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Handmade Typography Projects That Will Inspire You

When personal computers with graphical user interfaces became a mainstay in the workplace and universities in the mid-1980’s, it wasn’t long before people started playing around with them to see what they could really do. Of course, one of the greatest things to come out of the personal computer was the ability to create art digitally. Programs such as MS Paint and Adobe’s early versions Illustrator made it easy for anyone with access to a computer to create digital art, forever changing the field of design.

Today, it’s great to see that a lot of artists are combining analog and digital workflows. The imperfect lines created by a designer’s hands lends a certain uniqueness to a project. While the digital workflows an artist employs provides a level of polish and control, allowing a project to have a truly professional and deliberate look.

Check out some great hand-made typographic projects by some really great artists!

Maricor Maricar

image_01_maricar_maricor image_02_maricar_maricor image_03_maricar_maricor image_05_maricar_maricor image_06_maricar_maricor image_07_maricar_maricor image_08_maricar_maricor image_09_maricor_maricar


image_10_versatil image_11_versatil image_12_versatil image_13_versatil image_14_versatil

Miguel Dias

  image_15_miguel_dias image_16_miguel_dias image_17_miguel_dias image_18_miguel_dias

Dominic Le-Hair

  image_19_dominic_lehair image_20_dominic_lehair image_21_dominic_lehair image_22_dominic_lehair image_23_dominic_lehair

Lavanya Naidoo

  image_24_lavanya_naidoo image_25_lavanya_naidoo

Charles Williams

image_29_charles_williams image_30_charles_williams image_31_charles_williams   image_33_charles_williams image_32_charles_williams If you have a handmade design project you’d like to share with us, please do so in the comments section. We’d love to see your work!

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