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Urgent care centers can see hundreds of patients each day — and many of those patients find a center to visit online.

This means that as the world becomes increasingly Internet-driven, your website plays a major role in your overall success. Your web design agency should use a variety of strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition, primarily by making it easy for people to know where to go if they need fast medical care.

Call 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about web design services from WebFX, or keep reading for a few tips you can use to improve your urgent care center’s website.

Maintain visual balance

The color scheme, font, font size, and images on your website are a reflection of your services. If it’s sloppy and doesn’t flow well, people will get the wrong impression. It’s important to maintain balance on your website and present your site visitors with a clean, simple design that’s also functional.

The same is also true for your site navigation. Users shouldn’t have to work hard to find what they want. Everything they need to know should be easy to locate and read. You can also include links to other helpful pages to encourage visitors to stay on your site.

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Showcase the right information

Your urgent care website should lead patients to you. It should without a doubt showcase the following information:

  1. Business name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Hours of operation

Ideally, the name of your urgent care center should be located in a few different places. It should appear at the top of the homepage, so it can be seen without scrolling, and also in the HTML page title for each individual page.

Beyond that, it helps to add the name of your urgent care center to the footer of every page and as the alt text code for your logo. This will ensure people with disabilities — such as blindness or low vision — can interact with your site and also improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Create a contact page

Contact pages are important to web design for urgent care centers because they reiterate important information. Also, this information helps you show up in local searches on Google, Bing, and other engines, which makes it essential.

Be sure to list all the important details about your location on the contact page, and you can include any landmarks. People will likely come to your center from nearby, so linking to a free service like Google Maps is always helpful. You can also create a Google Business Profile and a Google+ account to make sure potential patients can find you.

Answer questions

People visiting your website are probably interested in medical information, among other details. If they need your services, they may also want to know about your business’s stance on insurance, billing, and other necessities. You can also mention if you’re affiliated with any hospitals.

Be sure to provide clear information about what to do in the event of an emergency. Many times, patients are unsure if a situation is dire enough to be considered an emergency. Outline what constitutes and emergency and what may be appropriate for urgent care. You can consider scenarios like:

  1. In general, how do you know whether something requires urgent care or emergency care? Provide your website visitors with a few general guidelines for making this decision.
  2. Parents of children with fevers often want to know how long the fever should persist before seeking medical advice. Also, parents want to know what constitutes a dangerous fever.
  3. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an injury requires stitches. Provide site visitors with information about nicks, cuts, lacerations, and other criteria to determine if medical care is essential.

Answering frequently asked questions on your website will alleviate some stress your patients might have. Create a patient-centered website, and you can help promote your business, so customers know where they can go for help.

Start a care center blog

Modern websites need blogs. Blogging is a crucial part of website design because it’s good for your search engine optimization (SEO), and it also serves as a way to build authority, credibility, and trust within your industry.

It’s true that content created for the healthcare field should be professional and approached with caution. But that should not deter you from creating it. People enjoy content written by medical and healthcare professionals, so you will have no shortage of an audience.

Make your urgent care site mobile-friendly

It’s crucial that your website is available on a number of different devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Particularly with businesses that need local clientele, like an urgent care center, people need to be able to find you on the go at any time.

That said, work with an agency that offers mobile website design services to help you create a website that users can utilize on any device.

WebFX can help your urgent care center build a fantastic web design

WebFX is a full-service web design firm that knows how to make websites that provide an outstanding user experience. Our award-winning team of designers can make you a site from scratch that looks great and reads well so that any visitor is sure to remember your name. With our years of experience and expertise, we can help you create a solid online presence.

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