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Stylized website design resembling a vintage gas station with 'LEVEL 2 DESIGN' signage, a navigation menu on a marquee sign, and a retro American roadside aesthetic.

40 Beautiful Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design

Retro and vintage web designs have become increasingly popular. Ironically, the more and more the web progresses, the more designers start to revert back to old retro styles. For your design inspiration, here are 40 beautifully-designed websites that revert back in time to retro and vintage styles.

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1. Level 2 Design

Level 2 Design - screen shot.

2. Custom Design

Custom Design - screen shot.

3. Klassiker in Acryl

Klassiker in Acryl - screen shot.

4. Kritevia

Kritevia - screen shot.

5. Target Scope

Target Scope - screen shot.

6. DeVotchKa

DeVotchKa - screen shot.

7. Big Rig Design

Big Rig Design - screen shot.

8. Thunder Fuel

Thunder Fuel - screen shot.

9. Small Stone Recordings

Small Stone Recordings - screen shot.

10. The Lippincott

The Lippincott - screen shot.

11. Thrush

Thrush - screen shot.

12. FortySeven Media

FortySeven Media - screen shot.

13. Cottonseed Oil Comeback Tour

Cottonseed Oil - screen shot.

14. Jeffery Sarmiento

Jeffery Sarmiento - screen shot.

15. mediaBOOM

mediaBOOM - screen shot.

16. Carrozzeria Verga

Carrozzeria Verga - screen shot.

17. Slabovia

Slabovia - screen shot.

18. The New York Mooon

The New York Mooon - screen shot.

19. Five Cent Stand

Five Cent Stand - screen shot.

20. Tennesse Vacation

Tennesse Vacation - screen shot.

21. Lataka

Lataka - screen shot.

22. Blue Moon

Blue Moon - screen shot.

23. Rocket Club

Rocket Club - screen shot.

24. The Blizzards

The Blizzards - screen shot.

25. AdaptD

AdaptD - screen shot.

26. Gary Nock

Gary Nock - screen shot.

27. Drink ZZZ

Drink ZZZ - screen shot.

28. Ali Felski

Ali Felski - screen shot.

29. TangleDecals

TangleDecals - screen shot.

30. Jared Cambell

Jared Cambell - screen shot.

31. Von Dutch

Von Dutch - screen shot.

32. Dollar Dreadful

Dollar Dreadful - screen shot.

33. Phizz

Phizz - screen shot.

34. The First Twenty

The First Twenty - screen shot.

35. Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian - screen shot.

36. MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company

Mactarnahans - screen shot.

37. Style 4 You

Style 4 You - screen shot.

38. CSS Tinderbox

CSS Tinderbox - screen shot.


MISTER-AERO - screen shot.

40. Team Mongolmania

Team Mongolmania - screen shot.

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