of using attractive visuals. Social media — particularly social media for veterinarians — is ready-made for images, and you can take advantage of that.

One thing you can do is apply a little graphic design knowledge and develop some eye-catching infographics. These can be about anything from tick prevention to best grooming practices, but the key is to make them both informative and visually appealing.

Hot tip: Try using Canva, a graphic design program that anyone can use! It comes with templates, a variety of graphics, animations, and more!

Veterinarian social media infographic example

In the case of social media for vet clinics, you also have a great opportunity to post photos of the animals you work with. Given how much of social media already consists of looking at cute animal pictures, you’ll be bound to attract interest from users.

However, be sure that you get permission from a pet’s owner before posting!

3. Tell success stories

Speaking of cute animal pictures, veterinary social media posts have yet another unique opportunity to attract users.

Your clinic helps many animals from day to day. While many of those animals may only get routine checkups, sometimes you’re bound to encounter an animal whose life is at risk. And when you save those animals, you create great opportunities for success stories.

Everyone loves a success story, and they love it even more when it features a cute animal. Few things are more heartwarming than watching a puppy get cleaned up and nursed back to health.

When you share the stories of the animals you help, you’ll endear countless users to your clinic.

4. Interact with users

As amazing as social media for vet clinics can be for your advertising, it’s good to keep in mind that social media platforms don’t mainly exist to support ads. They exist to foster social interaction.

As such, interacting with users is one of the most effective ways you can use it.

When you post on Facebook or Instagram, users will often comment on your content. So, instead of treating your posts like billboards, treat them like conversation starters. Respond to comments as often as you can.

Sometimes this means answering questions. The prompter your answers, the better impression you’ll make on users. Other times, you might see people post reviews of your clinic. Be sure to thank good reviewers, and address any bad reviews to show that you truly care about the satisfaction of your clients.

5. Put out recalls and alerts

Sometimes, your clinic will treat animals without a known owner. Other times, you may have to recall a certain medication. In either case, veterinary social media posts are a great way to notify people of important information.

If you treat an animal without any identification, you can post pictures of it online and ask for people to help identify the owner. With any luck, word will spread quickly, and you’ll successfully find the animal’s companion.

Likewise, there will be times when you have to recall one medication or another. The last thing you want is people giving their pets faulty medication, so you definitely want to spread the word about that fast — and social media is a great way to do it!

6. Create eye-catching videos

Earlier we mentioned infographics as one of the best veterinary social media tactics, and that advice still stands. But you know what’s even more eye-catching than a still image? A moving image.

Video is a fantastic medium for getting people to stop their scroll and look at your post. For the same reason it’s hard not to watch a TV if it’s playing right in front of you, it’s hard to scroll past a video that starts playing as soon as it appears on your screen.

Once again, the presence of cute animals only provides an extra boost here. By posting videos from your clinic on occasion, you can drive up user engagement significantly.

One good video idea is to show some behind-the-scenes clips from the day-to-day environment of your clinic. Show what it looks like when you perform a checkup on a golden retriever, or what your vets do to prepare for neutering a cat.

Avoid anything overly graphic or confidential, but still make it feel exclusive enough that users feel like they’re getting to know you better. The better idea they have of what you do at your clinic, the more likely they are to trust you with their beloved pets.

Keep in mind that you’ll always want to get permission from a pet’s owner before featuring their pet!

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

Make their decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can level up by requesting a no-obligation proposal today.

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